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    You ladies give such great advice. I love this site!!!!!



    Way to go Oz!!!! YAY!!! That is so awesome. You should be proud of yourself!



    aidensmommy- I am pumping at the computer as I write right now, just thinking- ‘man, my milk supply has severly dropped!!’ I came to this page, and just read what you wrote- and I am on my period too! So maybe our supply goes down at this time?? I just started taking fenugreek again… so hopefully things will get back to normal again!!



    Hmm, well it’s total nonsense to say breastfeeding is ‘as natural as breathing’ since breathing doesn’t generally make your nipples bleed and your toes curl and your baby scream. Breathing takes one person, not two, and breathing doesn’t taper off or stop because the other person involved has tongue-tie or reflux or poor sucking or whatever. It’s statements like those that cause so many women grief and make them feel like a failure when hello, it doesn’t turn out to come completely naturally. It’s like the statement that ‘if the attachment is right, it shouldn’t hurt at all’. Rubbish! Maybe after a few months but not at first, for most people. If I’d had this forum with my first baby, when everything went wrong with breastfeeding, I would probably have been able to figure out what was going wrong, and persisted more, and been more encouraged, and been able to feed for much longer like I wanted to. I became clinically depressed partly due to statements such as ‘breastfeeding is as natural as breathing’. You women on here are awesome, for doing everything you do for your babies, and supporting each other and sharing your knowledge. Just my two cents worth. 🙂



    Hi ladies! I am a 1st time mom and exclusively BF. My daughter will be 10 weeks tomorrow and is now sleeping 8 hours a night (past 3 nights in a row) which is great for my sleep schedule but bad for my breasts. Should I pump in the middle of the night to keep up my supply? After her first feeding I am so full I’m getting 8-10 ozs- after she eats. I go back to work on the 19th so I’ve been pumping & bottle feeding during the day then putting her to breast at night & early a.m. Please post to my page any suggestions. Thanks!



    felicia, how old is your baby? my daughter does that it used to hurt and sometimes it still does depending how strong shes sucking but she does it out of distraction. she will be eating and all of a sudden pull off and look around. it peaked around 4 – 5 months and she is 7 months and still does it sometimes



    I still have this upper respiratory infection and the doctor gave me biaxin. anyone ever taken this? it says to use caution when nursing. guess i have to pump & dump the next 10 day! what do you guys think?



    so my baby will be 8 months old tomorrow and we’re still ebf! it’s been a roller coaster and it’s still kind of going on b/c he is a light weight. he’s probably about 15 lbs or so. we have to go in for our 2nd weight check at the end of july. at the last appt my dr wanted me to do at least 1 bottle of formula a day but i was against that. he told me to offer a bottle (of expressed milk) after i was done feeding in case i wasn’t producing enough and he was still hungry, but he just cried as if i was forcing him to eat. he nurses really well, and loves all his solids but i can’t seem to get him to gain weight as rapidly as the dr would like. i hope that the next weight check is better and he just lets things me continue nursing. my son won’t take bottles at all anymore unless he’s totally hungry (he only gets bottles when he has an overnight with my parents and i’m not there) and finally gives in. i will breastfeed until he’s a year old. i mentioned something about whole milk to his dr as opposed to formula but he was very adament in waiting til he was a year old…but why would i push formula for the last 2 months just to switch over to whole milk? opinions welcome! lol.



    Thanks everyone for your comments and advice. It’s my BF’s family who is giving me the advice. His sister just had a baby 4 months ago and breast fed for 3 minutes and then wanted the formula. They are telling me that it’s painfull and that the baby will be stuck to my hip and my BF won’t be able to bond with the baby. That is the last thing I want to happen. I want my BF to have a bond with the baby just as strong as my bond. I know it won’t be the same because the baby will be more bonded with me since I carried him/her but I want the bond to be strong as well.



    My baby is 4 months old, and now I am scared of her biting me. She doesn’t have any teeth yet, but even her gum can hurt so much. How do you avoid being bit during feeding?



    Felicia – The first thing I did after having the baby was get the right size nursing bras!! Made such a huge difference in comfort. Like a totally different person! Although, now I pretty much live in the sleep bras. Not much support but soooooo comfy!!



    Thanks for the response everyone! I do have a nursing cover but it’s still difficult to get her to latch because I still have to hold one breast with my hand while getting her to latch on. I really hope it gets easier, I do not want to be so tied down, nursing is supposed to be convenient! I will keep working on it. Good news is Ingrid latched on for a few feeds yesterday without the shield (she is ‘tongue tied’ so it’s been a struggle), but I have to compress my nipple with my fingers-so-still not able to nurse in public till she can latch on without me doing that. Who knew nursing would be so hard? My friend just had a baby this morning and her little girl has had NO problem-I’m so jealous! haha.



    2ndtimemommmy – There’s not much you can do about leaking. My suggestion is to buy a Medella sleep bra. Babies R Us sells them for $20. They are so darn comfortable that I wear them a lot when I’m at home or just going to the park. They look like a really thin sports bra. They aren’t tight at all. Then just put your pads in those. Eventually your breasts will get the hint that they don’t need to make so much at night any more. Good Luck!


    Hey ladies, I have twins that will b 4 mths the 21st, Jake was 5.5 and now 16 lbs and Lexi was 3.4 and nt sure of her weight, I would say close to 13 or 14. They are totally BF. I was wondering when you guys started solids. We go to the doc tomorrow but wanted to know what you guys thought. I was thinking my liitle Jake may be needing a little something extra. lol.



    katjak7- thanks ill give it a go, i like eggs so that shouldnt be a problem:) I find that it i massage the boob whilst bubs is feeding that helps with preventing mastitis.
    ladies im thinking to try to feed bubs soely on the boob without formula top ups at all for a week, firstly to try and boost my supply and to see if im supplying enough. Does anyone know what are indicators that he may not be getting enough…..less than 6 diaper changes a day, weight loss and fussiness. Alex is 5 months and 2 weeks does anyone know approx how much weight gain he shoulod be making a week? I weighed him just now at 8.2 kg, so in a weeks time ill weigh again, if he is gaining weight then all good ok?

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