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    jensoontobmomof3, a chemist or pharmacist will advise you what’s safe to take while BFing. rose1003, I’ve had six babies and my advice is don’t bother with the burp if baby is sleeping.



    That is wonderful kamo. And congrats on your baby 🙂



    gj- sorry you aren’t breastfeeding 🙁 There is a forum for drying up breastmilk if you scroll down in the right hand column. That should give you a few tips to try. Sorry you are in pain.



    herecomesbaby2 – Same here! My son has pretty much refused a bottle since birth so it was an easy choice. But, after watching my friends try to deal with a hungry, crying baby while they prepare the bottle… I am SO grateful I am able to breastfeed! It is SO much easier! No preparation, always the perfect temperate and no special things I need to bring along when we go out!



    2ndtimemommy- i truly believe people like that woman are the reason why the number of breastfeeding women declines from generation to generation. parents are raising boys to believe breastfeeding is taboo…and it is a sad fact that many women will not even attempt to nurse if they do not have the support of their spouse. as if it isnt bad enough that many young girls are brought up being taught that breasts serve a sexual purposes! ohh it makes my blood boil, especially that she expects you to hide in your own home!



    When I had the twins, i worked hard on trying to breastfeed–but eventually, after having to pump, not having enough milk, through the 3 week NICU stay, and bottle feeding, my babies both began rejecting the breast. They would do what my new one (who is exclusively breastfeeding) does when it is time to move to the other side. Since their weight has always been in the 10-20th percentile range (now 22 months and still 23 lbs for one of them), I just had to make sure they ate. The only bottles mine would eat from (after trying MANY MANY MANY bottle types/nipples) were the non silicone nipples in the Dropins. My two had spitting up issues too, so I wish I had been able to exclusively breastfeed and I knew a mom with twins who was able to pull it off. Don’t know why exactly, but I have much more milk for my one baby than I did for the two of them. Probably from having to pump from the get-go since they were 6.5 weeks early and were tube fed for quite a while.



    parkers-does ihave to be fermented? I’ve just been eating steel cut oats everyday. I’m not sure I would like them fermented.



    mamasboys- you should be pumping every 3 hours or however often your baby would eat if you were home with baby. If you’ll be home, just feed on demand and your supply should be fine. Just feed baby whenever hungry.



    had easter dinner at my mom’s today… my aunt was there, and she says, so what solids are you giving him? me: none. her: oh, you should start him on solids. me: they don’t recommend that until 6 months now, their tummies can’t handle it too early. her: well your cousin had a whole jar of bananas when he was 8 days old. And then carrots and peas the next day. me: well, Braeden’s doing just fine on breastmilk, thanks. She let it go after that, but holy jeez! Bananas at 8 days old? poor guy musta felt awful!



    mere-and-girl, I don’t know that there is really anything you can do this young. My son has only done it 3 or 4 times (he’s almost 10weeks now), but I found that when he bit, he was finished anyway, and I simply said Ãuch! and took him off the breast. As for turning the head from side to side, is she upset or excited? Braeden used to get really excited when he saw the boob coming, and he’d shake his head back and forth, with his mouth opened wide, and then throw head his forward really quick and bury his face in my boob while he latched on! Looked like he was going to bite, but he didn’t while latching. It was so funny and cute, I kinda miss him doing that little head shake thing! lol



    Hi, my baby is 3 months old, I’ve never posted, but have been on this site since I was 5 weeks pregnant. I had a breast reduction 15 years ago and am able to pump about half of what she needs daily, I’ve tried fermented oatmeal, mother’s milk tea, fenugreek, and a couple of different tinctures that combine a few galactogogues, but my supply stays the same. I am thinking about asking my doctor for a prescription for Reglen, does anyone have any experience with this? I think if I am producing (which was a pleasant surprise) I should be able to increase my production. My older kids are 17 and 16 and I wasn’t able to breastfeed them.



    Lawsons Mom – exactly, once solids are introduce you technically are EBF anymore. It really depends on where you are talking about but that is probably why it is sooo low at 6 months. Most moms feed babies by then. It’s really only the baby-led moms that don’t. We start to offer it then but most babies aren’t actually eating anything until seven or eight months.



    I have bronchitis, a sinus infection and a throat.Infection. the Dr prescribed me r-tann tablets for congestion. Promethexine for cough n azithromyicin for infection. Said they should. B ok for baby,either could make him sleepy, or hyper, or do nothing at all but if they do affect him to quit all but antibiotic. I’m kinda nervous to take them but I feel miserable. Advice please…


    Colic is easing up a bit i think..thank god..i changed some food around on my rid of a few things…started drinking camamile tea..i also started giving my LO Baby Bliss Gripe Water and it works wonders with the gas drops..between the combination he is sleeping better at night and way less fussy..not completely cause i dont beleive colic is 100% curable lol..however i have regained some sanity..and more sleep at night…just thought i would share what i have been doing in case any moms were needing some colic LO is 5 weeks btw..happy breastfeeding!



    Sushi on a boat? Sounds llike something out of a movie lol I think its a treat to have Quiznos in the backyard. lol.

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