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    Is anyone still nursing? It has really started hurting me and I’m so confused. I mean my nipples should be used to this! It didn’t hurt this bad when I first started! I am pretty much in constant pain and it’s all I can do to even let her nurse at all now. This morning I kept telling her no and she was screaming so bad I finally gave in, but thought for sure I was going to cry. Any thoughts?



    and obviously we disagree… and that’s ok. I thought this forum said simply ‘breastfeeding’ which I do support…. I just happen to think that when done in public, it should be done discreetly



    Lilmamamads ~ I agree, II don’t get to come on here often but when I do I try to forward people to the facebook page. The problem is it’s not as accessible as iap and this probably puts some people off.


    thanks ladies 🙂 em2- my lil girl does the same thing except she doesnt usually spit up



    Thanks for the encouragement Krystaldawn! I have been taking Fenugreek and it doesn’t seem to be making a huge difference though I must admit I’m a little forgetful about taking it the 3 times a day that was recommended to me. I know I’ve done right by him by doing it this long and as much as I want to give it up I’m out of work for 3 more months so I really don’t HAVE to stop I just want to. Plus there’s the supply issue. You’re probably right about a little being better than none. With the way my supply tanked just from a few days of less frequent pumping though I’m was sure it was going to dry up completely. I really need to just get in touch with the LC I had at the hospital (she also did two home visits with me early on and was the one who suggested I start pumping exclusively when we couldn’t work out the issues) and talk it over with her. A part of me has been scared to do that as stupid as that is because I feel like a failure for wanting to be done with it this soon. I really hate the guilty feelings associated with this whole thing but as my mom told me motherhood is ridden with guilt feelings, it’s always something.



    Tony- it may be a growth spurt. 3 months is a HUGE growth spurt developmentally. When DS turned 3 months he went through a week of our nights sounding like what you’re going thru, then he just stopped and has been fine since. Growth spurts don’t always mean just eating more often. It can be the fussy, screaming, restlessness too. They just have a lot going on developmentally at this age and their brains just keep going so it causes them to react like this. Its hard not being able to fully soothe him, I know. It was very hard on me that week, but it will pass! The best thing will just be to try and stay calm and not get too stressed out yourself where it may affect your supply. Good luck!



    i want to know how often should someone use a breast pump?



    Totally un true. I EBF my dayghter and got my period back a week after my Post partum bleeding. And Got pregnant at 4 months post partum.



    You probably shouldn’t do this but can you take two different things at the same time to boost supply? Like fenugreek and mothers milk, or mothers milk and more milk, or more milk and fenugreek? I feel like I have tried it all and nothing is upping my supply. I used to be able to pump 3oz total at each pump and now I’m barely get 1oz! I’ve tried oatmeal(yuck! I can’t stand it and actually gag) too. Any other suggestions?



    NIkki-You are doing great, and it is totally normal to be so sick of pumping 🙂 My lo is only six months, but I really dread pumping at work, but I figure, in the scheme of things, one year is shor time. I am going to stick out pumping at least a year, but then I will probably have a pump-burning party!!



    Good Afternoon Ladies. i am so frustrated. i volunteered to be a milk donor and they needed both my pediatrician and my doctor to sign off on it. I swear Congress moves faster than these people! My pediatrican actually signed it but refused to fax it because of hippa. Well I pointed out that I’d already signed a release and the only thing the form asked was if my baby was healthy. She spent more time arguing with me that it takes to fax the darn thing!Finally she gave in and faxed it. On to my doctor’s office who said they would take care of it a week ago. I honestly feel like this is why most people dont want to volunteer sometimes. it takes a lot of effort. After this step I still have to go give a blood sample. I’m gonna stick it out though. I feel too strongly about the importance of breatmilk to let it go to waste. There is no way kenadi could drink all my freezer supply.



    babygirl1 – Oh and don’t let anyone tell you that because she is biting she is self weaning…babies don’t self wean before 12months. Ok, I should say it is very rare. A biting baby is because they have a new toy in teeth. They also don’t realize that it hurts and needs to be taught it is a no-no. I had doctors tell me it was time to wean….I showed them. Except for my own stupidity yesterday Kekoa and I have been going strong once I got past the biting thing. Lanolin becomes your best friend again, oh and neusporin. It helps to heal the cuts.



    My 7 mo old is still on breastmilk with rice and will drink apples and bananas with milk but refuses to eat with spoon. Anyone has the same issue?
    He is big (20lbs) and I am affraid he is not getting enough being just on milk



    A little humor for you guys…true story…was trying to get my son to start scooting the other morning. We were laying in bed, he had just eaten(I breastfeed) so I figured it was a great time, he was happy, playing, talking so I put him down and laid down next to him but enough ahead of him to give him the idea he had to move…so he looks at me, looks at my chest and I could see him thinking…I want that, I’m going for it….so he scoots up a bit, reachs with his hand, grabs(and I mean GRABS) my boob and shoves it in his mouth and stops moving!!! I laughed so hard he lost his latch and looked at me like I had 2 heads!! Guess I’ll have to try and get him to move outside of bed!!



    Bigmuma- None of my babies could fit my whole areola in their mouths. We’ve been okay… 🙂

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