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    I was talking to a woman at work and was telling her how I doubled my pumping output with fermented oats and she asked why I didn’t just use beer??? So apparently it does the same thing as fermented oats. She suggested drinking 1/2 can right after baby goes to sleep for the night. She said she went from pumping 10oz a day to 40oz a day. I hate beer but thought I would share. I may try it.



    Thanks for all your feedback. I know I shouldn’t feel bad I guess my main worry was messing up her feeding schedule and not having enough milk for her next feed. I just hate that ’empty’ feeling!



    9am and Alex is still sleeping. He slept until 2am when he cam to my bed. I think he woke twice more but he’s still sleeping now.



    KL2 – How old is your baby? I nurse unrtil they wean themselves. My second now has teeth and his bottom one got me the other day. I’ve been sore. It’ll heal. In the meantime I just have to watch his latch. If he starts to slip then I need to readjust him. It should hurt. The latch should be far enough back that he doesn’t bite. My first used to bite and we had to go through a rough week of NO BITING! HAHA! They are all phases. The WHO recommends 2 years and I shoot for that, if not more.



    Oh and discreet means something different in every culture and to every person.



    Scarlet- I am glad that you will be posting. Alot of people come through here and ask questions that I dont know how to answer since I only pump. I wish the other girls were still here but I understand why not. You all had such great info and helped SO many women not give up breastfeeding.


    i was reading that your baby screams at your breast and unlatches? my daughter sometimes will growel at my boob, unlatch, then relatch herself then do it again. does that mean my milk supply is low?? its always after she ate quite a bit and she usually unlatches shortly after her little episode and falls asleep. i figured she was full but was comforted by being on my breast, but my milk flows very easy so i thought it was just her frustrated that milk kept comming when she was full…. also, is her poop supposed to be quite runny?? thx!!



    Thx ladies Im going to hang in there today was much better even the lactation consultation suggested that I supplement a lil but also pump a lil cause my baby has a big appetite It takes patience & work My boobs are killing me but they were sore before giving birth…



    melonee- I wish I had started pumping right when my daughter was born. I had a little supply built up but I had to bring it to her daycare. My daughter is also 2 months old (March 28th is her bday) and I CANT believe it either! time flys… She is my last baby and my first girl so I really wish it would slow down. I am loving breastfeeding though 🙂



    Hi ladies! I am breastfeeding and now decided to use the pump so my LO can get use to drinking out of the bottle. I have a Playtex and it just takes forever to pump. I was told the more I use it the more my breast will get use to it. Is this true, because going at the rate I’m going, I’m just going to give up. I will be sitting there for 30 mins and only get about an once of milk out. Seems like the pump doesn’t work on me. Help!!!



    I’m bfeeding and, after a low-libido pregnancy (more emotional than hormonal, I think, cos I was high risk), both my hubby and I have such high sex drives. and the quality is better than before I was pregnant.. I had a c-section, and m finding I orgasm much more easily now (sorry if tmi). LO is just over a month now. Also I have lost 12.5kg’s since LO was born.



    Hi all! Jenna will be three weeks this coming Monday and since birth has bf really well and was gaining weight well as of last Friday. I spent all day today sat waiting for the midwife who couldn’t discharge is last week due to her clamp still been on but she never came and I had questions for her, typical eh!! So I am counting on you ladies for advice. Now I know I shouldn’t complain but jenna sleeps really well on a night for example last night 11.30-6.30 she woke once at 4 for a feed on one breast only. This was ok as she was feeding well during the day and although it was constant feeding I didn’t mind. Anyway for a week she has had cold and a really bad cough which I think contributes to her sleeping but today she has hardly fed like normal. This morning she messed so much I ended up drenched. Do you think it is due to feeling unwell, although she is better than she was or is my milk filling her? I’m so worried about my mill drying up. I fed my other child up to a year old but that was eight years ago so can’t remember. Any advice is received with thanks x



    grr so sad the symptoms i was having and feeling i was having was in fact early signs of thrush… grr … now he has to be on nystatin … 4x a day! only for a week or two or until it heals but man… just the beginning stage of thrush sucks butt big time! glad i asked when i did his ped said this was the first time she has seen it this early in stage usually its all over the baby’s mouth. if you ladies have a hard time or if it hurts when breast feeding see a lac con or his ped! im glad i did



    My DD is 5 mo. and is constenly spitting up and not little amounts. I fed her baby oatmeal and she brought that back up too but not as much and it’s slowed down the spitting up BUT did not stop it. What do this mean??????



    ProudBoltonMommy – you can use some antibiotic cream like neosporin with pain relief but you will need to wipe off your nipple before nursing. Maybe you could alternate neosporin and a lanolin cream so you don’t have to wipe off every time. It does get better. I was cracked, bleeding, bruised and by 3 weeks I thought we were going to make it. Good luck

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