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    xtrish-On this forum, most people are pro breastfeeding. I don’t feel that it is more time consuming than formula feeding. It takes more of a committment on your part. But, if you have the attitude that you can’t do it, you won’t be able to. Having said that, have some confidence in yourself. Your body can do amazing things. I pump at work only twice a day. And one breast in the morning. That is her supply for the day while she is at daycare. I just break my lunch up into two breaks in order to pump. Not a big deal at all. And, you don’t have to pump at exactly the same time. As long as I’m within 45 minutes all is well. Good luck with whatever you choose to do:)



    i’m looking for encouragement from someone. my poor breasts got huge during pregnancy (I went from a D to F which I didn’t know existed). I breastfed my daughter for 11 months and now she is 16 months old. they are totally deflated, saggy, loose etc. I am probably a C cup now. the D bras are big. eventually we will have another baby and I was hoping someone could tell me that they experienced the same thing with the first one but after the second their breasts filled out a little more (after all the nursing was over of course). anyone? or do they really just get worse with every child?



    It might just be me, but I always laugh at the ‘don’t let a baby nurse to sleep’ comments in books and such! That is one of the best parts of bfing…its natures little sleep potion! And don’t believe anyone that says it will be a habit that you can’t break. My son is only 10.5 months, and he stopped nursing to sleep on his own. He still nurses, but not to go to bed anymore. He wants to nurse, cuddle, then go to bed.



    Yes!!! I am no longer breast feeding, but my boys would stay on for an hour or more if I let them, when 15 minutes tops was all they actually needed. ‘Comfort feeding’ I think you call it.


    So I am 11 weeks prego. I do plan on breastfeeding again but the last time around 2 months into it I had to quit because my nipples got really bad infected. Any advice on keeping them from getting so infected?



    expecting-2b-patient- I don’t think it’s okay to reheat breastmilk like that. Like once the milk comes into contact with the baby’s mouth, there can be germs. I’ve always wished i could, but i don’t just in case. I hate wasting it haha



    HAHA! I would have done it hoping the son told her and then maybe he wouldn’t have been allowed to sleepover again until your lo was weaned. Two problems solved at once!



    yeah, I agree nipple confusion is real. with my first, it would be so much work to try and get him to latch on to my nipple and he wasnt nursing enough, so the dr wanted me to give him some formula too. well, after getting those fast flowing bottle nipples, he just would not breastfeed at all. now with my daughter, she seemed to get the hang of nursing right away. so even when I tried to pump some milk to put in a bottle, even the slowest bottle nipples were too fast for her. she would choke on all the milk. I just gave up trying, and now at 8 months she has never actually taken a bottle (and she hates pacifiers too!). We started at around 6 months with some sippy cups, still working at getting a hang of drinking from them. She is definately a boob girl.



    It took me a while to get good at sleep nursing, but it is a lifesaver now that my son is 15 months and still likes to nurse once at night. I don’t barely wake anymore. I am currently TTC, finally got my period back a couple months ago, luckily its been normal since it returned.



    AMEN/on banning video games. can i take ibuprofan for a headache?



    lawsonsmom- it could be just something you ate, unless she seems irritable or uncomfortable, or the green continues i wouldn’t worry about it. from what i have read a higher level or iron in your diet can cause the greenish poos. Delaney has greenish poos every once and awhile as well.



    mere-and-girl, when my boys started arching their backs I just had to hold them a little bit tighter and then put them on the breast instead of letting them just root around and find it. Even then, it could sometimes be a bit before they latched on. As for the biting, remove baby from the breast. That is about all you can do. Remove baby from the breast and wait a couple of minutes before offering the breast again. They eventually make the connection that when they bite, the food disappears.



    swinter- from what i understand reglan has recently been taken off the marked because of its adverse sideeffects. i am curious are you only pumping?
    nursing your baby on demand is the best way to build supply.



    I get about 2oz out of each side in the morning so 4oz total too. If i pump later in the day, after she eats ill get maybe 1 1/2-2oz out of one side, and the side she ate on i maybe only get 1/2oz-1oz. the most i ever got was 6oz one time when we were out for about 5 hours so i didnt nurse her, my boobs felt like they were going to burst when we got home. Good to know though thats what others get too…i was wondering as well if i just had a lower milk supply. I was wondering, when you freeze your milk how much do u all usually put in there? i usually make sure i have 4 oz to freeze so ill add to the milk if i dont get a full 4oz then freeze it after i get 4. should i do more?? when she starts eating more im not sure how many oz they generally eat…because she rarely gets a bottle now.



    6 more days and I will have 1 full year of BFing down! We’ve had our share of issues but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Looking back I had no idea what to expect when I started but I’ve sure learned a ton since! June 3rd is going to be an emotional day, I sort of dread it 🙁

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