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    marinemommy – it sounds like your supply is dropping. Try to keep up drinking lots of water maybe have a beer to build up the yeast, and try pumping every few hours or so and having her lach. Even if its a little bit its still something. Im sorry if Im not much of help. I had to see a specialist, i have an over supply but my Boss is only 13 weeks and bfing and pumping I have over 30oz a day. 🙁


    Anyone used the Lanishol electric pump?



    I think the nursing hormones are really messing with my libido. I mean I don’t even think about it and when my hubbie wants to it’s almost like a chore. Anyone else having somethibg similar?



    cluck77: It sounds to me like your little one is losing interest in feeding due to the cold she has. It would be hard to breathe with a blocked nose and a cough. Maybe express after she feeds if she is not emptying you so your supply doesnt drop.
    If she is gaining well i would not be too worried either. Id give her a few days and if she stops gaining or doesnt go back to normal then take her to your Dr or cal lthe midwife.



    seabird – My biggest advice for you is if your baby is still gaining then don’t worry about it. If your doctor isn’t concerned then I wouldn’t be either. At each of Kekoa’s appointments he had gained weight (after the first couple of months) and continued to gain. My doctor said what they look at is a steady climb in weight, not the actual numbers. Just like us adults babies come in different weights and heights. What’s a normal weight for one baby wouldn’t be for the next. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t force feed Kekoa. I offer him food every couple of hours. Even at 9 months he was getting milk every three hours during the day. Only at a year am I going for longer periods without milk.



    kym22, My little one bit me three times in two days, about a month ago, but never since. She had (and still has) two teeth, and still nursing often. Not sure what that was about!



    Bri – I hope so. I actually had to move pack up and move out over thanksgiving into my parents because I rented out my house. My new house I’m closing on tomorrow, hopefully, was supposed to close last Wed. Urgh!!! My poor boys are probably wondering what’s happened to their boobies. 😉


    oh and my boobs dont leak milk anymore either 🙁 i feed him all the time…i dont wanna run out!!! and i dont have a pump…



    Oh yeah my hubby passed his metabolism to our daughter, she would eat a horse, have a big ole belly when she went to sleep then wake up with a 6 pack, no lie the girl was always about the 25-50% for weight, even now she is so scrawny but it definitely is my hubby and I think lil man takes after me because he is as chunky as the day is long, but he’s so cute with it! Chunky babies are the best!!! You never have to worry they aren’t eating enough! Lil man used to take 5 oz in his bottles but then he got sick and started the whole teething journey and eating some solids so now he’s content with 4 oz. He’s one of those babies that will wake up 2-4 times a night sometimes but I’m ok with that cause I know it’s hunger mostly and not comfort driven. Hubby keeps asking how long I plan to BF, we’ve gone over this like 3 times already, so I’m not sure if he’s asking cause he wants them to himself or just cause he doesn’t pay attention…



    Gbaby3 So many moms do it differently. My milk doesn’t freeze well so I was never able to stock up the freezer. I was on fenugreek and everything else I could get my hands on. The week before Kekoa started school my husband took the week off. This way we were able to do trial runs with bottles. We found out how much he drank and how much I needed to pump to get to that ounce. HAHA! Once we started school I would pump at 9am, go and feed Kekoa on my lunch hour at noon and pump again at 3pm. I’m lucky enough to be able to pump quite a bit. Back when Kekoa was on bottles only I needed about 14oz a day. At one point I was only pumping 10 which killed me. Someone hear mentioned fermented oatmeal and I decided it was worth a try. I ate it twice a day for a weekend and went from pumping 10oz on Friday to 16oz on Monday. It was crazy and so easy. 1/2cup old fashion oats and a 1/2cup water. Let it sit on the counter for at least 7 hours then heat and serve. I was eating it for breakfast and before bed. It really worked. My sister went from 18oz to 26oz in a weekend. Even now when I have my period or when I’m sick I would eat it. Not the best tasting but it works.



    So I’m really excited! The end of this month will be the last time I have to work and more importantly pump. We are closing on our house on 3/2 and 3/3 is my last working day. I finally get to be a SAHM!!!! YAY! I’m scared and excited! This will be the first time that I will have to rely on my husband for cash but oh well. Being home with Kekoa is more important then money. HAHA!



    pregow1st when my daughter was 4 months old I stopped nursing but re-lactated when she was 6 months because she couldn’t tolerate any formula. It took hard work but after 2 months she was fully breastfed again even feeding from me.



    I know Karrieanne. That’s why I just wanted to point it out. I know lots of women that say the same thing. I guess you were just lucky! No harm done. =)

    As for the boppy! I totally agree! I had a section and the boppy was a life savor. I have two older sisters so I knew to take it to the hospital with us. Kekoa is 16months and I still use it!



    I am glad to know that I am not the only one who’s little one will only eat about 4 oz a sitting. I have a friend who thought that evertime her daughter cried/sucked on her hand she was hungry so they fed her. (she was nursing her but because she had to get up with her and her hubby couldn’t she gave it up. And let me tell you when she pumped she would get 5-6 oz a side! Heck I would love to get 5-6 oz a session!) At 2 months they were already feeding her 8 to 9 oz bottles. She is a tank now. (She is 6 months and weighs more than my little guy.) Then they thought she had some issues because she kept throwing up after eating. I am thinking more from over feeding as on the kelly mom website it has a section on how big baby stomachs are and they were way over feeding her. (They are younger parents and she didn’t want the baby so it was more like anything to shut her up. I know it is sad because there are so many women who want babies and can’t have them and try and try with no luck. Then all because she didn’t like the way sex felt with a condom she ended up pregnant. I feel sorry for their daughter because I love my baby so much and I can’t stand to be away from him. Yet every time I talk to them someone else has their daughter for the weekend.) Sorry I know that went WAY off subject but I just needed to vent about it.



    OZ- I know where you are coming from with the 1.5 oz 3 times a day… I pump 3 times and I only get 7-7.5 oz. It sucks because I know that RJ is eating 3-4 bottles at day care that are 4 oz each so he does end up with formula, but I started the malted milk yesterday so we will see if that helps.

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