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    20min?! That’s a long time to let him cry and think he’s.alone…. I nurse my son to sleep then put him in his crib n he’s asleep from 8-8. Just.seems too long to cry



    styx – I pump every once in while, only when Alex doesn’t feed often. But, the milk that I pump goes to my toddler rather then Alex. He’s never had a bottle. He’ll be given a sippy at 6 months when I start letting him play with food but until then I don’t see a point for me to pump. I understand you wanting to go out. I just don’t have a reason too. Now that Alex is 4 months he’s going a little longer so I can put him down for a nap and let my husband watch him while I get my eye brows waxed and nail done. HAHa!



    ladiesssss 🙁 The whites of my baby’s eyes are yellow , he is 2 weeks old exactly … is this normal???



    LaIslaBonita – Depends on the baby. My first son would nurse for an hour if you let him. My second nurses for 5-10minutes and is done. It depends on how hungry they are, how often they nurse, how efficiant they are at nursing, their age, etc. As long as your baby is growing and is content then I wouldn’t worry about how long. Most LC will tell you to throw the clock out the window when nursing. Only when there are issues should you actually watch the clock. I know doctors that ask at each appointment. My ped knows better. She just asks if he’s eating well. She doesn’t care about time and how often either.



    Well we tried the pacifier tonight. She made a face and spit it out a couple of times, then suddenly took it in and started sucking. Since then, she’s been sleeping and sucking on it off and on for the last 3 hours when she normally would have been fussing at my boob instead. Hopefully the evening fussiness is solved for now.



    I started shedding my pregnancy hair around 2 months pp! I had two plugs on each side above the temples and my hairline thinned. It is starting to grow back, but if I had a choice I would have wanted to keep all of my hair too!


    styx- its probablythe back of his tongue hitting the back of his throat. You can make the noise yourself. Its nothing to worry about he’s just sucking hard!


    about abuse in a day care…i wont put my kids in public daycares ever again..when i first went back to work with my first child (sadly at 2 mo’s) it was hard. iwas a single mom and had to return to work quickly. one day i picked maddi up and there were bleach stains on her clothes..mind you..she was in a room with 4 other babies..all of which couldnt even crawl..throw…roll ect….for a stupid reason beyond me i let that slide…two days later i picked her up and her lips were purple..noone could explain why and the lady caring for her that day couldnt speak english..i took her to the er and they opened an investigation and cs’s got involved…she was bruised to her gum in a circular motion so they could only guess a bottle was jammed in her made my stomach hott because my daughter would fight the bottle sometimes..she was only two months old :(..people are evil…



    Hi ladies! I have a quick question for all you pros out there. This is my third baby but first time EBFing. Quinn is 10 days old now and we have just now figured out how to BF, lol. But for some reason I get a really good latch on the right, but a terrible latch on the left =/ I’ve tried all sorts of different holds on the left and nothing seems to work. Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice? I can’t see a LC right now because we’re moving to Cape Cod, MA from MI on Wednesday. Also, I still get some pain the first few sucks but then it’s gone (for the most part) how long will the pain last?



    Emilee, Can he sit? I would put Chris on the floor when it happened. He got the frowny face from me. He would break down into tears but I’d let him for about 30 seconds and then I’d pick him back up and cuddle him. We’d ‘talk’ about what just happened. I know he didn’t really understand but my voice was then soothing. He’ll learn. I’m thinking it’ll take longer since he’s so young. Again, THANK GOD FOR THE TOOTHLESS WONDER!! HAHA! I don’t want teeth until he’s 8months at least.


    I got pregnant whilst breast feeding, on the mini pill and AF had not returned yet! He was 10 months but was still feeding 3 times a day plus several during the night.



    I sit that way too. Noah keep trying the boopy. i had a hard time at first but it was such a gedsend when i finally did get the hang of it. of course now he’s too big for it but there was this golden window of wonderful.



    Jepica – I have stored it in the fridge for up to 2 days before freezing and it taste fine when I defrost it.



    I’m pretty much the same weight as my first pregnancy BUT I’m sooo much different. I now have a mommy tummy that sags. I guess that’s what I get for having 11lb babies. IF you haven’t seen the photo of my before giving birth to Alex I have it here and FB. I look like I’m smuggling a baby elephant into the hospital….along with my own child. HAHA! I’m using the Mederma stretchmark lotion now. Hopefully I’ll start seeing a difference now. If not then Joe already knows I’m getting lasor treatment after my third child. If I can’t tone this darn skin up I’ll be asking for us to cut it off! I’m serious. This sucks having a tummy that just sags. Sooooo, I’m doing what I can to lose all the excess weight that I’m carrying. But in the end I’ll just have to ‘fix’ it all after Baby #3.



    I have a question for you ladies. I’ve been taking the Fenugreek, and between that and my lo’s increased suckling my supply is great. If I stop taking the Fenugreek now will my supply decrease? Is it something you need to keep taking or can I just use it when I feel like my supply isn’t keeping up?

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