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    megs, I’m sorry your going through this as well. kinda heartbreaking. I do oatmeal in the morning and a dark beer in the afternoon.
    This is mental. When I decided to wean my daughter my supply dropped in a day. I guess I’ll have to learn to LOVE the pump



    lexi101 ~ Are you burping her after every feeding? If you are, maybe you should stop at the middle of the feeding to burp her. If she gets air and milk on top, when she gets the air out it will come out with milk.



    my sister just started putting cereal in her son’s bottles too. He is four mo right now, but born at 31wks. Means he has a 2mo belly on him. Poor guy has already had so many issues with his tummy with all the formula based fortifiers and other additives the NICU has them putting in his bottles. She pumps for him so he is getting breast milk, but its tainted with all the crap. She said that they were waiting until his belly was 4mo adjusted to start solids, but figured the cereal was fine. Um, hello, cereal IS solids!!!!!



    lauraoct – At least I have all of Chris’ old clothes. Alex barely got anything new. Thank God! Here they do say over 50 people in most laws because the thought is some smaller companies can’t afford to let a mom go pump except on her own breaks. They also may not have a place to pump because of it. Such as a small store. They may have a back area of the store but not all retailers actually have offices so the bathroom is the only place with a door.



    Bri – it really is that bad! lol! But it’s worth it.



    For those of you baby wearing…We are getting way to hot in our sleepywrap what I was wondering is if you can face the baby out in the Ergo or is it strictly facing you?



    Alyssa’s new swimsuit…. still a little big on her!! lol



    Jessica I know I’m a little ‘tardy to the party’ here but I agree with the others. I think he didn’t think anything of it and felt horrible once you talked to him. It was his way of trying to be sweet but it backfired on him with the insecurity comment. If he’d had left that out then I think you wouldn’t be having the same thoughts. About looking at other girls…that’s guys. And really we do it too but we’re just a little more descret the men are. We know how to look at men and women without it being known. HAHA! Sorry you felt bad and he was being dumb. Remember even with breastfeeding our bodies aren’t where we want them to be AND we are still full of hormones that make us crazy. Maybe John needs to learn that one too. HAHA! My husband knows better then to say anything which means he’s kept his mouth shut for several years now. HAHA! Poor guy.


    I wish my boys liked swaddling I’m sure they would have napped better had they liked it. They say you never get two the same, so how come I have gotten two that fight sleep!



    styx – It’s Mommy Brain! And at four months here in WA it’s 2 shots and an oral (rotovirus). It used to be 4 shots back in the day. HAHA! Back in the day meaning when Chris was 4 months.



    Shiz- I use the Safeway brand pretty much its oatmeal you make on the stove not the instant kind. I did write you back yesterday



    Kara G. – My husband is more stern then I am in public. So no I don’t have those issues. We also don’t feed junk food to our kids. The only thing that he underminds me on is sleep. Their bedtime is 8pm. Several nights a week he’ll let Chris stay up cause he wants to spend time with him. Sooo, I tell him if he’s up past 8 then he’s his responsibility because I need a break. I get Alex down and Chris is all his. HAHA! It’s bonding moments for them anyways. Dad is his best friend. Well when Aunt Missy isn’t around. HAHA! As for the bar. That’s weird to me. In WA alcohol is state run. You can’t have a child in a bar at all. I know when we were in CO it was different and families could go in a bar but they couldn’t drink. It was different. Anyways, I wouldn’t let her do that. You could say it’s practice for her wild 20’s. HAHA!


    styx hope is okay soon. Ollie has his second lot on thurs.


    Deeyore- Its ok my oldest looks just like me and baby john.. nothing about him says I’m his momma! lol They both are 1/4 black but look nothing alike. If John was the one who gave birth I would be have some questions for him! lol



    Question plz . My joe s 3 1/2 month n he s always sucking his hands, n my shoulder when i carry him . (even after feeding) s it a phase or it s a sign that he s still hungry ? , even i have 2 kids b4 but my youngest s 7 n i forget everything about babies lol …. god-iva lol @ the size , same s here 🙂

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