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    mgia0243-my son is nine months, and has four teeth. He has bitten a few times, but they learn very quickly what ‘no biting’ means. And its impossible to bite while actively nursing, so you just have to watch out if they are done, or not hungry. I was nervous about it, too!



    felicia marie and SydneeMay2009…. thank you. i’ll keep an open mind about it. i’m just hoping i can find something that works with me and the baby well. =]



    lauraid – When nursing I have always held the breast for him. I never quite figured out how to do it without holding on (and my son is over a year old!!!) haha. I nursed in public occassionally and really the only difficult part was getting him latched and settled. Usually either my husband was there to keep him settled or I just found a corner and quick and covered myself. For a nursing cover I always just pinned a weight onto the corner of one of his blankets. I always had the blankets with me so it was convenient and I could use a lighter blanket in warmer weather, and a heavier one if it was cold. It took some practice but definitely got easier. It was hard too because at home we ALWAYS used the boppy pillow (still do for my 24 lber hahaha). In public I didnt have that but found crossing my legs gave him a boost up. Youll find what works for you. To get comfortable practice at home covering up with however you want to do it. Thats what I did.



    rose, I don’t know if this will be any advice for you but I followed a routine (the book is called babywise) and never nursed my baby to sleep. The book recommends a feed/wake/sleep pattern and these are the reasons:
    * The book says the cycle helps baby differentiate night from day. This is one of the biggest things that enables young BW babies to sleep well from birth.
    * It helps them learn to sleep on their own because they aren’t being nursed or fed to sleep.
    * It helps ensure baby takes a full feeding. For this reason, you really want to avoid feeding right before a nap.
    * Another reason is to help baby make it the appropriate times between feedings. If you have ever played with a baby close to feeding time, you know they are far less patient for food than they would be if they were sleeping. A baby can more happily make it to feeding time if they are sleeping than if they are out playing. So the routine prevents snacking from happening.
    * The book also says it helps baby to be more alert and happy during waketime. Baby is full and rested for waketime, so he can focus on learning because his basic needs are met.
    * If baby has taken a full nap, he is usually really hungry when he wakes up.
    Don’t know if it helps you any, but I used the routine and it worked super well. Of course at night you don’t have the wake time, but do keep the baby awake while they are feeding so they get a full feed and you can burp them. Just my two cents 🙂



    I have the same problem with one giving a lot more milk than the other. I dont really pump very often but when I do my left breast always gives me at least 2 to 2.5 oz where my left only about half an oz. It really stinks, I’m due to go back to work thursday and I have no supply saved up for him, when I do pump I have to give it to him as he will still be hungry off the breast if i dont. Does anyone know if it is ok to only supplement with formula for 2 days a week or will that be to hard on his tummy? I have given him formula a couple of times when we are out and I cant bf him.



    Angela-this is the first time your lo has done this (lazy latch)? Trust me -it won’t be the last. Unlatch and relatch…Look at it as tho your teaching LO each and everytime you latch that child on. I sounds worse than it is but you will soon enough be back on track…and lo will have a bad latch for a couple sessions….your redirecting and relatching will come into play and you will be back on track again. Hang in there!!!



    Hooray for standing up for breastfeeding ladies!!! I think we should come up with some snippy comebacks for the nay-sayers!!! My favorite is I chose to do whats BEST for my child!!!!!


    Yes every time wash my hair it comes out in hand fulls. Since I had twins think it is coming out double. It didn’t start until about three weeks ago and my twins will be 4 mths the 21 st.



    Thanks for all your advice..I definitely think I’ll wait longer than the pediatrician suggested. I’d rather end up strapped to my baby than not be able to BF.


    Sammy must of known I was talking about him last night here on the discussion board…he slept from 9:45-3:00! And then 3:20-6:00 (in which I only had to get up and hold him for a minute!) then he slept for an additional hour…it was marvelous…granted, he was in his car seat in his crib…he still spits up when I lay him down (projectile style…ALL OVER THE PLACE no matter how long it has been since he has nursed…10 minutes or 2 hours he spits up!)



    thanks everyone for your support I really don’t know why they think its so wrong I really can’t figure it out I have been pumping all I can so I can feed him when we go see them at easter I guess I really don’t care what they say it just really makes me mad why they think its so horrible and wrong of me they make me ..or try to make me feel like im doing something wrong for him I know that’s not true but the do my mom even said make sure you atleast wean him soon so he doesn’t get to attached to them …I will let him stop when he is good and ready if he’s got teeth and can walk and talk and ask for it then so be it I don’t think I should ever force him to stop when he’s able to eat table food then he doesn’t need it I would see but he’s just a baby how can they think he’s to old for it????? rrrrrrr its just so annoying and it makes me so upset I don’t even know if I made any sence while typing this and on top of it my husband think his dumb video games are more important than anything his excuse I work 40 hours a week I deserve a break when I get home…….uuuhhhh hello I work 24 hours a day 7 days a week I don’t ever get a break he thinks being a mom is so easy my son won’t let me put him down so I have to clean make dinner do laundry vaccum all while holding him not to mention all the feeding pumping diaper changes and baths …..I don’t think we even get a moment to ourselves lol….his 40 hours are nothing sorry for the rant there my family members are just getting the best of me I suppose



    Props to you ladies with the determiniation to keep it up even though your little ones weren’t latching. It was so hard, emotionally, for me to sit there for hours while she fed during the first few weeks…I honestly don’t think I would have kept it up if latching had been an issue with Zoey.



    thanks styx, I did suggest diflucan to this doctor, but he’s never heard of it being given to babies before, only adults, so wasn’t willing to do it. He did give me a whole month’s worth of nystatin though, so maybe that will help. I do think he’s developed a resistance to the meds, but the nystatin still helps, just doesn’t get rid of it completely. But he’s never had it for more than 2 weeks at a time before, so hopefully this will be enough. I also use monistat cream on my nipples, and sterilze the dummies every day, and replace them once a week to make sure they’re not cracked (which would make sterilizing useless). I’m just at my wits end with this, and I want it gone! I have no idea if it bothers Braeden or not. I think it must, because usually by the time the spots show up on his lips he is really fussy, but when he’s on meds he’s fine. This morning I really didn’t know what to think though, he kept doing this earpiercing scream almost constantly, which I have never heard him do before, and he seemed quite upset, but I’m not sure if he was in pain for the thrush or just discovered that he could make a new sound, and that it made mommy pick him up right away! haha! I gave him some tylenol though, just in case he was in pain since he wouldn’t stop screaming, and he has seemed better since.



    so what exactly is this fermented oatmeal that everyone has been using? I hate having to supplement my little girl, but I have been trying any and every thing I can think of, but still can’t pump enough to send to daycare with her. Let down seems to be the issue I think with the pump, because I can pump about 3 oz and then it stops flowing, but still feel full milk sacs in the breast, but when she nurses, its not a problem, but she doesn’t seem to be satisfied. Crazy, but I also get lightheaded and nauseated when I pump, but not when she is nursing. I think maybe it is all psychological.



    doublemama – Here in WA there are pest control guys that are ‘green’. Everything is ok for the environment, just not for the creepy crawlies. I’m sure TX has a lot of those companies as well. I’m just not sure about the cost down there? I know with both kids you don’t want to just go get whatever at Home Depot but, they might have a greener spray that you can buy. It might be something that you spray and take off for the day.

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