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    Bri- Lol oh ok… I feel like he’s getting so big already! =-( I dont want anymore growth spurts lol. He’s already doubled his birth weight I wonder how he’s gonna fit in my lap when he’s older lol.



    how long does it take for your milk to be replenished I am trying to pump after I feed her do have some in case but sometimes when I feed her like two hours after I pump she does not seem as satisfied



    December – It sounds like your body has just regulated your milk supply. It isn’t anything to worry about unless all the sudden your baby is loosing weight and seem sot ALWAYs be hungry. Once my milk regulated i never felt firm or hard again. I however still leaked for months!



    Good for you Ange! That’s awesome, remember that milk only lasts in the normal freezer so a couple months. My milk doesn’t freeze well so I can’t remember the actual date. As for donating. That is awesome. It is work though. I heard you have to do a bunch of screening and testing to be eligiable. I know a few ladies here have done it and a few have tried and couldn’t get through all the hassle to do it. My sister’s MIL used to donate when she had my BIL. It’s a very noble thing!



    Ahhhh Congrats!!!! I really haven’t heard of people having supply issues but MotherLove makes a herbal suppliment for breastfeeding while pregnant called More Milk Two. It is sold at Wholefoods and other places I’m sure.



    Keep it up. It took several weeks of absolutely no dairy…butter, cheese, ice cream, everything before Kekoa was normal again.



    tiffsept15 my milk drops when AF visits me.



    It hurt me when I first started BF (latching on) but the more if bf, the tougher my nipples got. Now it doesn’t hurt at all. It was that way for both of my babies.



    No wonder my nipple is so sore!!! I have been in agony feeling as if she is slicing my nipple off when she latches and so i had a good look after she fed and i have a cut at the top of my nipple AS WELL as the bottom! I have only been putting the lansinoh on the bottom cut and that was feeling better so i couldnt work out why the pain was different then i found the top cut. I cant believe such a tiny little cut can cause so much pain. Its just a little split in the skin. Ill check my chemist tomorrow for the antibacterial gel. Bri you have said before that you have had bite wounds…. How long did it take to heal? I know you said you were bleeding and i have no blood but it really really really hurts every time i feed….



    I can’t wait to hear the results from all the ladies that have started with the malted milk. Be sure to keep us all posted. I am trying to soak all of this in so that when my time comes to breastfed I will be ready. :0)



    Lawson’s Mom – That is so irritating and unacceptable! I say just set up shop right there and scare them away! Your work should have a private area for you or at least schedule times when it can only be occupied by you. Could you ask management to do that? That is so frustrating.



    Does anyone else feel like they just need a break sometimes? I need about 24 hours of sleep! I can tell I am exhaused becuae I am messing things up at work that I would never have let slip before I had baby. I am getting in trouble left and right. Will it hurt my supply if I just sleep in and dont wake baby in the morning. She normally wakes on her own about 9am. But I always wake her at 6:30 when I have to work. I really would like to sleep in tomorrow but that will have me missing my 1st feeding of the day.



    just wanted to thank everyone for the help about Fenugreek ive been on it for 3days and its working great i recommend it to all! i pumped 7 oz out of one boob and then fed my fully satisfied baby on top of that!



    Help! I stopped breast feeding my son when he turned 3 months, he is now 6 months and I was wondering if there was anyway I can start breast feeding him again? Stopping was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made and Im hoping its not to late! Help please, if you can please email me with any help or answers they would really be appreciated … [email protected]


    **HEY mommies** i need advice. I go to our monthy La Leche League meetings here and i love it, btw… but i’m missing this months bec i have to work .
    My Little girl is 3 months old, 4 months in a week.. and since i am back to work 2 days a week.. i pump milk and daddy feeds her. Well most recently, only in the afternoon, when i’m home, she’s refusing to nurse, and wants a bottle ! I know she is probably a little confused, and it’s funny, we’ve had this schedule already for a month and a half, i wonder if she’s going thru a transition ? So, i gently re-offer the boob, she fusses like she doesn’t want it.. but she’ll gladly nurse at night and in the AM, when it’s cuddly time.
    I’m a bit overwhelmed, i hate to hear her fuss… i try to hold out but after a week, yesterday after 3 hours i gave in and gave her a bottle of breastmilk. Any suggestions ?

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