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    I thought I’d share a funny. Evin is 15 months and beginning to talk more everyday. This morning after we settled into our rocker to nurse, he pulled my robe apart, giggled when he saw my boobies, and told them, ‘Hi there!’ in his cute little baby voice. LOL!



    DJs Girl – I’ve been breastfeeding for 9 mo. and love it by the way. But as far as ur BF not bonding in completly unture. My daughter is a daddy’s girl for sure!! They have such a great bong i love watching them together. She can’t get enough of him sometimes. Do what you want to do. Don’t let them influence you. Good luck!!



    mgia0243 – I don’t think it’s something you can avoid or teach ahead of time. My son didn’t bite when he got two teeth but when he got the second set he started. It sucked. But he learned after a few weeks that when he bites he was done. I would tell him sternly and with a frown ‘NO BITING!’ Then I would set him down on the floor. He was 8months and walking so he was in harm. He would cry and get upset but you have to be strong. He learned that if he bites then he can’t nurse. That nursing session would be over. Also, remember if they bite then they aren’t really hungry and just playing. You can’t nurse and bite at the same time. Try it. Try to suck and bite down at the same time. It can’t be done. There is one way of keeping a baby from biting as well. Nurse with your thumb or finger on the clef of her chin. If you apply pressure there she can’t close her mouth and therefore can’t bite. I only learned that method once he started biting. It was scary to nurse when he was learning not to bite so I adopted that method to avoid the cuts that I received. It got really bad before he learned not to. I was using ointment to close wounds that were bleeding and such. Anyways, after a few weeks of working on it (he was a slow learner on that one, picks everything up after just once but not this) he finally stopped and didn’t bite again. He just weaned at 21months and has all but his 2yr old molars. He has 16 teeth and never bites. Good Luck! Oh and you will get a lot of people telling you that once they start biting it is time to wean. I don’t know how often i heard that. It’s awful. Babies aren’t suppose to wean at 8months. It was just another obstacle that we had to get over.



    This is the first time I have posted on this site in months!! My son, Wyatt will be 11 months old next week. He is EBF and we have done great! He hasn’t had a drop of formula, and I am very proud of that. However, this week he has started biting me when BF. It is isn’t a purposeful bite. I think it is just because he has 6 teeth now. It hurts so bad now when I BF him and my nipples have even bled some from it. I hate to switch him to formula now. I am considering switching him to whole milk in the next few weeks, with just breastfeeding before bed and as needed. What is everyone’s opinion on whole milk at 11 months old? He is over 24 lbs, so he is definitely a well nourished boy!! Also, he still doesn’t sleep well at night! I attribute that to me breasfeeding him. I was wondering if any of you had any babies that woke up at night while breasfeeding, but once they were weaned they started sleeping through the night. I feel like I may lose my sanity most days.. 11 months of sleep deprivation.. aaah!



    prettierworld- I’m 13 wks and still BF. I haven’t had sore nipples either. With my daughter they were soo sore in the begining. I was thinking it was because of BFing too.



    Rose1003 – when my baby falls asleep while nursing I lay him down in his bassinet on his side. He has these little bumpers that ensure he won’t roll over. Sometimes he stays asleep no problem, sometimes if he really has to burp he wakes up crying & I burp him & put him back down. Another thing I do is keep him asleep & just prop him up on a pillow so he is kinda sitting up – I think that really helps. Most of the time he has no problem not being burped as long as he goes down on his side or slightly sitting up. Maybe this will help! Good Luck 🙂



    My baby is 1 week old and my left nipple is oh, so sore! I cringe when he’s feeding from it, it’s SO PAINFUL!! Is it okay to do most of my feedings on the right breast and just let him finish up for a few moments on the sore one? Or will I end up producing more milk in one then the other?



    esyogurl – I know that aiming towards the chin is something that can be done to help with the clogged duct but my nipple is hurting so badly with the damn blister that if I try anything else than the normal cradle hold I think I would break down into tears lol! I have taken a few hot showers, hot washcloth soaks, plus massaging the breast, and nursing that side often to move along the milk which is helping the duct itself… it’s now just the obnoxious blister that needs to take a hike ;o) Thanks for the advice though!



    I totally agree with you ladies- but we have to remember that there are tons of Mommies out there who wish they could have breastfed their babies but for what-ever reason it just didn’t work for them and baby (i.e. milk production, latching difficulties, let down, weight loss). I never thought I would enjoy breastfeeding as much as I do. I was one of those women who just thought I’d try it and if it worked then great. I always thought it was going to be so much work (which it is in the beginning) but now I think it’s got to be easier then bottle feeding. I always have food ready, warm, and in supply– no matter where I am. Now I would be totally devastated if something were to happen. I always worry about ‘drying up’ or losing my supply…



    kelley77 – I used reglan (for what it is technically intended for) when my son was about 3-4 months old. It made me so incredibly anxious that I literally could not sit down or sit still. I was freaking out, having anxiety attacks every 10 minutes. I hear this is somewhat uncommon – especially for someone like me, who does not have a history of poor mental health. But, I thought I would give my opinion.



    so are any of you out there breastfeeding mostly but pumping as well (for work or just to let hubby help)? if so what bottles are working best. I am thinking of buying the Adiri Natural Nursers, but they are spendy and I would like to know how they work first. We had a heck of a time with my second baby getting her to take the bottle all the regular shaped nipples gaged her so any help is welcome…..


    how long can we keep breastmilk in a deep freezer??i’ve been keeping milk in our deep freezer in the basement (we open the freezer like 2 times a week), but some of it is almost 4 months old…i don’t want to give him something that isn’t good!



    I just want to say that i’m really glad that i found this site. It is nice to see mothers that really, truly care about their kids. And i see it most in this breastfeeding section, in particular. It’s just that most of the moms that I know get annoyed by the LOs and complain about things they do. Granted, I get overwhelmed sometimes too, but i enjoy every single second of my life with Ella and I really try to do what is best for her above myself, where it seems like the people i know act like it would be an inconvenience. It’s just nice to know there are still good parents out there!



    Hi everyone! I am super excited to be participating in such an amazing event!! March of Dimes!! It really touches my heart as I have 2 sons who were preemies, which you would never know that now! They are my inspiration for everything, as I’m sure your little ones are to you as well! To those of you who have lost your baby, I too know what that is like, as I have lost 4 babies before having my two miracles! Never give up! Please visit the link and participate in anyway possible! Walk, donate or do both! 🙂 I know that times are tough, but any amount makes a difference!! Good luck to you all and thank you from my family and all the babies out there!!



    Lawsons Mom, you will probably not need the 8oz bottles, nor will baby take an 8oz bottle unless baby is overfed. Breast fed babies only need 1-1.5oz per hour, so if baby is doing 4oz every 2-3 hours, you are on the brink of having too much in her bottles. It is very easy to do this though! When you are looking at going back to work and needing to know how much to put in a bottle, you look at what bottle fed babies are taking and you unknowingly do the same. Since baby will drink everything she possibly can out of the bottle she is going to take it all making you think that that is the amount she needs. Then, as her tummy expands to take this amount it is then the amount she wants in that time frame. It is one of the most common ‘mistakes’ made when having to do bottles for when you are away. As Lawson gets older and can go longer between bottles, I just would increase the amount in the bottles and the number of bottles to reflect more of the 1-1.5oz amount (You will probably have to stay closer to the 1.5 since she is used to the larger amount.) In the end, you might see a 6oz bottle as what she needs, 5oz is not the cap. My first son took 6oz bottles every 5ish hours, Zach just takes a 5oz bottle every 5ish hours. That’s just the difference between my two boys.

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