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    Bri – I think I’m prepared to have a tummy tuck after my last baby. I think weight loss will be easy enough when I’m done, but all the extra skin might be a problem that can only be solved with IDK? What is your name/email on FB?


    you can also find me on facebook [email protected] or natalie woods



    didderty- I am right there with you I have some ready sitting on my counter waiting for me to choke em down..Good luck to us! I had my first at 23 and EBF and now my second at 25 I love it my cousin even EBF for 8 months at 19 its great to see the young doing it!


    Hotmess, don’t worry Ollie lost 8oz then the week after only made up an oz. It sometimes takes more than a week or so for them to lose all their water retention.


    Marli – I love the name Quinn for a girl! 🙂


    Middle of the night Ollie full of cold, trying to keep him up right to help him breathe. Exhausted.



    lil, OMG! That’s too funny.



    Emilee, that was awesome! Relate to so much of it! Hubby could prolly come on here and answer questions just as well as I could at this point. The girl i work with is years away from children, but knows so much about breastfeeding because I never stop talking about it! I actually just got done passing on BF websites to a friend on FB who ended up FF her son after thinking his colic was because an issue with her milk. 🙁 She really hopes that next time she will be able to EBF like she want to this time. More power to her. So many mommies shy away from trying again after not succeeding the first time for whatever reason! I love it when we see mommies in here that are trying again, or even for the first time after FF and are successful BFers!



    To all of you trying to Bf for a year it is so worth it I Bf my last son to 15 months. It is so hard the beginning but it truely does get better. To all of you EP ladies I bow down. I did that for 3 months with my first born only to rupture ducts and end up in a lot of pain he demanded 45 oz a day I couldn’t keep up LOL. You girls are amazing keep up the good work! I will be Bf my daughter due in january and be back to chat then.



    Well ladies i found a job! tomorrow is my first REAL DAY! i get to pump! im going to do try and nurse him RIGHT before i leave, then pump every twoish hours on my breaks, ill have a managment office with a lock all to myself to pump, and a place in the fridge (of course my milk will be in a cooler bag) But on my short days like today and yesterday LO will only take like 2 ounces MAYBE in like 5-6 hours.. it seems he realllly hates the bottle! and he nurses like crazy when im home! do you think i should be concerned??? And im getting the paragaurd tomorrow! wish me luck! thanks ladies



    KL2- Your LO is 18 months? I’m currently nursing a 13 month old.. phatbaby is nursing a 15 or 16 month old.. Bri nursed her LO until 22 months when he self weaned.. There are a couple other mommas who i can’t name right this second who are nursing older babies. But a lot of us are letting babies wean themselves, so whenever they want to be done they are.. Could you be pregnant? I’ve heard that they can start hurting then.



    i would wear a undershirt of somekind so i could pull the top one up all the way and the undershirt just below the boobies to cover the tum tum… i never bought the nursing clothing..ihad a nursing bra but it hurt for some reason was too tight and pinched



    soontobe- Our speech therapist said Dr. Brown is great. She also said Evenflo Comfi is great too.



    when I weaned at 13 months my son was losing interest. If I didn’t offer the breast he didn’t really ask for it. Other times I just distracted him and he would forget and go about his business. It is a totally different experience though for everyone. Do what you feel is best for you and baby…


    Also to help build keep pumping after the.milk has stopped flowing, this will teach your body to produce more.

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