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    illy2- nothing that I know of! Try stimulating her with a rectal thermometer. That’s what they had me do with Zoey at 3 months.



    QUESTION: My 3 yr old DS is sick. If I give him a few ounces of BM from my frozen stash, will it help him get better?



    Lauraoct- I personally never changed my babies diaper at night. It just ‘wakes’ them more. If you have a few different size diapers put the next size up on them, it’ll absorb more. I just put Desitin on his bottom, just in case- but he’s never had a rash.


    ACK! Sorry ladies, I know I wrote 7 months but I meant 7 weeks! My daughter started sleeping thru at around 6 months, though I don’t have my hopes up for this one. He is already more mommy-centered, though he has found his routine faster than my first. I think maybe because I was more prepared to attemp to set one? LOL, by routine I mean we are in bed around 9 or so, up around 5, he takes a long sleep in the morning, a long sleep in the afternoon and a semi-long sleep in the evening, LOL, he eats, sleeps, watches his big sister be crazy and that is about it! I look forward to the dya he can really interact with her, she wants so badly to be able to play with Asher!


    Well, I went to the lake with the kids wasn’t to bad. Damarion really wanted me to swim with him. He comes running up to me and asked can’t you just leave John on the towel, he’s fine! I’m like no D we can’t do that. So he says ‘Well, lets find him a hiding spot!’ lol He’s so funny!



    Jessica, I’m sorry! I totally understand. I’m trying to lose weight. Just gained a darn pound! Ugh! I need to lose another 30lbs before I’m happy. I want to lose that and keep it off before the end of the year. I want to be ‘smaller’ for several months before getting pregnant again. Grr! You just need to take in more calories and move a bit more. I know seems stupid. Just gotta find the right balance.



    Could excessive drooling be a sign of reflux? My dd is 3 months old and doesn’t stop dribbling. I guess it could be early teething but sometimes she tends to choke a little on her spit – it made me think perhaps it was reflux.



    My 22nd birthday is on the 19th…I’ve decided to buy myself an Ergo to celebrate! It’s the only thing I can think of that I want. Lol. Ahhhhh how motherhood changes your desires! lol.


    That is what I was told by the NICU staff.


    Soooo its ok for me to let him try our food?? I’m not scared of allergies since DH nor I have any. But my brother who FF their daughter let her have taste of all kinds of stuff. Shes also 1 month younger than John! It’s their first , such is odd to me that they don’t wory as much, but this is the same mom who smokes weed n drinks over BF grrrrr. So much more about that……



    mere` at what age did you start the ocassional bottle?



    shiz – Pumping is hard freakin’ work! I had a lower supply with my first and what made matters worse I went back to work only a month after getting him to latch on. I went through all the ways of increasing supply and found fermented oatmeal to be the best. You’ll want to mix a cup of the old fashion oats with a cup of water. Let it sit on the counter for at least 7 hours (over night) heat in the microwave for a few seconds and eat. If you can’t eat a cup all at once then break it up into two bowls. You can add flavor as well, I like to add ice cream. HAHA! I was able to double my pumping output. Most of the ladies here that have tried it has seen some sort of improvement. It might help you wean your baby off of that one bottle.


    Didderty try miralax or the generic equivalent. My doc told me your body will not become dependant on it. Its a nice easy bm not like a laxative



    tishlamp- i believe that both baby and you have to be on antibiotics otherwise you will continue to pass the thrush to each other. So call your pediatrician and ask them to give you a prescription for baby. On the schedule or routine thing… i noticed that she got on a routine at about 2 months. that was when i noticed i could tell when she would be sleeping or when she would be eating and i could get things done around the house, go somewhere, etc. i didn’t keep her to a ‘schedule’ it was more of a ‘routine’ as you say. If she needed to eat at a not normal time, i’d absolutely just feed her. But at least i had more of an idea.



    A friend of mine just posted this video on facebook. I’m not sure if someone has posted this on here already. It’s so nice to see some celebrities promoting breastfeeding.

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