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    So I’m sure everyone has friends who are formula feeding and what not but I am just recently being so amazed by how much some formula babies are taking in as opposed to my lil guy. My friends baby is on like 6-8 oz of formula at a time with some rice cereal maybe mixed in to thicken it and my guy is content with about 4-5 oz, and most the time he only eats off one side when I feed him not through a bottle…I try to give him the other side and he’ll spit up a bit afterwards so I just let it go at the one side mostly…I tend to worry he’s not getting enough but he’s so chunky there’s no chance of that! I am just so amazed that it seems formula babies drink way more than breastfed babies…



    Is anyone elses 7 month old fussy with food? I started Emerson on solids at 6 months and she loves rice cereal after a slow start. She will onlt eat that and jelly and a tiny bit of chocolate custard. She doesnt like anything else and either purses her lips shut or gags violently…. I am so hoping i havent got a fussy eater on my hands. Also any suggestions on what new foods to introduce would be great, I tried her with a cheerio and she she got it all mushy then when she tried to swallow it she gagged and threw up the cheerio and the breastmilk from her last feed,,,,,



    NIkki – OUCH!



    Yay Emerson has gained 270 grams back on breastmilk this week. Last week she lost 15grams while on formula…. Im so pleased…



    karrieanne – While it’s good to support women and help them learn about breastfeeding I would encourage you and other ladies to avoid telling ladies that if the latch is correct it won’t hurt. Some women are more sensitive then others. I think part of the reason I had problems at first was because it hurt. The nurses kept telling me that if it hurt it wasn’t a good latch when in reality my latch was perfect and it just hurt. I did get past the soreness within a few weeks. Now I don’t feel it. I never felt letdown or anything. But, in the beginning it hurt and I’ve spoken to several ladies that say it hurt them too. I know some that stopped all together because it hurt and they couldn’t get it right..



    kebler- that’s so sad. I totally get why you wanted to vent for a sec =0) Some people just don’t get how much of a blessing your kids are….their loss I suppose. BTW my son is 9 months old and still only takes 4-5 oz bottles. And he’s about 20 lbs…I find out his ‘real’ weight next week at his dr. appt. Can’t wait, the kids been growing like a weed =)



    thanks for the support ladies! i forgot to mention that it’s an ‘in home’ daycare. i’ve been so happy with sterling being there. he likes her and going there. and she always does what i ask, so i just didn’t think it’d be a big deal for me to come in and nurse him. after i find out for sure if i got the job i’ll reapproach the subject. i was just so frustrated and upset b/c the ppl that i’m going to be working for were so supportive and thought it would be no problem at all and then she was all funky about it.



    jamee16- does c cut mean that you are having a c-section? If so, I had a c-section and my milk came in on the 3rd day. Before my milk came in, I pumped and nursed to encourage the milk to come in. In the meantime, my son did receive a couple of formula bottles. I don’t think that you can pump while pregnant. I thought that, generally, our milk comes in AFTER we give birth. Maybe someone can give more insight on that. It is totally possible to nurse after having a c-section, you just have to find positions that are comfy for you and the baby.



    a-mum2b yes you can eat peanut butter with honey. I lived on bagels with that on them during my last trimester and first 6 weeks of nursing. LOL I still enjoy one every now and then.



    i got a question for the people who have maybe been through it or anyone who has an idea, so my daughter is 7 and a half months and still BF. we got through the biting even though she doesnt have teeth and she doesnt do that anymore (THANKFULLY LOL) but now she is pinching me. she will pinch the backs and fronts of my arm, my boobs, whatever she can reach really… how can i discourage this habit because it HURTS lol


    kym: this is what i found on it, basically, they havent done any conclusive studies on it, so to protect themselves, thye say to use caution, like i said, a lot of medications say this same thing:
    It is not known whether clarithromycin is excreted in human milk. Because many drugs are excreted in human milk, caution should be exercised when clarithromycin is administered to a nursing woman. It is known that clarithromycin is excreted in the milk of lactating animals and that other drugs of this class are excreted in human milk. Preweaned rats, exposed indirectly via consumption of milk from dams treated with 150 mg/kg/day for 3 weeks, were not adversely affected, despite data indicating higher drug levels in milk than in plasma.



    thanks to all the ladies who commented on nursing while prego! I’m going to do some research but i’m pretty convinced it’s okay. My dd will be 16 months old when the new baby comes and i was planning on stopping nursing when she turns 1 in november. I kind of want a break from it before the new baby comes, i feel pretty worn out right about now.



    Same here. My son was very quick to sleep through the night even breastfeeding so the transition to crib was easier than it could have been.



    the best place I get motillium is, but it will take up to two weeks to get it from nz, so order ahead!



    syndee-i’m not going to tell anyone to go against their dr.’s advice b/c i’m not a dr., but if you truly want to go against his advice i’d get at least a second opinion. i ebf too and would hate to feed my lo formula as well, so i do understand your hesitation.

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