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    They dont carry it at Walmart thats the first place I looked. I believe you can find it anywhere that had a ‘natural foods’ area.


    Bri~ too cute with the frst party analogy! Wewent to the Dinosaur Adventure park yesterday and evie had a blast but by the time we left she was so tired but so wound up she was the girl crying in the corner…. she finally slept of course and was normal but your story gave me a giggle because of it!



    Seuben- Really?!!! I’ll try it, thanks.



    nic-i would think it would need to be recent milk so it has the proper antibodies, so if you can pump and then give that’s what i would do.



    ooooh, the people in my month are starting to wean. =[ makes me sad. i really don’t see the point. it’s SO easy to nurse now. she nurses for like 5-10 minutes and then moves on. It’s great. It’s like time to catch up while she’s on the run for the rest of the day. I mean, i just don’t see any need to. I don’t feel tied down at all anymore, and i used to. Like, i think Ella would be sad and it it just makes me sad to think that some of them are making their babies cry. Hmmm. Maybe my experience is different.


    Deeyore~ After Asher was born Evie started wearing diapers again, I expected her to regress but was hoping she wouldn’t. The only time I can get her to use the tiolet is first thing in the morning, after that if I ask her if she has to go she will go get me one of Asher’s diapers, which BTW, DO NOT fit! LOL, she cracks me up. I am not going to push potty training again until after we move back to the US in 6 weeks. I figure between baby brother and the move taking it easy is the way to go.



    I have a BM storage question, Can I freeze milk that I have kept in the fridge for a day or two, or does the milk have to be frozen right away??



    momofcash- oh i never thought of that! yeah sounds good! i guess i should stop obsessing about how tiny she is. haha. one more hurdle for us is to get her to eat from the bottle. every time we try it’s either she chokes or throws up. but we have to keep on trying because in about 5 weeks i have to go back to work.



    We recently moved to Cape Cod, MA. Woods Hole to be exact. Hubby is in the Coast Guard and we just got transfered. Anyone in my area?



    i’m going to try the fermented oats tomorrow morning….by the looks of them i probably am going to have to choke them down. seems the last few days my supply is a little lower than normal when i pump at work….not really sure why because caroline seems to be nursing more frequently so i figured i would be making more not less. oh well….i sure hope it works because it sure does look like its going to be icky!



    hotmessmomma, first, how much you pump is not a true indication of how much milk you are making. Some people just can’t pump. I myself can’t use a pump, I don’t get anything out, but I can hand express a few ounces. Some people can’t even do that. Nothing is more efficient at getting milk from the breast than a suckling baby. Second, your friend is going 8 hours at night without feeding the baby, she has time to build up a huge amount between feeds! You don’t. 7 oz is quite a lot of milk to get in one pumping session. Most I’ve ever got, handexpressing it 4.5 oz. I if pump I can’t get more than 1.5 oz. As long as your baby is having enough wet and poopy diapers, he should be fine. The true test will be the weight check, and even then ,be aware that some babies gain slower than others. A friend of mine switched to formula, because her baby wasn’t gaining enough weight, and the doctor convinced her to do it. Turns out he didn’t gain any faster on formula, he’s just a small baby. And there’s nothing wrong with him at all. Good luck today!


    Thanks Dee- If things go like I want or planeed they will be 16-18 months apart. I want a summer baby super bad! lol Which means we woul;d start when John Jr is 7 months. I’vebeen 3-4 weeks early with both boys so if I add that in I shouldn’t start until he’s 8mths. But I want to be done having kids before i’m 30. I’m 27 b-day in march. So I somewhat feel like now or never. Also I haven’t told DH because I don’t want him to get all excited about no protection and babies!! lol I think I’ll tell him tonight since Aunt flow is on her way..



    I think she got her first bottle (fed by dad) at 4 weeks, then not another for 2 weeks. I have never fed her a bottle. I always made someone else do it so that she didn’t start preferring the bottle.



    scarlet begonia – Good for you! Your house, your rules! I wouldn’t hide in your own home either. I feed on my couch no matter who is there. It’s funny cause a few months ago my husband’s best friend was over during a party. We had about 50 people there. I was sitting there nursing and made a comment he came closer to hear and then back away saying excuse me. I said I didn’t care and he said he did. I just laughed! His wife is pregnant and she’s just as green as I am, if not more….she’s doing a homebirth. HAHA! I told him to get over it cause he’ll be seeing a lot more of it in a few short months. He’s never been around babies. My boys are the only babies he’s ever held. It’s going to be funny. I got them a nursing kit. I mentioned that a naked boppy was best cause you buy covers for it. He asked why. Well with all the bodily fluids that end up on it….he got grossed out. I want to be a fly on the wall when he gets peed on or poo’d on for the first time!! HAHA! Better yet just changing a diaper.


    hey ladies, ok so i have looked everywhere for how to make fermented oatmeal and i have asked on here before but noone answered. could someone please tell me how to make fermented oatmeal and how much i should eat it…..

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