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    lannie and seub- didn’t realize that you were so close in age to me! glad to see younger people BF! Go us!!



    Leslie, what a story to share with Lawson when she is older! I have a friend who cracks me up, she and her girlfriend established a five-year-plan. At this stage, they are saving up money and getting ready for baby. When it is time, my friend Kimm is going to carry the baby and Jo’s brother is going to donate sperm, so baby will have all the family genes. It is so awesome to hear them talk about it! When we stayed with them in Chicago a few months ago, Kimm was telling me how every time one of her friends would post something baby related on FB, she would run and google it so that she and Jo could make decisions now and be ready later. The last day were were there, we went to the children’s museum, and she wore my Moby with Zach in it the whole time so that she could get a feel for it and to give me a break!



    Jessica- I have a 2.5 YO, 16 month old and a 7 week old! I love having them close together but it is HARD right now. My middle son has always been clingy and my 2 YO is naughty when he doesn’t have constant supevision lol. As soon as they see me sit down to nurse Quinn they know they can get away with more…naughty, naughty. But i’m glad that they will all be growing up together. Plus, Q will have 2 big brothers to watch out for her.



    Is it bad that there’s a part of me that is gleeful when DH is trying to get something done AND watch DD alone and she isn’t making it easy for him? I think it’s the ‘walk in my shoes for a minute’ thing. Just a part of me though, ‘cuz he IS actually really good…



    Ok, so I LOVE Disney movies but I just saw this and made me laugh. When you look at it like this author does it makes you think…..


    thank you bri…..yah i never seen it on here like old fashioned quaker oats would work just fine?…has anyone found out why fermented oats helps boost supply? just curious


    Illy Don’t feel guilty a lot of babies comfort nurse. What a wonderful bond that you and only you can form with your baby.



    illy2, try (but first look up thier page on FB and like it for 20% off, if you suggest it to a friend, you get 25%…check their discussions page for more info and the codes) They have the most variety as they actually produce the necklaces. For a cheaper price, but not as much variety, you can go to



    kl2-i’m still nursing my 14 month old. could it still be painful b/c of teeth rubbing or something like that. i know i can always tell now that isaac has teeth when he hasn’t latched properly. i make him unlatch and relatch until i’m comfortable.



    And why don’t you try and eat under a cover when it’s 95 degrees out and you live in an area with no a/c?



    Lilmamamads, I agree. Such a silly issue made so many people leave, and now there just isn’t as much support as there once was. A FB forum that you need to be invited to isn’t as easily accessible to all the new mothers looking for some BFing help.



    TJB- EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT! your new baby might latch on better then your first.. which would mean some less pain. If you can get a pump you could always pump your milk every couple hours and give the baby milk in a bottle, lots of women do that also! I personally have never used a nipple shield.. but i know women who have, and it has helped them ALOT! THINK POSITIVE! thats my best advice at this point! This baby might come out and latch on super good! my fist one tore my nipples apart.. made them bleed and crack and peel and i thought they were going to fall off lol, this time around, my baby latched on GREAT! no bleeding, no pain, just a littttle bit of soreness! soo keep thinking positive!


    Kathy your baby will need 1 – 1 1/2 oz per each hour you are gone.


    @proud Mommy of a Son!!!… My son used to do exactly the same thing, I had weeks of long frustrating nights where he would latch on for a few minutes then pop off crying. He did get better after a few weeks, and still feeding at 13months. =) Has anyone on here tandem fed? Its something I’m really wanting to try as I want my 13month old to self wean when hes ready. Im 11 weeks atm. =)



    barunka05- I just purchased the Ameda Purely Yours with carry all. Before making my purchase I did alot of research. is the best website that I found. It gives comparision charts of all of the latest breastpumps out there and it even has reviews from women that have used them. The Ameda Purely Yours received the highest scores and the best reviews. Even above Medela. I was shocked because I was always told that Medela was the BEST pump out there so I am glad I researched before making a purchase. I have not used the pump yet because I am only 19 weeks pregnant. I was just in search of a better pump b/c the one I used when bf my son was horrible. I hope this helps :0)

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