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    Ayden was 4weeks and Zach was 6wks early, so now that we are talking about baby #3, we are calculating for 7mo, not 9! We figure that way, we might end up having baby around the time we ‘want!’ 🙂 Ultimately though, we know that it is in God’s hands, as He showed us with Zach!



    Beyuteful – I don’t do bottles this time around but did last time. Last time I didn’t do pacifiers but Alex loves his this time. Although it is only allowed on our bed (bed-sharing) or if we are doing nap while we are out. As for starting. My first started bottles at a few days old cause he was having latching issues and we needed to get milk in him so I pumped all day everyday. We didn’t start using a pacifier with Alex. I would have preferred him to use me but his personality is that he eats and then he’s done. He wants to still suck but doesn’t want to use me and continue to eat. Sooo, I gave him one. There is only one that he likes and so if we lose it or if it wears down then it’s done. HAHA! He has a blanket that he’s getting attached to right now so I’m hoping that he’ll switch over.


    Jessicalyn I’ve never had a flip leak. Even over night but she’s not a heavy wetter. Um I did read ppl double up the inserts overnight. Hi Jessica RN! So I was giving Clementine a bath today and we are standing there waiting for the tub to fill and she pees on me so I call my son in to watch her so I can change my shirt and on the way upstairs he says why is Oliver wet ( the cat)… run on sentence sorry. I guess the cat was standing by my feet. He loves to watch ppl in the bathtub. She managed to pee on everyone today even the cat. God it was funnier when it happened



    crazy-beutifulmom2 – Your aren’t going to find it anywhere in a receipe book or anything. I learned about it from here several years ago. It was crazy, someone mentioned that they had heard about it but never tried it. So I did and with amazing results. Sorry if you haven’t gotten clued in. I think I write the receipe about a dozen times a month. HAHA! Anyways, mix a cup of old fashion oats (doesn’t matter the brand just has to be old fashioned) with a cup of water. Let it sit on the counter for at least 7 hours, overnight is perfect. Heat in the microwave for a few to heat. Add flavoring ( I like ice cream) and eat. Do this daily. If that’s too much split the cup into two halves and eat twice daily. It works within a few days.



    Ellasmummy – I usually nurse to sleep too ( at night ) but its usually part of a feed! Here I just needed some down time. I think you’re right though she did need me to help her settle, bless her, she’s been very restless these past few days.



    Oh jeez-i was just surfin the pages and lookin at all your beautiful babies! I love the bf pics. I have a couple but i think that i will take more. Its such a special time between lo and mommy! Anyway-you all have really beautiful adorable lil ones!



    mama-if you are pregnant there’s a good chance she will wean early, i’d go wwith the flow until it becomes important enough to battle it out with your baby b/c it will likely be a fight if you stop before she’s ready.


    I had nursing vests with James and I felt like they were such a faff. Now I buy tops based on are they easy to pull up or down.



    All you mommies out there having doubts about breastfeeding….I feel your pain! My daughter started doing the “unlatch and scream at me” thing at about 4 months old. By 5 months old she completely refused to nurse, or if she did latch on, she would bite, pull and wiggle around all whilst attached. My poor moo-makers couldn’t handle it. Because I know that breastmilk is best for her, I pump. Sadly, I don’t pump the amount she drinks each day, so she gets 1-2 formula bottles a day. She is now 7 months old and I pump 7-8 times per day to get as much healthy milk as I can get for her. DO NOT feel that you’re a failure if you don’t pump enough! It isn’t your fault! Each of you is doing the best that you can do. I sometimes feel that I too should give up on pumping, but refuse to go to full formula. Formula just is not healthy (despite their advertising gimmicks), and it is too expensive! Kids get enough chemicals and genetically engineered food and preservatives as they get older, do you really want to start them out that way too? Do I wish I could pump more…sure. Do I wish I weren’t attached to the machine 2 hours a day…sure. Do I want my smaller breasts back…sure. None of that matters to me. Any time I have doubts, I just remind myself that I’m doing all this for my baby, and she is the one thing (next to my husband) worth sacrificing for. I now make the best of my time attached to the pump and use it to read, or knit since it is the ONLY time I can just sit uninterrupted for 15 min. at a time. Hang in there all of you; don’t ever let yourselves think you’re doing something wrong. Just the fact that you are coming to these sites for support, and guidance says that you want the best for your child!



    i had my first period 15 months pp but it is completely within the realm of normal to not have one before you wean completely. as for weaning, i say what’s the rush. i think you will know in your heart when the timing is right. Just don’t let other people’s opinion of what you should do make you do something you don’t feel is right, I set the age of three as my absolute cut off but we’re only at 16 months so i have time.



    hey mommies i have to go to the dentist and have to leave my son for a few hrs but not sure how much i need to pump! hes 3 months old and i have started pumping but only getting 1 oz each time i pump! any advice?


    tonynollysmommy—my baby just had thrush and thats what she was doing.Im not sure where the rash would pop up on your boy but on my girl it was on the top part of her private as well not like a normal diaper rash which normaly is on there bottom and regular diaper rash creams can make it worse if its a yeast rash the doctor has to prescribe something.look in his mouth if his tongue is coated in white and cant be wiped clean or he has white spots on cheeks or lips it could be thrush.the thrush also makes them fussy cause it hurts there belly gives them gas after a few days from treament from doc she was back to her happy can look up yeast diaper rashes on a boy see if it looks like your sons rash thats how i figured out thats what hers was hope this helps.



    Cindy C- If you are with your baby all the time you don’t need to pump unless you want to increase your suply and then you pump in between feedings. I pump two to three times a day when at work (every time I miss a feeding with my baby).



    It seems like my milk supply is struggling since af returned a couple of weeks ago? Baby is 8.5 months adn I just wan to make it another 3.5. This is so frustrationg. Anyone else?



    I’m definately not complaining, but I have noticed that I do not put on weight while breastfeeding. My son is 5 months old and I am only using a pump because he doesn’t feed directly. I weigh less than pre-pregnancy. I used to be very athletic and would run at least 25 miles a week. I ran a half-marathon 2 months ago and have not run since. I don’t know if this is normal or if I have an issue with my metabolism. I eat more than I did when pregnant too! Anybody else experiencing this?

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