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    Feeling a bit guilty – I just used the boob to get little missy to go down for her nap – it wasn’t even time for a feed. I tried settling her every other way and she just wasn’t having it. And as ds is currently having a nap I desperately need some rest too before he wakes up! Is that bad? I guess it’ll mess up the next feed.



    Also, I got almost 8 hours of sleep last night! Fed Liam at 10:00 pm, and we slept until 6:00 am! Whoo Hooo!



    Well thanks for all your comments.Maybe its wishfull thinking for me to stop when she is one..She has wanted it more then ever this last month….Dont get me wrong I am so happy I b/f her and for almost a year now, but for some reason it hurts to nurse now, and im ready to stop…Im sure her and I dont want the same thing.LOL My milk supply has been great for the last year and I even still leak a lot and have to put on pads…..I am TTC right now too and might be pregnant…….Also this is my first b/f baby and I dont even know how to quit.



    Wow… Again! Lol. Even if you don’t sit on a toilet, do you know how many people don’t wash their hands after using the restroom? Disgusting! Also, nursing shirts are expensive, usually don’t fit right, and end up making NIP more of an ordeal than a regular shirt. I would rather spend that on something for my daughter.



    i need the FB link plssssssssss , this page became so misrable …………i miss the old days 🙁 and all teh nice ladies .



    Seems like ages since I have been on–I am exclusively nursing and my baby girl will be 10 mos tomorrow. How time flies, let me tell you! Well, I am getting a little depressed and worried at the same time. This is my last/third baby and I planned on going for a year…maybe a little longer. I am sad that this bond will be over before I blink…but I am worried about my baby girl. How will she cope? I have started giving her water in a sippy. Will she just accept when I take it away? Do I do it slowly? If I let it happen naturally, when will she self wean? I want to make this as easy as possible on her and I need time to prepare myself. Any tips or advice?



    I completely understand about the guilty feelings. There are times when I have to give my daughter some formula for something extra to satisfy her and it makes me feel so guilty, Also, I would love to stop nursing because it is very difficult to do unless you are blessed with boobies overflowing with milk but not many of us are. lol. I just keep in mind that the time is going to fly by and the right time will come to stop and I will know it, and you will know it too. Unfortunately, I think that it doesn’t matter when we stop, we will feel guilty no matter what because we want what is best for our babies, it’s only natural.


    Hello ladies well i am going through the same things with Dustin for the first time. He latches on for a few mins then pulls off mad and i tried the other side same thing. I just swaddle him and rock him and he fell asleep maybe he was over tired. Trying to increase my milk for him but no lucky, I am feeding on demand and drink lots of liquid again still no luck. Ahhh i hope this is just growth spurt thing,



    i am not sure i understand the question. I pumped 6 times a day for the 2 bottles my son needed at daycare. But before he started daycare i never pumped.


    Hello… I have a question, and it’s a TMI question, but I’m not sure where to ask it 🙂 I am from the TTC after loss and PG after loss pages. I am now about 11 weeks PP and EBFing. My PP bleeding stopped at 6 weeks and I have been normal ever since. Today I have had huge globs of what may be EWCM * I’ve never had it before * It’s goopy and stretchy and it’s blood tinged… Like pink and brown. I normally feel my ovulation, but never spotted or had EWCM…. We are NOT TTC for now… Any ideas? Thanks in Advance 🙂



    sydneemay2009 – We tried cow’s milk around 13 months but my son couldn’t tolerate it. He was about 15months when he started drinking a little bit of cow’s milk a day. Honestly, he still doesn’t drink a lot, maybe a cup a day. He’s now 28 months. The WHO recommends breasting unti 2 years old. So, if you want to continue on breastfeeding without cow’s milk you can, no problem. Actually, if you really think of it, your child never NEEDS cow’s milk if s/he is getting enough calicum from other places. Cow’s milk is just the easiest way for kids to get it.



    I am hoping that this is not just me…. Is anyone else grinding or clenching thier teeth when they nurse or pump??? I am doing this and I have no idea why, I was hoping that this is just a phase and i will get over it before I crack a tooth or worse!



    oh my goodness I didn’t even realize this existed! I would love to donate breast milk! How does one go about doing this in Canada? If someone could message me to my page that would be great!



    and , yes I did take her to the pediatrician and she is healthy;my pediatrician s advice was to keep pumping and keep trying offering the breast and hopefully she lll come around



    For those of you who need special formula due to allergies or other medical needs… make sure you inquire with your insurance company! My friend’s infant had reflux and allergies so the pediatrician put her on special formula and she asked the insurance company about it. Now they pay for it ENTIRELY and even pay to have it shipped in bulk directly to her. She didnt even inquire for the first 3 months and she could have had it covered the entire time.

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