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    My nipples hurt =( I usually nurse completely topless while im at home, and my little one will grab and pinch the one hes not nursing from at the time. ouch!



    babyluv08- I use the Medela Pump In Style dual electric pump and we use the Breastflow bottle. It has worked great for both me and DD. She also associates me with the breast and my Mother In Law with the bottle. That helps tremendously I think. There is no confusion on her part as to what to expect from whom. I also didn’t give her a bottle until she was almost 6 weeks. I pumped every 3 hours in the beginning and now I will go 4-5 depending on when she eats next. My LO is almost 7 months. We started solids at 4 months and she got the hang of it after about 2 weeks or so. She loves to eat now. A friend of mine also used the Breastflow but chooses to use a hand pump. It works better for her. It’s to each their own. :o) Good luck and congrats!



    twinsWhat- What these other ladies are saying is true. During pregnancy i went from a size C to an E. My breast are a DD now that I am nursing and yes they sag but they were sagging when i was prego too. The first day my milk came in I looked like a porn star & my breasts did hurt like crazy but that will happen whether you breast feed or not. After about a week any pain went away and I don’t get sore nipples.



    Ugh! I’m sorry! It is painful. Have you tried heat, nursing and pumping as well as massaging? Also, try nursiing with Baby’s chin pointed as the clogged duct. I know it’s painful but take some tylenol and work it out. Believe me, it’s better to take the pain now then have it get infected and turn into Mastitis. Before that happens you need to clear the clog. Good luck. I feel your pain and hope you can. If all else fails then call your doctor. She’ll be able to help you.



    tiffsept15: I bought the malt from the supermarket
    where all the cocoa and coffee etc is. It just comes in a tin called malt. 3 heaped teaspoons in a glass of milk and you need to shake it up to mix it. It doesnt actually taste too bad. It would be nice in a milkshake with icecream but then it would stick to my thighs….One glass a day or 2 if you want to get engorged apparently. Ive been drinking it for 2 days and i think its helping.



    OK…I have a question. I just gave birth in January to my son Hudson {I also have a 4 year old daughter}
    I have been breastfeeding him since he was born…I don’t pump or subsitute with formula.
    The past few days I have been feeling VERY sick. Dizzy, pukey, heartburn….so of corse I am terrified I am pregnant again!!! I know that usually its impossible to get pregnant while breastfeeding because you don’t have a period. My husband & I use the ‘pull out’ method right now….so what do you think my chances are of being pregnant again? I would have no idea how far along I would be because I am not having a period. I plan on taking a test some time this week….but I would just like some opinions on it first. Thanks…



    can i eat penut butter w. honey in it?


    hey ladies just had a question, my son will be 6 months on the 9th yay still breastfeeding strong! my question is can I take benefiber while breastfeeding him? if yes do I follow the adult doseage? thanks ladies!


    kym, whenever i have looked up any medications online that i was given, it said to use caution when bf’ing. did your dr know that you are still bf’ing? ask a pharmasict, they are the best ones to talk to!



    Bsbabyblues- i did not take a breastfeeding class and personally think it would have been a waste of money (not to talk about anyone who did take one). i read TONS of things and got a few books on breastfeeding. After I gave birth and I fed my dd for the first time, the nurse even commented on how well i did and asked if i had ever breastfed before (no because she was my first). I didn’t have the money for the class and wasn’t upset that i didn’t do it.



    DJs girl- babies will prefer their moms whether you give formula or breastfeed. if you have any desire to breastfeed, please do it, its truly the best thing. you can pump a bottle, or supplement with formula for your bf to feed baby.



    Anyone know where to order Motellium on the internet?? I need it very soon… and I forgot what site I ordered it off of? Please help ASAP



    I feel really bad when telling people this, but I don’t want to breastfeed. I’m going to be working as much as I can get, I really have no choice about that. And I just feel that breastfeeding will be a hassle if I’m working. With the pumping and making sure there is enough while the baby is a babysat. Am I the only one who feels this way?



    brianette- oh wow you sound so much like me! I didn’t realize how much I hated formula until I had to give it to me LO. I e-pump and wasn’t pumping enough for a while but thanks to domperidone I haven’t had to use any in a few weeks, yeah! My advice for pumping is yes, relax and think about the things campimama mentioned. Also I found deep breathing really helps, sounds cheesy but works. Breast compressions at the end of the pumping session as well. Try to get a bottle that’s as similar to the breast as possible with a slow flow nipple and try to feed an ounce or two at a time than burp to make it more like waiting for a let down. hmm…I’m sure there’s more, if you have any more questions on pumping just ask! I’ve been at it for over six months so I’ll probably be able to help and great job keeping up the breastfeeding when it was difficult, I know it is SO hard, especially with all the pumping.


    I have a quick question. I have an awful cold, and have been miserable. I’m breastfeeding, and my son is 3 weeks old. I haven’t had to take any medicine yet, but would like to take something to help make me feel better. How do I go about finding out what kinds of medicines are safe to take while breastfeeding?

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