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    is there anything i can take for a nasty head cold??? i’m on day #5 with this, my LO got it and is much better and the husband has it too…but i’m the only one who can’t seem to shake it :0( and i’m exhausted!!! can’t breathe out of my nose…any suggestions would be appreciated! i’m kind of scared to take nyquil or dayquil…



    jessicalynn21 – You’re just lucky I guess. I’m sorry. The average is around 9 months but some moms get it sooner and some not until they wean. Just different person to person. I got mine back at 9 months so I expect another 4 months of no periods.



    It’s in the vitamin aisle at QFC



    Hello fellow breastfeeding mommies! Does anyone have any advice on what I should do with my 9 week old who will only sleep at night if she is nursing or using my breast as a soother whilst lying next to me. At first this was ok as she would go to sleep quickly but it seems to be taking hours some nights and I’m exhausted! Plus she drinks everything and then just continues sucking. I’m afraid I’ve started a bad habit.



    seuban, i agree with bri. zoey has half siblings that she needs to know. i see how the whole thing is complicated. i can imagine that having twins forces a father to be active and involved which in turn makes for a big connection and bond. its probably hard for him to be away from them after creating such a special attachment to them. i agree that their mom doesnt need to be in the mix, the twins can come share in your holidays and your experiences but i guess that cant happen until the mom knows about your relationship together. so i guess i agree with you but not sure on what the best way to go about fixing things would be.



    Thanks phatbaby!



    god-iva- we don’t like the shirts becuase we happen to be nursing at the moment. we like them because it’s supportive of breastfeeding and brings awareness of it. like ‘don’t be ashamed, we breastfeed, too!’ just to get it out there. And because we are proud of it! It might be a little much to publicize it, but i think that’s what it’s about. At least for me. Like, i probably wouldn’t wear them in public, just ’cause i’m not that in-your-face about it. But they’re not to be worn during feeding to bring attention to it, it’s just about support…… I think. lol don’t know if that made sense.



    she took it this morning!! yay! i know it was only one time but i cried. i couldn’t believe she refused it because she never has before. but we are back in business! 🙂


    Jepica- I’ve done and it seemed fine!


    Jessica – I feel your pain!! I can’t really eat any less than I do now or exercise because of what it does to my supply. I’m still 15lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. It’s sad to think I’ll be this way for another 6 months!!! I keep telling myself a few more months is worth the health benefits my baby will gain for a lifetime. Then I think of the next time I get pregnant and BF, and the next, and the next. This is my first baby and I plan to have 4 total. And by the time I’m done I might be 35-ish… so when will I get my body back? IDK… Now I’m just starting to realize that my extra 15lbs is worth having a happy healthy family. It still stinks though!! Most of my jeans I still can’t fit into. And I don’t want to buy a new wardrobe… I just refuse. Sorry… needed to vent. 🙂



    illy- i don’t think so. ella used to drool a lot when she was that age, too. funny thing is that she didn’t get her first tooth until she was 9 months!



    Hello ladies, this is my first time posting in this forum, although I am in here every day almost reading all your posts. I’m EBF, at first we had some problems getting my daughter to latch and stay latched, but now she feeds so well. She’s 6 weeks and 3 days old now, and last night was the first time I nursed her in public, but not entirely by choice. We went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant, and I thought she’d probably be fine til we got home but we took her with us anyway (we live with my parents as I’m 20, my other half is alost 21 and we cannot affor to move out on our own, and my parents don’t mind – my dad actually never wants me to leave even though I have my own family now). Right after we had ordered our meal she started whinging and I was positive she was hungry, but I didn’t know what to do. I thought about going to their restroom because I didn’t know if I was ready to NIP just yet, but their toilets were the kind that were out in a dodgy looking alley way so I wasn’t going to go walking to try to find them. Then I noticed another lady nursing her newborn on the other side of the restaurant, but lucky for her she was able to do it a lot more discretely than I was due to the clothing I wore. Anyway, I grabbed Sophie’s blanket and got Michael to help me get ready and I just sat in my chair with a blanket half covering her and fed her, and was done just as our food came to the table. I had her covered not because I was ashamed to BF in public, but because I didn’t want total strangers being able to see my breast. She fed better while we were out than she usually feeds at home, and then she was so good while we ate. I am now going to make sure I have my BFing shawl and a different BFing shirt than the one I wore last night whenever I go out and there isn’t a parents room. I’m proud of myself for actually doing it – I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but once I started and she behaved so well I relaxed and it went fantastic. I’d still prefer to not do it again but I will if I have to.



    HOTMESS, things sound spot on. Some women respond better to a pump than others, and what you pump is no indication to what your supply actually is. For example, I have a friend who can be so painfully engorged, but if she tries to use a pump, she can’t even get an oz out. If baby is happy and healthy, getting the right number of wet/dirty daipers, and is growing you are good to go. When you go into the drs, remember that the growth scales they use are based on formula fed babies. If you go to, you will find breast fed baby charts. 🙂


    I read that the food allergenic foods to avoid prior to 1 year are honey, treenuts, peanut butter, cow’s milk and shellfish. Anyone know of any others? A few other foods to avoid (not sure why but not listed as allergenic) were eggs and beans.



    Beyuteful- Quinn has a bottle maybe once a month, she has a binky now (8 weeks) but didn’t take one until about 4 weeks. She didn’t want anything to do with them. She still doesn’t love them but she likes to suck so it keeps her busy. She’d much rather have my boob lol

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