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    I was just wondering if anyone could help in my dillema…I have been nursing my daughter since birth (she is 6 wks now) and have had to supplement with formula also, I can nurse all day, sometimes having to supplement an ounce after feedings, and then as soon as 6 pm comes along, I have no milk, and my daughter just screams at the breast and keeps unlatching. I am on fenugreek, drinking lots of water and eating well. Every day I vow to give up but keep plugging along, but am wondering if it is worth the stress on me and the baby? Any feedback would be appreciated. Also, When I have to supplement in the evenings, I pump when she eats, and only pump half an ounce to an ounce from both breasts, and my left breast doesn’t pump well at all.



    I am really worried about my milk supply, DD is 5 months old and has lost weight. My BB’s don’t fill up overnight like they used to, and never during the day anymore – they always seem quite flat and empty. She still has 8ish wet nappies a day – some more than others. I do not want to give up breastfeeding, nor introduce formula as a top up. I don’t know wether to introduce solids to help fill her tummy? I did want to do Baby Led Weaning at 6 months. I do have an appointment with my GP this week to check her weight again. I really don’t know what to do and am so worried… I have tried Fengugreek, but that made DD super gassy. Aghhh I don’t know what to do!!



    I have a question about Fenugreek… I started taking it on Saturday 2 pills 3 times a day. I didnt see a difference at all so on Monday I started taking 3 pills 3 times a day. It is now Thursday and I still cant tell a difference. Does anyone know why and what I should do.



    Hello there,

    If anyone can help me, i originally used a Avent Manual Breast pump with my first child and it was awful i could not keep up with the amount of expressing. I know at my hospital they use Madela Breast pumps and they recommended one to me when i had my first child. I am now going to concieve my second child and was wondering if anyone know what Electric Breast Pump is best considering it is not over priced at around Â80. If you know of anyone come to my page and send me a message. PLEASE HELP!!!



    Yea, no libido here either, nada.


    Dee Rod, Evin is a week older than your baby and he seems to be doing the same thing. I did wean him from 2 feedings in the past 2 weeks so now he only eats from me 5 times a day (plus 3 cereal or jar food feedings). Even with the reduced amount, he still barely nurses for 2 of those feedings. I’m sad to say that I think our nursing time will be over in a few short months as I too think he is weaning himself.



    OK, so I need help with feeding. Addi has been exclusively breast fed since birth and has been on solids since 5.5 months. She LOVES her food (especially if it is orange)? But I do not know what the next step in feeding is…. She breast-feeds every feed (3 hourly and sometimes once in the night), and then she has two feeds a day of solids (about 11am and 6pm and the equivalent of half a jar of food at each feed – so 1 jar a day). But where to from here? When do we ween off the breast and cut back those feeds? When do we introduce more food? I am a bit lost…. she seems to want more solids, but I do not want to feed her too much if that is not what they are meant to have? Any ideas? Please post on my page too if you can? Cheers!



    LJess2134 – Most definately! They go through so many growth spurts the first three months. It slows down some after that until about six months when it actually becomes a normal growth. HAHA!



    HELP!! Maxx is on a bottle strike and isn’t really nursing great either! Today at daycare he only drank 4 ounces all day and didn’t eat his solids either. He does have a cold and had croup over the weekend but is better now. Should i worry yet? Our daycare provider sid he had really solid poops so i worry he is dehydrated….



    December – Dont worry. I havent leaked or had hard boobs since the beginning. I dont even bother with breast pads because nothing comes out. And I have plenty of milk for him. I think over time your body just gets better at producing what is needed and when.



    I didn’t like those pads. they seemed to thick and you could see them through my shirt. I liked the medela ones because they were thin enough not to show. I guess it would depend how much you leaked? I heard that several moms like lilly pads. I stopped leaking before I knew about them. I actually had a full box of medella that I gave my sister. My husband bought a new box when I was hardly wearing them. Sweet thought but not needed.



    How do you start pumping without ‘screwing’ with your baby’s feeding? Aiden, my baby, feeds all the time I’m nervous about taking it away.



    Anica – Have you tried cutting dairy out of your diet. It seems to be a common culprit and what a lot of doctors try first. My son couldn’t handle me having dairy until he was 10months or so.



    ive also reestablished a low supply but besiddes home methods ive needed medical help. does anyone know if you have to keep taking medicines like that for the duration of BF or if now that im established again i can stop when the month is over.. will my body understand to make the amounts i need.. i can ask the doctor tomorrow im just wondering because ive heard both.



    Kym – I don’t get engorged any more either. It’s ok. Not being hard doesn’t mean you aren’t producing. The only real way to know how well you are producing is by your baby’s weight gain which also can be tricky. You can’t pump everything out. Some women that are awesome producers only pump an ounce. Another way is to weigh baby before hand and then right after feeding. You need a sensitive scale though, like at the doctor’s office.

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