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    Hi Ladies, I need a little advice / pep talk. My ds is 3 weeks old and is feeding every hour on the hour for I’d say the past week. I’m getting really exhausted and drained. My bbs hurt as well as my nipples. I’ve been pumping and giving it to him in a bottle because I feel like I just can’t keep up. I feel like I’m failing at this whole bf thing. I’m ready to throw in the towel.



    My little one will be 5 months tomorrow. I haven’t started him on cereal yet, but I think I might tomorrow. I might just give him a little bit before bedtime. He has been ebf the whole time, and I’m afraid he will gain a whole bunch of weight once I start him on solids. Does that happen all the time??



    lovebelly….I used that sock filled with rice and put it in the microwave (really really hot). Then I got in a hot bathtub and massaged my breasts while on all fours letting them dangle in the hot water. Then I nursed, nursing will get way more milk out than pumping. While nursing I imagined the clog dislodging. They say it can be like a long noodle or a grain of sand, so I imagined him freeing it! I know it sounds crazy but the next day the fever, red blotches and pain were gone. Nurse as much as you possibly can!!! If not keep massaging and dangling those tata’s in the steaming hot bathtub!



    Just an correction on the malted milk- it’s 3 heaping Tablespoons (not teaspoons) in a glass of milk. =) It doesn’t taste bad but you can stick a little honey to sweeten it if you want. I would just mix it with a spoon and then drink it with a straw (or else you get the settling at the bottom). It really worked wonders for me.



    Thanks Bri & again, congrats on the pregnancy!!! I never imagined nursing would be sooo hard!



    storm – have you noticed any drop in supply since you are going so long without pumping? Thats my fear even though i HATE pumping and cant wait to be done!



    kara G, I know this is maybe not very helpful, but if drinking lots of water and all the ‘home remedies’ like malted milk and oats don’t help, it could be you need to relax! Yeah, relax when you’re stressed about your supply and caring for a (possibly hungry) baby may be easier said than done, but worry and stress can be very detrimental to your milk production.



    My baby is 9 months and rarely bites, but yesterday (her fourth tooth is just coming through) she really bit down hard!! OUCH!



    so pedi called me back and said while sick and BF it is ok to take robitussin DM it has to say DM tho. and MANDA-MAY she also said NO COUGH DROPS so u were right the first time she said not to take them while BF dont know the name of the ingredient cos its to long but sumthin in it is a no no!



    DJ your boyfriend will be able to feed the baby too….bottles of expressed milk & once your baby is on solids…and there are other ways for your boyfriend to bond with the baby–diaper changes, nighttime routine, playtime, bathtime, etc.



    i get 3 oz from right breast last night and half a oz on the other ( she just fed) i pump both sides at the same time and gradually raise suction. i have the even flo double pump, works fine.



    Sydnee-Congrats girl, you have done one hell of a job nourishing that little pumpkin. I wouldn’t give any formula, if you want give an ounce of expressed breastmilk after nursing. Way more nourishing than formula. Do you have a freezer supply? If not, pump one side while nursing on the other. Apparently breastfeeding is alive and well in northern nh. We had our teacher workshop day today and there were three of us who had to leave to go and pump. And we had ‘fire extinguisher training’ which left a huge chemical smoke cloud. My male principal asked me if I was still ‘feeding.’ I told him yes and he said I should probably go inside because of the nasty cloud. What a nice guy:)



    Natasha and Campimama…thank you so much for your responses. You’ve made me feel better. I took a pic of my son with me today while I pumped and it really did feel better. campi – I will be checking out more of your suggestions on your profile soon. Thank you! I just want to be able to BF him as long as possible. I know I have to think more positively about it. 🙂



    Is Lasik surgery something for your eyes? Why would nursing or having another baby have anything to do with it?



    hchina-yes and I know i have plenty of milk. i think we are being used as a pacifer.

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