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    aprilrose- I take domperidone and I love it. it works fantastic and it allows me to pump and store tons of milk for when I return to work. I dont even need to take the full daily dose for it to work so my pills last WAY longer which is nice.



    lmgibson – Yeah, I’m not sure what they’re called, either. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they get the job done! haha



    kelley77 – I know they CAN prescribe it but I don’t know if they WILL. It’s worth a shot to ask… However, I don’t think taking xanax while breastfeeding is a great idea. It can cause sedation in the baby. But, I would talk to an LC before anything.


    seuban…i went through the same thing…now my LO is 3 months old and i’m so glad i stuck it out…i actually set up camp in my living room with my favorite pillow blankets, books, and movies and kind of lived like that the first month…i had the same thoughts you did! i wasn’t sure i would survive the marathon feedings…but we did! and you will too!!! my husband couldn’t do much but he could get me something to drink, rub my back, go grocery shopping, hold the baby so i could shower, and be there so i could have a good old cry! i watched a lot of tv…i’m so glad i stuck it out,,,sammy is so big, healthy, and we are so connected!



    Also, I tried the soft fit breast shields last night and I love them!!! I went ahead and ordered the pumpnpal kit too…going to try to figure out how to use them together. The crazy thing is I pumped double the milk in half the time! It is just crazy. I think it will help me pump a lot more at work since it doesn’t seem to take long. I was fully pumped in 10 minutes and had twice the milk. I have used them three times so far. I am not going to believe it until it happens for a few days straight though…seems to good to be true. I got them with my medela freestyle pump which is the worst pump in the world…at least that $400 was good for something…some $12 breast shields. I would stay away from that pump. I got 1/4 the milk from that as compared to the Pump in Style. I talked to the hosptial about it when I had this baby and they said they don’t recommend it…wish I would have checked with them last time!


    i co-sleep with my little man too its just easier to sleep with out a shirt on and when he is hungery he either finds the boob himself or i hear him wakeing and help him out and during the day he sleep in his crib with out a problem. i didnt co-sleep with my first two and i was up half the night but with this one i am up maybe two time and dont even get up just wake up lol :))



    cosmomama….i feel you on the over active letdown if you saw what i posted a few weeks ago i nursed at my doctors office and the one side leaked SO bad they had to mop the floor after i left hahah! i swear i drowned my son every feeding lol i leak around 20 to 35 ounces a day from the opposite breast i feed on for that particular day if i pumped i could get a lot more i bet and the milk that comes out sprays out really hard it can be pain ful im like a human pressure washer haha….so i probably dont need to panick like i do when he dosent nurse as much but i still do ……



    My lo is almost three mos old and I co-slept with her until this past weekend. I decided that it was better for her safety to not sleep in the bed with us any longer. Studies show that co-sleeping is not safe and may cause sids. Therefore I moved her to her crib and used the CIO method. A number of people are misinformed of how to use this method correctly. It does not mean drop the baby in their crib and allow them to cry all night. There is a method that involves a loving bedtime routine followed by putting them in their crib and checking on them routinely. My child is now sleeping in her crib after two nights of light crying. She is still happy, secure and above all safer in her crib. My lo still wakes for her middle of the night feeding and we have no problem with that. Also any peditrician will tell you to walk away for 3-5 min if u feel like u r losing it.



    It’s been going on for a week n half maybe two I just can’t stand to let em just cry so I nurse him to sleep most of the night its just comfort nursing tho



    I know what you mean. Alex is 4.5 months and has never had a bottle. In a few months he’ll start sippies and solids so it’ll be easier to get away for a little while. I take him with my to my book club and so forth. My alone time is during nap. I also have a 2 yr old. The three of us go everywhere together and with Dad when he can. But, they also go to bed at 8pm. This means we’ll watch a movie together when the boys are in bed. I can pretty much count on Alex staying asleep until midnight at least. I look at it as motherhood is a long term investment. In time they won’t need me around as much. So, for now I’ll take it while I can. It’s hard sometimes and nap time becomes a wonderful time a day but I love spending time with both my boys.



    I’ve had white spots in mine and mine was fine. I decided that it was from crystallization where there was air bubbles left in the bag. I would still smell and taste a little to make sure though.



    Military- we are just getting over thrush had to get antis because the nystatin wasnt working 🙁 I didnt notice a drop in supply but he wouldnt nurse very long…Its a easy fix usually my son is just being stubborn for me it felt like razors on my nips when he was eating…Look for white cottage cheese looking stuff in his mouth that wont wipe off…They will give you nystatin liquid for his mouth and a cream for you usually helps right away!



    Oh BTW does anyone know if roasted salted almonds are good or if they are supposed to be raw?



    Ladies, I need HELP!! This has never happened to me… My breasts seem like they have stopped producing milk out of nowhere!! I was feeding like normal (about every 2 hours) and yesterday evening my breasts started feeling ‘soft’ and normal out of nowhere! There’s still milk coming out but the supply has decreased dramatically!! WTH! Could I have eaten something that made this happen?? Or done something?? I started pumping in btwn sessions this morning but I need to know what else can I do?!?!?!?! Kennedy is very frustrated when I put her to the breast because hardly anything is coming out 🙁



    On the CD I think I talked my hub into them might even do the diaper trial 🙂 I broke it down that it would be like buying 3 months of Costco diapers but it would last us till at least a year haha…2nd- I read that to my husband and he cracked up too its so very true..Blas-I would def start with the elimination diet I have seen some of your posts in monthly and ‘most’ of those women along with a lot of peds will tell you to stop bfing and go to formula but that could be worse if baby is lactose intolerant and bfing is just so much healthier…I would cut out all dairy and try that before anything

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