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    I tried giving my baby a paci, he basically gaged on it and then did a massive spew…my daughter had one at 1 week no worries, but my son prefers to use my boob instead…I might try again later….although saying that my daughter is almost 18 months and very attatched to hers…we have to give her two at night *sigh*



    illy2 – I know this is a little late but if you haven’t tried the rectal therm yet I would first try massaging the tummy and bicycling the legs. Push (lightly) the knees towards baby’s chest. My son loves it and usually get a good toot out of him and sometimes a poo. I also have a ‘poo position’. It’s when I’m on the computer. I sit cross legged with Alex seated in the hole. His legs are lifted up a bit. Between the legs being up and the pressure downward I usually get a poo. Also, remember 4 days really isn’t that long. A breastfed baby can go over a week and still be in the norm. Rectal stimulation can work but if you aren’t careful then you can cause damage. That’s why I suggest other treatments first.



    momofcash – Should have just told her ‘Why would I switch now when breastmilk is obviously doing such a wonderful job. Isn’t it great when you sit back and let nature do its job!’ HAHA!



    you west coast ladies need to get on an east coast schedule. i miss too much while i sleep and am bored in the morning until you wake.



    I sit cross legged too. Alex’s head fits on my knee and bum in the center. I lift my knee up a bit to act like a boppy. That way I got my two hands free to get adjusted.



    Awe ladies sorry. Lexi my Lo is almost 4 months and is up every 3 hours or so we have one long stretch than gets up and eats and goes back Down…ugh my comp died don’t know whats wrong so I am using my phone for now



    Sorry for a change of subject but my nipple is bleeding! Everything I’ve read says it’s a latch issue. LO is almost 2 wks and I’ve been using nipple shields. Any advice on latching or how to heal it quickly would be great!



    phatbaby – what kind of baby wrap do you have in your pics on FB? Kinda looks like a Moby but so many of them are so similar. I think I want to go wrap as opposed to carrier but STILL haven’t managed to make a decision. Zoey keeps looking at me from her stroller like…gosh mom. Make up your mind already.


    Sydneemay try this… cut the very top of the pacifier off and she will still have it but she will have to hold it in by biting down on it. Every week cut off a little more till there is Just a little nub left at this point she’ll have to hold it in with hands. It wont be long after that that She gets bored loses interest and never picks It up again.


    Lesley will you be using the same donor for your second?



    OH another question…. She will be on my boob for like an hour at a time, but towards the end shes just looking to suck, and sometimes its pretty painful… I try to switch her to a pacifier once I notice.. but she wont take it, so I have to go back to her sucking on my boob, and i have to keep her like that till she falls asleep, or she wont sleep. What can I do to have her suck on something else? Or am I just stuck being a human pacifier?



    Laura- Sorry to hear that he’s sick! Good luck!


    Lawsons – Most definitely I’ll share it. As soon as she gets back from lunch I’ll have her write it out for me so I don’t make any mistakes and give you the wrong info. 🙂



    crazy-beutifulmom2 – Because it hasn’t been studied I don’t think anyone really knows why. I think that by letting the water soak into the oats it releases an enzyme that helps with supply. Just my own observation though. I’m thrilled with everyone’s responses to it though. I’ve said it before if it helped one person that I feel I’ve done my work for the day! Leslie has had amazing results too. I’m so proud of her! She has the hardest job of all of us. She has six more months of only pumping! I did it for two months before my first latched on. That was hard enough. She’s an amazing and dedicated mother!


    lawson- you tuly are work so hard each day to provide the best for your baby..anyone who works that hard deserves a metal. i am sure at times its hair pulling. but im also sure everytime you look at that beautiful baby you thank the stars YOU have made her grow and go girl!

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