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    Okay, so haven’t been on for awhile, filed for divorce and trying to organize things. For the heck of it, since I still didn’t get my period yet, i took a Pregnancy test today and it was positive!! With Sadie, we tried for a year and had to take clomid in order to conceive. I am not even kidding when I say we had been fighting so much lately that we had sex like once a month!! I’m actually hoping this pregnancy is viable, even though I am in the throes of a divorce. I’ll be 38 next month and this could be my last chance for a baby. Crazy!! By the way, still nursing my little sweetie and no soreness at all:)


    Thanks for the tips everyone. I already eat quite a bit of raw, unsalted almonds. Inadvertantly at first (just because it’s a healthy snack) then later I found out it’s great for milk supply too so I just kept on snacking. I do plan to try the fermented oatmeal next. Also, Alyssa was only on 1tbsp of cereal a day for about a week so I cut that out last night and strickly BF her and included another BF session at night as well as a pumping session. I really, REALLY, hope this starts to get better. It’s hard enough juggle everything everyday. The last thing I need is to start worrying about my supply.



    god-iva- also i just noticed that your baby is very young, and there it says something about young babies, so just pay attention to that, too.



    styx: what kind of vitamin drops are you giving to your LO? i give mine trivisol as per my daughter’s pediatrician suggestion.



    I’m a cosleeper sort of. We were a pure co-sleeping family for the first 10 months or so. Now we put him in his crib once he goes to sleep and when he wakes in the middle of the night we move him back in bed with us. Best of both worlds. I get to stretch out at first and then cuddle later on.



    babybean3 – I’ve read a lot of books and pretty much what I’ve gathered is that it all passes with time. Give your baby comfort and be there for him. It’ll all be over before you know it.



    lauraoct – First, I would not be in the same room as him when a bottle is being given. He wants you right now. Also, not all night feedings are because they are starving marvin. Sometimes they are hungry but really just want mama. Maybe try the bottle in the early evening when you aren’t there. It could also be the type of bottle. Not every baby will take the same bottle type. And finally in the end, in a few short months your baby will be able to drink from a cup and going out won’t be a problem. Cherish this time while you have it. I understand the need to get out of the house but to me it’s more important to let my son have his mommy now. My oldest loves spending time with his grandparents. When they are around I don’t even exsist. HAHA!



    PGFirstTimer – Chris used to do that…get up and walk away, taking my nipple with him. No fun! I’m sorry



    yes but now b/c he’s noisey not b/c he doesn’t know what he’s doing like when he was younger.


    hi ladies, i have a question for those of you with older EBF babies. how long was it before your childs bowl movements turned regular instead of the yellow liquid kind, or is it still the yellow liquid?. im just curious. i have a 2 month old and i am still BF her through the nights and through the day when im home from school and work then FF while im away if i dont have enough BM stored. my first i only BF for 3 weeks so with me BF 2 months is a big accomphlishment for me. i am hoping to make it to 3 months and so on for hopfully a year. HERES TO HOPING……



    hello ladies i was wondering if i stop breastfeeding (baby is 6 almost 7 months,) for about 1 week or two then i try to feed again, will i still have milk?we havea nephew visiting and i feel uncomfortable feeding in front of him.? will i still have milk.? pelase private message as i dont check the forums that often anymore. thank u


    Now I want everyone to add me on fb too. I’m madaline circelli



    I think hubby and I are about to change up the bedtime routine a bit. It used to go dinner, bath, play a little nakey, diaper, nurse downstairs (so mommy and daddy could put our feet up and talk about our day), sleep, but for the past week we haven’t been very successful in the sleep part. Last night it was 10:45 before he fell to sleep and that was as DH was standing up swaying with b/c he was rolling back a forth between boobs and busted my lip. I think tonight we are going to try to nurse upstairs while I rock him and daddy reads. I figure this will help transition him for when he weans and can’t nurse to sleep anymore.


    hotmess – Keep in mind that not all women have the same experience pumping. The amount that you pump is not always indicative of what your LO is getting while nursing. A pump is just not as effective as a baby’s mouth. There are so many different variables when it comes to pumping (the pump you use, your food/water intake, stress, sleep, the type of bra’s you wear… the list goes on and on). I say, if you really want to see about how much your LO is getting while nursing do a weigh-feed-weigh. Your doctor’s office is likely to let you do it there (mine is). Weigh your bub with a diaper on before a feeding, then again after a feeding with the same diaper on (even if it’s wet or dirty after the feeding). The difference in weight is pretty close to accurate for you to determine how many oz they just consumed. I did this several times w/ Alyssa in the beginning and it was a HUGE relief. The last thing you need right now is stress hurting your supply!! Also, it sounds like you’re doing everything you can do to ensure your bub is getting enough. And as jessicalynn said if your bub is happy and producing enough wet/dirty diapers then you’re good! 🙂



    Hello everyone! I could really use some advice here so please weigh in if you have a minute 🙂 Does anyone know if there is a maximum amount of milk one breast can hold at a time? I have been feeding Derek off one breast since he was born, he is a few days short of 3 months now and this week he seems miserable and dissatisfied at the breast. He is getting up every 2 hours through the night to nurse after starting to go long stretches at night. This week I have been giving him a bottle or two a day to get him used to them since I start working again in a week or two. He usually eats every 3 hours so I start by putting 3 oz. in them, well he sucked that down and cried hard for more. So today I tried 4 oz. and he drank that down quickly too even on the slow flow nipple and then tried to turn and nurse for more. I thought the rule was 1 to 1.5 ounces for every hour but I am upping the amount of breastmilk in those bottles and he isn’t going any longer than those 3 hours…if that. I guess I’m starting to wonder if I am really able to continue feeding him from one breast (the other side isn’t an option…I was born without milk ducts in that one) and I’m not sure where to go from here. Should I go to exclusively pumping and giving him bottles so I can make sure there is enough ounces in those bottles? I’m just really confused and terribly sore as he is so aggressive at the breast right now…I feel like he is so hungry. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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