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    I feel so sad that this forum doesn’t have the support it once had. I feel horrible for all the new moms wanting encouragement and not finding it here.



    prego-I invited you. All newborns are snackers. Their tummies are tiny and breastmilk digest fast so it’s completely normal to feed every hour.

    #6924906 This gives you some information on it.



    Tony-have you tried a pacifier (we say dummies in the uK)? I had that and I have started giving it to my son when he is fussing and it works. I swaddle him and rock him. I find that if I try feed him when he is full he gets angry. It could be that your baby is over tired.. I suppose its all a guessing game for us!



    I use Pigeon’s (Japan Brand) manual breastpumps. Its costs for IDR 300.000 (about USD 26), and it’s good thing



    I wasnt to sure where to ask this question…… I have breastfeed since birth, it has now been 3months and i have just stopped. Its seems like i am now getting my first postpartum period, how long does it last for? and what is the bleeding meant to be like? Im now 2days in and it seems quite raw blood and quite heavy. Sorry for the TMI.



    Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Happy nursing!!!!!!!



    Finally, I’m actually getting some ounces when I pump!! YAY!! LOL! It only took a week…haha. Things are getting back to normal. I think I’ve determined that is was a growth spurt. I’m taking home 10oz today which is a far cry from 6. LOL. One stress down 3 million and one to go. :o)



    ArmyWife-n-TX – I agree I love my pump in style advanced. My hospital has a women’s clinic attached to it for breastfeeding and such. They only sell medella. It is definately the best on the market. But, it is expensive and there are so many pumps out there that are good. It really depends on what you are going to be using it for. I work and pump. I have been using my pump five days a week for over a year. It really paid for itself. But, if you are a SAHM and only pump occationally then a less expensive model might be better for you. Good Luck.



    Hello all, Kekoa has been sick so I haven’t been on. Poor little one just wants to cuddle. Daddy is home with him today. I feel so bad but work is work. I have tomorrow off so I’ll be able to spend lots of time with him. Hopefully he will get better today though. Lots of rest!

    As for drinking. Alcohol metabolisms in breastmilk like the blood. One drink isn’t going to harm the baby. I personally don’t drink often because I’m not one to drink alone and I don’t go out much any more. I had a glass of wine on Thanksgiving and a few here and there. Oh and I had a huge tooth ache last week and took a few shots to fall asleep. That is after everything else wouldn’t work. HAHA!

    I nursed in the tub too when Kekoa was really little and I was on leave. It was nice and relaxing. He would also fall asleep in the tub with me it was very relaxing just to cuddle in a nice warm tub.

    M.M.Masi – I know how your feeling. We are in the middle of buying a new house too. It’s awfully stressful and just think once everything goes through you need to pack and move. Urgh!!! But….stop stressing. Everything will go perfectly and you will be in your new home soon enough. Your supply will come back as soon as you relax.

    babygirl1 – When Kekoa got his top teeth he started biting. It hurt sooo bad. I couldn’t laugh I was in too much pain. I’ve heard so many things to get him to stop, including flicking his cheek. Don’t do it! My friend did it and her son never went back to the breast. What worked for us was when he bit I would make a mad face and tell him don’t bite, it hurts mommy and I would set him on his bottom. He was 9months so he was already walk and setting him down ‘sternly’ really upset him. He would cry and I would let him for about a minute. A minute is forever for both of you. Then I would pick him up and talk to him and hug him. It took about a week to get him to basically stop and two weeks for no more bites. Because he is sick I’ve been trying to get him to eat more and have been bitten twice for it. It sucks because now that he is 13months he would bite and hold on….then smile. He actually got in trouble for it cause he knows better now. Oh well. My boobs are hurting for you…and me now. HAHA! I should have known better then to let him nurse when he didn’t want to. Remember, if they are biting it means they are playing around. You can’t actually bite and nurse at the same time so if your baby bites you then she is done. No more until the next feeding.




    I still breastfeed (my son is 7mo 20 lbs) and pump at work (I drive to/from work 130 miles a day)… and still have no period. Also little one ate all my extra pounds plus bfing is a perfect way to calm him down. I have pumping… but benefits are too great to give up


    Thank you soooo much for the input! 🙂 We’re getting ready to get one. I just can’t take the risk of knowing she could come and we’re not ready.



    Hey ladies..I need help. I’m going back to work in six weeks and I need to buy a pump. The last time I had to pump was 10 years ago so I’m lost to which pump is best. I’ve been looking at the Medula pump in style and the ameda pumps. What works the best? I’m super dedicated to doing this..I just want the best, There are features on both that I like. HELP!!!



    kla2200~I too have decided to only breastfeed upon waking and sometimes in the evening, with formula during the day. We have been doing this for almost a month and seems to be okay. Maxx is almost 10 months and isn’t drinking a lot of formula during the day so I think he is getting at least 5 ounces from me in the morning. I really hope to keep the morning feedings until at least a year.



    I like the breastflow bottles. I also use playtex drop ins with the wide mouth nipple on it when we are traveling. I have had good luck with any wide mouth nipple for the most part. Just make sure you use the slowest flow nipples if you are wanting to go back and forth from breast to bottle easier.

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