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    Mere- a & d ointment its like yellow clear color…..its more protective also sounds odd but after Tubby aim and fire ( boob juice) I have heard its amazing for clearing rashes



    scarlet begonia – That’s great and even a free lunch! That’s awesome. HAHA!



    On the oatmeal topic – I was sitting here pondering how it is so successful at boosting supply. I’m back to not needing to eat it since Z has nursed so much lately…but for those of you that actually like the stuff…. I wonder if eating it WITHOUT microwaving it would further the output? If enzymes are released because of the fermenting, it would make sense that the microwave kills some of that off. Right? Or am I just crazy? If anyone decides to stomach it unheated, let me know if my theory is correct!



    Tishlamp – I went through the thrush thing with my LO as well. It never seemed to bother him but it made me so sore I would cry whenever he latched on. We ended up having to be treated with the genitian violet by the doctor. I also had to stop bf for a week or so and only pumped to get over the soreness and to let the medicine work. Lanolin helped the soreness and didn’t seem to make the thrush any worse. If you aren’t both treated you’ll just pass it back and forth. Good luck!


    Chellebob- Everyones pain or no pain is different. For me it last 8 long weeks before I could Bf without any pain what so ever.



    Leslie, I would explain to them that Lawson has anxiety over people he’s not around often. As much as you want them to be able to take her it is really hard at the moment. Maybe a visit while your mom is there or you or Keri. Lawson needs to get to know them more. The more they are around the more she’ll be easy with them. My MIL totally understands that Alex is a slow to warm up child. My own mom has seen him maybe twice (I know sad!) and so I tell her all the time that he gets fussy around strangers. She knows the next time she comes to visit he’ll probably cry. Even my MIL has to sit on the floor with him and let HIM climb over to her before she can pick him up. Tell them it’s nothing against them, it’s anyone that she doesn’t see often. Alex was even like that with his own Dad for several months. How crazy is that! He’s now fine with him but for a long while i was the only one that could calm him. You’d think for 7 months he slept next to the guy that he’d be ok with him. HAHA! Silly children. Hope all goes well.


    the other day i was in walmart and my son was hungry…i pulled up my shirt and nursed him uncovered while i shopped…i also was chasing a 4 year old thro the store while doing it…and you know what? im proud of it. whenever im out eating in public my LO wants to eat with us..i let him…last time i tried to cover my son while breastfeeding he broke out in a heat rash…i do not beleive feeding my child should be torturous. just because society and scientist have come up with a fake way of feeding your child (formula ect) does NOT mean that my child should have to hide when fead the way nature intended. i get looks…and usually i say yes thats my boob..maybe your mom should of breast fed you! but i do however get alot of elderly women and MEN tell me ‘wow its nice to see some people are still breastfeeding rather than propping a bottle up with a blanket while you shop’ its people like that that keep me going. i will never be ashamed of feeding my son in public. and if i dont sit down in the ‘LOBBY’ of a bathroom neither is my son..becuase he deserves the BEST



    Hi Everybody. Breast feeding is really hard and if you’ve done it for 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months, every day is of benefit, so well done to you all. My daughter is 15 months now, was ebf until 11 months when she had too many teeth and it just hurt. She’s now on follow-on formula milk, I’m going to wean her onto cow’s milk at 18 months, I’m personally not going to buy into the marketing hype about toddler milk. They never had this milk years ago, it was a parent’s responsibility to ensure sufficient levels of iron in their diet, so we’re going to go down that route. And it’s too expensive! But boy we had it tough at the beginning. I was dying to bf my first baby, and we started off, a few problems latching on in hospital, by the time I was home 2 days later and my milk came in, success. However I had the unfortunate problem of having too much milk and I drowned the poor little thing. She used to scream through her feeds, she got colic, she used to feed every 1.5-2hrs night and day because she could only feed for five minutes due to the sheer volume of my milk. We suffered on this way for about 6 weeks as I was so determined. By then I was at my wits absolutely exhausted, soaking wet with milk all the time and ready to stop for the sake of my poor daughter, it wasn’t fair on her. But, I got some help from a breastfeeding nurse at the hospital who taught me how to reduce my flow, and from then it was like a duck to water, everything slotted into place, she fed for longer and the time between feeds finally lengthened and she also matured a little and could take the faster flow. And I didn’t need to change my pads five times a day – heaven! WE carried on until 11 months beautifully save for the odd Nip problem for about a month, which she just grew out of. WE stopped when she was biting too much, she used to find it funny, clamping down hard as I would cry out! So naughty! And also she was just too big in my arms, I would feel pressure and pain in my breast when cradling her in public as she would thrash around with my nipple in her teeth. It was fine at home as I could ease the pressure and lie down to feed her. Anyhow I loved bfing her and we’re currently trying to conceive our second as I long for that closeness again. She weaned no problem at all onto formula milk, but she had been given expressed milk a few times a week from when she was 2 weeks old, so no problems with taking a bottle and she didn’t seem to miss me, so it all worked out perfectly. I just wanted my boobs back then too, it was so nice! I deserved them back, I had done my duty I tell you!



    Most babies have a ‘fussy time’, and it is usually in the evening. When they are screaming and unlatching like that, it could simply mean that they’re not hungry, but just fussy. pregowithnumberone, my son will also unlatch and fuss if he’s full, even if he wants to suck. I ended up giving him a pacifier, because he would just get frustrated at the breast, because milk kept coming and he didn’t want it. He takes the pacifier quite well, and only has it at bedtime now. When he was little he couldn’t keep it in his mouth though, so I had to keep giving it back to him. It was better than having him fussing at the breast though.



    roseygirl– my baby is almost 3 months and my breast feel very flat and empty too. it seems like hes doing fine tho. i guess my body has just got use to the supply so there for i dont get full anymore



    dominique23- Thank you… So I guess I need to just keep on taking them. I do not smell maple syrup so I guess im not there yet. Should I keep taking 3 pills or should I go up to 4 pills 3 times a day?



    It could be the pump you are using. I used the Medela Pump Instyle double pump and really liked it. I have also heard that some woman just can’t get very much milk out when pumping.



    I have zero libido too and am a nursing mom. i agree with prior comments.- its like a chore!



    notsmithers – Good Luck! Solids doesn’t mean you need to wean and actually you shouldn’t until at least 12 months. Solids for the second half of the first year is just practice and supplimenting. Start with cereal mixed with breastmilk once a day. Don’t let it replace a feeding, just add to it. I thought that was the most confusing time since my son didn’t eat a lot but now we are in our routine. He does have mostly food now but he gets breastmilk in between. When we started I began giving him only a few bites of cereal an hour after I fed him and a couple hours before bedtime. It worked for us. I’m sure you will figure out your routine soon! Have fun!



    A friend of mine told me that 2 weeks before i go back to work I should start storing my breastmilk. I tried that but it didnt seem like I was pumping enough. My baby ate all that I pumped within 1 week.
    How many of you were able to store a freezer full and how much do u pump at each sitting???

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