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    If your baby feeds off of one side then pump the other side or you can start pumping a half hour after Aiden eats. Then you should be able to build back the milk before the next feeding. I’m lucky that I only pump when I’m away, which means at work. As for bottles. I use Born Free. Kekoa liked them and they have awesome sippys which is what he has been drinking from. We are now working on just the cup so for that I’m using tupperware. One of my nephews couldn’t stand Born Free and loves the Playtex drop ins. We also used the ventaire’s from Playtex but with the bpa thing we switched. I believe they are coming/came out with a bpa free ventaire but since Kekoa hasn’t had a bottle for six months or so I don’t know.


    My son likes to pinch the skin on the side he’s nursing on. He also pushes on the breast causing it to pull out of his mouth…while he’s sucking. Ouch. We started putting a NB mit on him so at least he isn’t clawing me anymore. When I hold his hand he gets really irritated because he wants to move it. He gets his feet going too when he nurses.

    Also, about the poop thing, my LO is nearing 3 months and his poops have suddenly gotten MUCH larger and quieter. We hear him go (we all know the sound) and we wait for the 2nd or 3rd push but sometimes we don’t get it. We think, ‘well, I guess that’s all he’s got’ and expect it to be a little bit, but when we open the diaper it’s all the way up to the top of the diaper on the back AND THE FRONT. He hasn’t changed how much he eats. What is UP with that?? Anyone else experience this around this time?



    I have the pump-in-style, and have good luck with it, but am curious if anyone has the Freestyle? It looks so light and less to lug around, I am seriously debating getting it since I have some air travel coming up, it would be a good excuse…



    has anyone had a blocked or clogged duct? is there anything you can do to relieve the pain? im seeing the doctor on monday and will go to a walk in if it gets worse before then but seriously it hurts so much. im only assuming i have a blocked duct because i can feel a big painful lump in my breast where most of the pain is coming from.



    Oh my!! all this talk of blocked ducts and mastitis sounds terribly painful. Sorry to hear about all that. I am not sure if I had a blocked duct or not but the other day I was really sore like bruised on the inside of one breast. Nursing was uncomfortable and afterwards I still felt full and bruised. I read about what was going on in here and so I pumped what little was in there and still nursed and massaged and the next day it was almost gone. I am guessing it was a semi-blocked duct but nowhere near what everyone else is experiencing. Man, I hope I never get one too after reading about it. Hope you all feel better soon



    anniemarie – I know this is kind of late in the matter but being a mom that nursed at daycare I would totally be worried if they didn’t want me there. I felt more comfortable nursing there because I really got to the know ladies taking care of Kekoa. I spent an hour there every day and saw how other babies were being taken care of as well. I also learned ahead of time what is expected to learn before the next classroom. She may be in shock that you want to spend every lunch hour there but if she doesn’t want you to come in I would ask her why and look into other places. Sorry, that worries me. There is a reason why many places are now putting cameras up and give moms a password so they can see their babies real time and how they are being treated.



    violet I’m the same.. I have to make myself drink water during the day. I never really feel thirsty though.


    I was told that you are supposed to wake the baby up at night to feed her. Granted it’s great that she’s sleeping at night, but she’s only 10 weeks, that can cause a drop in your supply.



    Jess- I have had terrible mastitis once with both babies, but never been put on any antibiotics that I couldn’t breastfeed on!! I think that is ridiculous on your doctor’s behalf! I think you should get a second opinion or another prescription! Good luck, mastitis sucks!



    Questions for all the great moms out there, did any of you breasfeed while you are pregnant. I have a 5 and 1/2o ld month baby ( breastfeeding) and I would like to continue with the breastfeeding it for little longer. Howvever, My hubby and I might start trying for another one pretty soon. Is it okay to nurse while pregnant? Thank you so much for your responses.



    The breastfeeding class at the hospital only cost me $25. The Lamaze class (USELESS!!) was WAY more than that!



    A note on Daddy bonding with a breastfed baby…my LO is definately a daddy’s boy, and he has been breastfed since birth. There is so much more to bonding than feeding time. When he was first born, I was the one that breastfed, but it was my very helpful husband who changed diapers, rocked to sleep, brought him to me when he woke to eat, and put him to sleep when he was finished. He read or sang to him while I nursed, too.
    I can’t believe my LO is over eight months now!



    Hey, this is my second pregnancy, I’m 11 weeks. I definetily plan on breastfeeding and pumping as well. My husband and I were going through some things and I came across my pump kit. My question is…First I know the tubes..only air goes through it..but it lookslike theres something inside can I still use them? I think at the hospital with every pregnancy, you have a choice to either get the hand pump or the pump kit..and I think I’m gonna ask for the pump kit..just to have extra pieces. My sister in law.. has a pump and I’m going to try pumping right from the beginning this see if it helps build my supply. If anyone has any helpful ideas on how pumping along with nursing can help build your supply…I’d really appreciate it. I didn’t produce enough with my first…I got thrush..and then pumped and couldn’t even get 4 ounces out in 24 hrs…It was depressing because I really wanted to breastfeed. Hopefully this works… Thanks:)



    There’s an interesting section on about EBF babies and weight gain. According to it, normal weight charts aren’t really relevant because EBF babies gain weight differently. They’re usually heavier at 2 and 3 months, but then slow down and can be much lighter than formula or mixed babies after that. The website also has charts (if I remember right) from a small group of EBF babies showing their average weight growth curves. Anyways, just thought I’d share. I find lots of the info on that site interesting.



    well nevermind..I just googled breastfed baby poop (I know, weird..haha) and it looks exactly how my son’s looks….it’s like an orange-ish color..sometimes green.

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