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    We might just have to try goat’s milk. Not sure when I’ll be headed back to CM but I’ll see what I can find. Gotta have organic goat’s milk if I try it though.



    Emilee, isn’t that funny. I’ve seen that and thought..’huh? That’s ME!’ HAHA! I can say almost everything I can relate. HAHA!



    illy- i don’t think it’ll mess up the next feed.. just feed her when you normally would. she just wanted mommy to go to sleep; you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. There are lots of people on here that nurse to sleep every time. And they’re all fine. I don’t nurse to sleep, but when i have to I tell myself that Bri’s 1st son puts himself to sleep now, so he’s proof! hahaha.



    chellebob- i think you and i are at the same stage.. my lo was born 8/10.. it dose get better..yesterday i wanted to cry when he latched on my left breast.. but today is much better.. hang in there.. i think you will soon turn the corner.



    PS I realy dont want to b/f her for a nothe year 🙁



    lol.. you guys are a trip. See ya around



    The link to the breastfeeding forum on facebook is



    oh, and i STILL have NOT had a period yet???? When should I expect one?



    Anyone had eczema on the nipples??? i think i might.. i have to go see the doctor this week.. but if i do have it i would like tips on how to take care of it?? cause even with all the different stuff for thrush.. i still get no releif.. and my son doesn’t have thrush in his mouth.. its just really pink, on the nipple and not much of the areola.. a little itchy.. but not un bearable.. and no cracks or broken skin. Also no oozzing. some skin peeling.. ahhh!!


    Things are going much better, tonight. Last night was a total repeat; bedtime routine, snuggled with him, then when feeding time came (he initiates, I never try to force him to eat) he freaked out! Tonight, total opposite. I can never tell what this kids going to do. I have cut out dairy. He has this rash, it’s raised, mostly a solid splotch right above his penis, has had it almost constanly the past 3 weeks or so. I cloth diaper him & change him often, use a cream that worked wonders for my 1st, air him out, etc. Nothing is helping so I cut out dairy 3 days ago & I’m not seeing any difference yet, not sure how long it would take to notice a dfference…I just hope he’s doing better & no more night time screaming!



    Anybody use ameda purely yours? thinking about buying it .Its about $150 so much cheaper than medela. I need to pump just cause my son prefer one breast and i don’t want to lose my milk supply.


    I still Exclusively breastfeed my daughter of (almost) 6 months and had what I can only assume was a period in May/June for the first time. After that, I don’t think i’ve had another period but I have been bleeding on and off with what COULD be a period but it isn’t the normal one I imagine. I often wonder if this is normal, but I just attribute it to breastfeeding.



    hi there.. my daughter is now 5 weeks old and breastfeeding is still difficult for me.. it still hurts quite bad when she latches and i have almost what looks like bruises from pumping which is painful as well… i didnt bf with my first simply cuz i was a whimp and quit when it got too painful, but this time im determined to push through the pain and keep feeding for at least a year… any help would be awesome, im pretty sure shes getting enough because when i pump about an hour after shes done i get 4 oz… but it seems like shes ALWAYS hungry, almost like shes colicy, screams unless shes on my boob. Makes it very difficult to take care of my 16 month old as well!… anyways just wondering When does it get easier and less painful?? and when do they start to spread their feedings out more?



    allison – I did/do that sometimes. It is usually in times of high stess, but i do it nursing and while sleeping. I have to consicously stop myself so that i don’t give myself a headache from biting down so hard!



    as for pumps..if ur a stay at home mom the medela harmony is GREAT!….i had the avent isis, and it was horrible compared to the medela harmony, its only 30 bucks and does the job with very little parts to clean 🙂 i can even take it with me in my purse for when im out for extended periods of times and get engorged

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