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    Emilee: Where is the ‘like’ button when you need it? You’ve got it right, mama! If you can see my nipple, BACK OFF! LOL!


    I plan to be back on here more often. During the fall out of this site I was going through some additional training at work and I wasn’t at my desk for a while. Now that I’m back IAP is about the only site I’m willing to post on. I only use FB at home and when I am home I have other things to do. So hopefully this site will pick back up. I am willing to help anyone on here. I’m not an expert by any means but I am a full-time working mom. I pump at work and nurse at home… my daughter (7 months old) is still EBF with solids included now. I’ve gone through bouts of low supply, mastisis and various other hurdles. I’m always happy to share opinions, suggestions and experiences with others. 🙂



    first pumping isn’t any indication of production. second any nursing/breastmilk is better than none. third a lot of ladies have had great success with fermented oatmeal: 1 cup old fashioned oats, 1 cup water left over night on the counter and then heated mixed with whatever you like and eaten. some eat it all at once and some split it into two servings. I’m afraid to say though formula is considered a ‘booby’ trap and as long as you supplement you will have to continue to supplement. You may want to talk to your lactation consultant on other ways to boost your supply.



    Lilmama–Just count your blessings! You have an easy baby who is a good sleeper. Just make sure baby has plenty of wet/poopie diapers and you will be fine. Plus, you’ll have your two week check up next week and you’ll be able to see the weight gain! You’re doing great!



    cant help you on fenugreek questions, ive never taken it….
    I have been pumping since my daughter was born and at almost 8 weeks old I had a HUGE supply already! I exclusively breastfeed, so I decided to donate some of it! I donated 60oz today and it felt great to help a mother in need 🙂
    Nursing is still going amazing, I find myself getting sad that my daughter is already 2 months old!



    i work full time and use the avent purely yours. it’s under $200 (have no idea what that is in pounds). i like it but wish i had spent more $ and gotten the medela. it does the job, easy to clean, etc….but there were days when i felt like i should pump more. after i take off the pump b/c no more milk was coming out, i could hand express some more. but overall it’s a great pump that’s lower in price then the medela.



    its mother natures birth control lol



    TannersMommy33 – My first son poo’d once a week and my second is about five times a day. It’s all normal! HAHA!



    I haven’t leaked in months buth Medella makes a great sleep bra for $20. Looks like a sports bra but less restrictive. That’s how we sleep.



    michelles – I don’t know if ‘mess up your suply’ is the right words for it. If you stop feeding at night your nighttime supply will go down but you also won’t need it anymore. You will feel a bit engorged for a few days but after that it will be less. You will probably still be very full in the morning but that’s fine cause your baby will wake up hungry. Your day time supply should remain the same so no worries. Sleeping through the night is what we all want, right?


    I’m having a moment of jealousy (and i shouldn’t!!!!) My friend is formula feeding and putting cereal in her baby’s bottle and is getting about 7 hours of sleep a night…sammy has been going to bed between 8-9 and wakes me every 2-3 hours to eat (he’s 4 months old)…i hope i’m not the only with a 4 month old who isn’t sleeping through the night…he acts like he is STARVING when he wakes up so i hate to not feed him…it’s a quick feeding less than 10 minutes and he goes right back to bed…i don’t really mind it, i like being up with him…but i feel like i’m the only one who can’t get their baby to sleep through the night!!! which in turn makes me feel like a bad parent…he use to sleep in 4-6 hour stretches…but he got a cold a few weeks back, and we’ve regressed to 2-3 hours…oh well, sammy is now 4 1/2 months old and 18lbs 12 oz!!! big boy!!! 90th percentile! and he is always so happy!



    I only pump once at night.. I give a bottle for bedtime instead of having my son nurse because he’s really cranky and gets mad when my milk doesn’t let down quick enough. I nurse him the other 4 feeds during the day and pump afterwards to try and save milk in my freezer so that’s why I want the extra milk. My supply is fine I just want extra.



    I heard the Lily pads are nice, but my sister-in-law got a yeast infection on her breast right after she started using them. So I stayed away from them. My favorite pads are Lansinoh brand. They have sticky on the back so they stick to your bra when you pull it down to nurse. And they absorb great!! I leak bad at nighttime, and it catches it all. They do tend to show a little through my shirt, but I have found certain bras hide the pads better than others. I hated the Gerber brand of pads b/c they didn’t absorb well for me and they don’t have a sticky side. So when you pull your bra down to nurse, you drop the pad. Walmart carried Curity brand that I liked too, but I can’t find them anymore.



    Mainly he uses me as a pacifier! I don’t mind.. Unless I’m at a resturant..LOL. He doesnt like any other nipples either… What type of bottles do you guys use? I’m sorry for asking so many questions but you ladies are the most helpful. Usually I try to answer the questions.



    Bri- Yeps I cut it out about a over a week ago. I was the friend who Military~Mommy was helping. Is there anything more I can do or doI need to take her to the peds and push for some answears??

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