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    hello 🙂 i have a question… still breastfeeding my little one, who is now 17 months old. i’ve NEVER BF this long!! he shows no interest in stopping either. i just learned that i’m pregnant again, about 8 weeks along, and one of the first symptoms of pregnancy is sore breasts, and i do NOT have that. just wondering if it is because i’m still nursing?



    Does anyone have any good tips on how to burp the baby without waking him up? He always nurses himself to sleep just fine, but then I go to burp him and he wakes up and screams and cries for another hour before falling back to sleep. I’m at my wits end with this, and just dont want to burp him anymore! Please if anyone has some good advice for me, I could sure use some.



    i cover long enough to latch and then pull the cover down and wrap it around us. My baby also doesn’t like to be covered. of course ever since he got curious things got a little tougher to stay modest.



    katjak – have you tried aiming the baby’s chin towards your clogged duct?



    jacquecmsu – WOW! The same thing happened to me a little while ago! I wasn’t buying storage bags but I think I was looking at carriers and made the mistake of asking the lady which she thought would be the easiest to breastfeed in. She seriously went on this rant about how she ‘can’t stand’ breastfeeders who do so in public and they should just formula feed because it’s so much easier… I told her that Even if I had wanted to formula feed I couldn’t because I wouldn’t be able to afford all that formula. She goes – ‘Well, thats what WIC is for!’ It’s like, breastfeeding is pretty much free, but women have to go on a government funded program to afford formula?? I just don’t get it, either!



    Has anyone tried reglan to increase milk supply? One of the lactation consultants said I should try it. My OB’s office was supposed to call it in a couple days ago and when I went to pick it up, the pharmacy told me they didn’t have a script for it. 🙁 Now I have to wait until next week to start it. I am taking the fenugreek but I don’t think that does much. The lactation lady said I need to nurse 8-10 times a day, which I only do about half that…so I guess that could be the problem. He gets formula too b/c he is still hungry after breastfeeding.



    Thanks for advice. I’ll try doing that. Thanks. 😀



    I nurse my LO with pillows to prop me up. One for my back, two for my head-one regular and one small(this makes my head extra elevated to check the nose), another one for my hip and one between the knees.



    wyattsmommy, if anyone is weird, it’s your family. The reason we produce breastmilk is because it’s whats best for our babies! What do they think babies ate before formula was invented? And too old at 3 weeks? You have to be kidding me… it’s not like a 3 week old sees anything sexual about it at all! I’m sorry your family is so unsupportive. Can showing them good solid, ‘breast is best’ research help, or are they too stuck in their own beliefs?



    jacquecmsu – I think you are doing it right. Soon she’ll be strong enough to be able to pull all she needs from your breasts and not need to pump. I congradulate you for all your effort. Keep it up!



    I think what happens or at least what has happened w/ my lo is that instead of taken 3-4.5oz bottles, he is now taking 2-6oz bottles. I’m trying to get my supply up to offer 2-7 oz bottles, so it is possible you will use the bigger bottles. My lo is 10 months old.



    Yup, that’s CIO and studies say that long can be dangerous



    Thanks so much ladies i was thinking about 4 weeks so that is when I will start.



    Oh, BRI- was there a certain sippy that works well with breastfeeding. Or do you think at this point he’s fine? Really he’ll take his food from anything, as long as he gets it. I just worry about the FLOW. Like if it’s faster for him then he might only want the sippy, or not true? Should I still keep that slow flow stopper in the cup? At what point do breastfeed babies not care ‘how hard’ they have to work for the milk from Mom… they’ll always want to nurse?


    Luv~My DD was the same, she is still a petite thing at 2 yrs old and the ped finally stopped worrying about her weight. She meets al milestones, eats non-stop, grows on the bottom of the curve but has never fallen off, she has been on a high fat diet since 18 months and is still petite. Some babes are just vsmall!

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