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    She will not drink breastmilk from a cup..She will drink cows milk in a cup, water, juice..She has never tooken a bottle..We tried many different ones when she was smaller..I have even recently tried pumping and give her a bottle of breast milk , but she wont take it..I dont want to get her attached to a bottle now anyway… She is very attached to my breast..If I try at skip b/f one time she will cry and scream for hours … The last time I tried she cried for 1 hour and 15 min ..I was hard so I did give in and nurse her…….


    i use bf as bc as well. im not at all worried about getting pregnant again. my menstrual hasn’t returned yet anyway. At my 6 week check up the doc asked what I’d do for bc and I told him nothing that we’d be trying to conceive soon anyway. I only got a shoulder shrug… I mean they can’t make you go on bc. I am older,33, and i don’t want anything messing with my natural rhythm. exciting news though…baby Clementine is 16 weeks old and actually started to sit up unassisted today… It’s so cute!



    Maddux have you tried a wrap? this site has a lot of great hands free breastfeeding wrapping techniques! You could use a mody or sleepy wrap or just a simple piece of cloth



    seub- i mean, obviously whatever you choose for yourself is best for you, but i would DEFINITELY be done. He hasn’t been the most supportive or helpful or even present in the first place. and now this? (Can i ask something? Was it a man or a woman that he cheated with? Because you said that he left his other baby momma because he thought he might be gay, so i’m curious) Anyway. That is a serious betrayal. And especially because he was cheating on you right after you delivered his child!! That is terrible. I am so sorry that you are in this situation. It’s awful… We are here for you, though! =[






    illy – Zoey used to do the EXACT same thing. Her ped said teething. That was 2 1/2 months ago and she still doesn’t have any teeth (but four areas are bumpy). I think he was right since the choking/gulping was hit or miss.

    Shirls – your supply shouldn’t decrease if you stop the fenugreek as long as your demand does not decrease.



    LANNiE – Good job!


    Wow what determination that woman has to bf her baby sending milk around the world like that.



    Hey ladies!! I havent had a chance to pop in (had to make an emergency trip from NH to SC with Penelope and my grandmother due to an unexpected death in the famly) and bug you all with questions, but they have been piling up. Penelope is 2 weeks 4 days old now (time is flying by…) They said her head is measuring small, but ALL of her hats are too small for her!! how is her head small? oh well w/e, as long as she’s healthy, which the DR said she was at her apt on monday. My question is, all of the sudden Penelope’s poops have been kinda greenish, or if they are that regular yellow color its more foamy… Is that normal, or is she sick?? She’s been a lot more cranky today and yesterday, and almost seems like she’s having trouble pooping. I know this has nothing to do with breastfeeding, but like I said, you gal’s are so helpful and informative!!



    PG- haha yes! I love that. It’s terrible, I know. The other day they were trying to call me into work and (DH and I work at the same place) DH was like NO! I’ll go! You do the job of 8 people here. Made me very happy to hear that he actually acknowledged that it was hard.


    shiz – I feel for you! I know your situation all too well. I’m lucky in that when I had a low supply I had enough stored to fall back on. Once that was used up though, the panic set in. I tried the oatmeal Bri suggested and it’s been working. I’ve alsy started to pump more often while I’m at work and more often at night as well. The fenugreek and MMT just didn’t work for me for some reason. One thing I’ve also noticed for me is that sleep is a HUGE factor. I pump more on days after I’ve had a good nights sleep. Also, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. I say try the oatmeal and review your schedule to see if there’s an opportunity for an extra pumping session or two. It is difficult but so worth it! Good luck! 🙂



    I know this isnt a breastfeeding question but you guys are so quickAnyone with a child around 6 weeks old- My daughter has an anal fissure because of straining for a BM. Doctor gave us these suppositories to give as needed because he doesnt want her to strain and wants that fissure to heal. Well, she is not screaming in pain BUT for about an hour prior to BM, about every 10 minutes she stirs, moving her arms, grunting and pushing for about 1 minute and goes back to sleep. This goes on for about an hour I think. Does anyone else’s infant do this?? I just dont know if I should give her the suppository when she does this or if this is normal? I dont want her to tare again! and helpful with questions.



    lilmam-33 isn’t old! i bet you’ll be fine concieving!


    First of all… those pictures are amazing! I know I have tons of pics of me nursing Alyssa somewhere. Just have to go through them to find a good one. I also have a few videos, including her first latch. It was so amazing. I love going back and watching them. It’s amazing to see how far we and our LO’s have come since that day. 🙂

    chellebob – I never had too much pain, but nursing finally became comfortable after about a week or two.

    roseygirl – I don’t think you have a supply issue. Babies go through growth spurts around 3 weeks and will nurse often and act like their starving. It’ll last a few days then go back to normal. Your LO is just trying to boost your supply. So as long as you’re eating enough, drinking enough and resting enough you should be ok. 🙂

    illy2 – some will say to feed on demand. I did not. I would wake my LO if she was still sleeping after 4 hours. A friend of mine tried the feed on demand technique and her LO lost too much weight and wasn’t “thriving” according to the pedi. She was then told to feed every 3 hours no matter what. I realize not everyone has this experience, but it was enough for me to ensure my LO was getting enough. Plus, I work FT as well so I’m not able to really feed on demand. Also, I got Alyssa’s necklace through Inspired by Finn. I went through the process that deeyore described. I received the necklace about 4 days later.


    mamadear04- it’s normal to have up and downs in your nursing relationship. If you are pregnant that would account for the sensitivity (or if you aren’t sometimes your breasts are just more sensitive and it’s uncomfortable to nurse). My goal w/ dd1 was 1yr – but she was still going strong and it would’ve been impossible to wean her at that time. We ended up nursing until she was about 20 months old – I started weaning her at 18months. W/ dd2 (who is almost 3 wks) my goal is at least 18 months and I want her to self wean…. Try not to think about nursing her another year, but just take it one day/wk at a time. As she gets a little older other things will become more interesting than nursing and she will gradually start to decrease or will be more easily distracted. Good luck!

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