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    OK, anyone, help?????? I am SO engorged!!!!!! I just pumped for 15 and only got 3 ounces. I had letdown several times, but I am still SO engorged! I don’t know what to do! I have been this way all day though nothing has changed and I have been pumping every 3 hours. I have a huge history of mastitis to the point of such a high fever with it that I am hospitalized. I know that is the direction I am heading. I took a bath, wrapped my breasts in warm washcloths, and pumped afterwards. Any other advice?
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    oz-i can understand not wanting to feel restricted. but my thinking is this…if it’s his time to eat and she’s out and about and can’t feed him then that’s not right either. i would not drop by unannounced or unplanned or just show up to nurse. my goal is to have him on a pretty routine schedule so that i would always be there about the same time to nurse him. now that i’m adding solids (he had homemade oatmeal cereal last night after nursing before bed and did wonderful. i really wanted to wait until 6 months but with this new job i want to be the one who’s introducing all foods so if i start now he’ll be ready to go and have his routine down by the time he’d be there 5 days/week) his schedule should get even more routine, so again if he’s eating at the same time everyday she shouldn’t be out anywhere. as it gets closer i’ll bring it up to her again. maybe if i give her a better understanding of what i mean, like when i’d be there to nurse and how long, etc she’ll be more supportive. it’s just that her response had me questioning immediately what’s going on that i couldn’t come nurse? i’m not going to worry about it, b/c if i have to pull him out of daycare i will and then my mom and grandma will work out a schedule with me to watch him and i’d be saving $100/week for daycare expense.



    Anyone else never thirsty? I just realized I’ve had nothing to drink today and its 4pm already. When I first started breast feeding I was thirsty all the time now I forget to drink fluids mainly cause I’m always busy.



    Ary is almost 12 months and i nurse in the morning, 2-3 times after work (around 5 and 6 and before bed), and 2 times during the night. She doesn’t drink any breast milk at daycare b/c i don’t pump. she eats solids and has homo milk in her cereal for breakfast. she seems to be doing fine and i’ve been doing this for a week now, so i’m not worrying about the lack of breast milk for 8 hours during the day.



    Has anyone had problems with their milk supply. I all of a sudden have had a drastic drop in my milk supply. I started taking Fenugreek on Tuesday night. And yes I already smell like maple syrup….and my milk supply has not increased yet. I am hoping that it increases in the next day or two. Please pray for me and my supply and please send me your tips or comments….Oh I cannot take Reglan I have already tried it way early on before I really had a problem but I wanted a better supply than I had. It gave me strange muscular sensations that I couldn’t stand and made me feel weak. I didn’t even want to hold my baby for two days because of the way my muscles felt. It was awful.



    oh & all the info i found on abcesses said that they are usually caused by mastitis which ive never had??



    anniemarie- if your lo is not acting hungry and having plenty of wet diapers, let it go. Doctors are not always right. They also usually don’t see as many bf babies so are more apt to jump onto the weight issue (at least that’s been my experience). Your baby could just be going through a lull, or just not a big baby. That’s okay. Go with your mommy gut. Stick to your guns. You aren’t starving your child! You could also get a second opinion if you are really concerned…..



    DJs Girl – I’m glad you have decided to breastfeed! I feel that every woman should at least try. I too had family and friends that were against it and advised just to start on formula from the beginning-said that would be so much easier. I am so glad I made the decision to BF. And it’s true what other woman have said…it is hard at times and it can take a while to really get the hang of it. But when you see that your child is perfectly healthy and gaining weight and getting big all because of you-it feels like such an accomplishment! And it’s also hard if you breastfeed and work-but again…the feeling of accomplishment far outweighs the hassle of pumping and storing milk. You can do it! And there’s plenty of encouragement and support on this site-so even if your family doesn’t come around…you still have all of us! GOOD LUCK!!!



    thanks everyone who responded my question regarding biting. I guess I was hurt a couple of times feeding when I thought my LO was hungry but she wasn’t.



    nikki- I have the same problem with my LO and the pediatrician said it was normal to see amounts as big as a couple of tablespoons immediately after feedings or even a couple of hours after. try not to lay the baby down immediately after or any jostling of LO after feeding. i don’t even put my little girl in onesies most of the time since she is always spitting up.



    act004 – First off, babies don’t self wean at 3 months. There may be an issue in which nursing becomes more difficult but it’s just not in our instinct to wean that early. When I worked I would only give two bottles a day. Chris would nurse first thing in the morning, a bottle at 9am, I’d go visit at noon for my lunch, a bottle at 3pm and I’d pick him up at 4:30 where’d he’d nurse the rest of the day. I suggest nurse as often as you can. Only offer the breast when you are with her. I know this may not be what you want but I’d suggest bed-sharing again. Sharing your bed actually has a natural effect on supply. It also gives Baby the opportunity to nurse often at night. Now, by doing this may not be enough either. I would start drinking mother’s milk tea three times a day. Pump as often as you can. Start eating fermented oatmeal, sticky rice and almonds. All three have been known to contain enzymes that help with supply. Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle also come in caplets that you can start taking. On weekends or whenever you are off, only offer the breast. Nurse often! If your baby eats and wants more an hour later then that’s fine, give it to her. She is also probably going through a growth spurt and wants more anyways. Stay in your pj’s and just sit around your house and nurse. Good Luck!



    jen if you have the book The Nursing Mothers Companion it has a really detailed section on medications that can pass through breastmilk and whether or not they are safe for baby. Even if you don’t have it I would recommend it to anybody it has been my bible 🙂



    Hi all, just wondering if anyone could help me…ive recently started breastfeeding again and finding that when bubs latches on he could stay on there forever!! I mean he doesnt ever stop sucking!!! Im not too sure if my boob is just a dummy(pacifier) or if he is getting anything at all…after i pull him off(usually after he has fallen asleep I will top him up with 120ml of formula. Hmmm does anyone elses bubs do this?



    Ouch ladies ive developed another blister thsi time its a blood blister and on the other boob:(…why r we all having this blister prob? Do you think their super sucking might have something to do with them being ready to eat!!! i know my bubs has poor latchment so this is why mine is occuring…i think!!!



    I got Mirena inserted 2wks ago and have been bleeding ever since. They said it’s normal because of the hormones and could last months, WFT?!? LOL!! But the hormones go to the uterus to thin the lining, so it doesn’t effect breastfeeding. But eventually you should get lighter or no period at all… can’t wait!

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