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    I don’t know about the sex part yet (I’m only 9 days pp) but I know I’ve been horny as hell and when my bf plays with my breasts…I damn near tackle him.



    mrsdenney- there are two walmarts near us , 2 different towns but we are in the middle of each, and I went to both and neither had fenugreek I had to got to GNC unfortunately. So I don’t know where you are or if they carry it there but I know they don’t here…


    When I was in the hospital I seen three lactation consultants and all three said that the baby should only be eating for 10 min on each side the most. Anymore than this and they are using you as a soother. I can agree with this, but I also think it is important to go by your baby. Your baby is eating for five minutes and then is hungry again in two hours. The babies that are eating for a lot longer may be not eating again for 3-4 hours. Every baby is different and if your little one seems to be content after he is done then you are just fine. My daughter ate every three to four hours and would nurse for about twenty minutes, a friend of mines daughter would eat for five and then want to eat again in an hour. She was like this even after she was started on a bottle, so it really depends on your baby. Some prefer to snack, while others prefer big meals.



    my son recently began sleeping through the night, he will go seven hours. but my breasts get so engorged and full since they aren’t used to going so long. not only that but when he does wake up to eat, he only nurses from one breast and then is full so the other breast goes yet another four hours. is this going to screw up my supply? will my breasts get used to producing more milk during the day and less at night? should i make him nurse from both breasts at night when he wakes up?



    ladies , I have a huge problem and need help.My baby (she ll be three months old in a few days)is exclusively breastfeed and everything worked just fine;now all of a sudden she refuses my breast.She went on without eating for about 12 hours when i gave her a bottle with expressed milk which she takes just fine.So it can t be a problem with the way the milk tastes;it’s been two days now and she only takes expressed milk.I really wanna continue BF and I m soooo frustated.Any input would be greatly appreciated.


    ok, i have a question. i b/f my baby every 2 to 3 hours, sometimes its a little longer if he is sleeping good. when my milk first came in my boobs were hard as rocks but now they are squishy all the time. is that normal or is my supply running out? he seems satisfied when he eats tho.. and the pads in my bras are always soaked. my boobs just look smaller and they dont get hard anymore.



    Oh and one more thing. Kekoa (when he had bottles at daycare) has never drank more then six oz. EVER! He just can’t do it. He will eat a half of a steak or a whole pork chop but can’t drink lots of milk.



    Thanks ladies! I think that the in style is what I’ll buy. I haven’t heard about any others. Seems that’s the one a lot of mommies buy. I’m going to work 2/12 hour shifts so I’ll need it those days. I also bought mother’s tea to bump up my supply. Has anyone else tried this? How to you start pumping to prepare to go back to work? I’m confused. With my daughter I just nursed her…no bottles at all.. Until she was 22 months. With my new baby he’s been b/f only too and he’s 8 weeks.



    mommy-at-home – I think you hit the nail on the head! No worries, baby poo changes often. Teething can definately do it



    I’ve re-established a LOW supply if that’s what you mean… I know you can usually relactate within the first 4 months of having your baby pretty easily if your dedicated and really want to breastfeed. Adoptive mothers do it all the time.. your dr can prescibe meds and there are other home remedies you can do. I think the LaLecheLeague is a good source for that kind of information. It’s definately possible. =)



    I didn’t mean to imply that it hurt only if you had an incorrect latch, just that it is the main culprit. I never had pain or sensitive nips so I guess that I never thought that anyone else did, sorry. But I did have a lot of frustration in the beginning because I could not find a comfortable position to feed in and at the time I did not have a boppy pillow (lifesaver!!). Being large chested it was a chore to get comfortable because I could not craddle her and feed her so I had to do the football hold. But once I got the boppy pillow I could lay her across my chest and it was just as good as cradling and I could still use my hand (yey) So that may be a big issue with trying to get comfy. Plus I would get so hot and flushed when feeding her in the first 2 months. After the first month everything just got to be second nature. I here ya kym22!! If they are not at least feeling heavy in the morning, I start to wonder too lol



    Yeah, it’s antibacterial. It’s here in the US and I’m sure other places. It’s been around since I was a baby or at least a kid. It’s a vasaline type gel with great stuff in it. I’m sure you guys have something similar that ‘helps heal cuts 10 time faster’ as the ads say.



    ozbaby – That is so great! I’m so glad your LO is settling back down again. BM is amazing stuff!



    Liza, breastfeeding tends to hold off ovulation for as long as you exclusively breastfeed but… there are women that get their periods a month after birth. I personally don’t think it’s fair! And others like my sister that didn’t get it until they are completely weaned. Unfortunately you don’t know the first tiime you ovulate until it’s either too late or your period shows up. It could be possible that you had your first ovulation this last month and are now pregnant. I would try testing and if it’s negative use protection from now on…



    We use the Nuby, as well.

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