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    I am so excited!!! Brandon had his first check up today and everything is going great!!!. He is 11 days old and he has gained 13oz since the day we were discharged from the hospital. He weighed 7pds 12 oz at birth and when we left the hospital he was down to 7pds 2oz and today he weighed 7pds 15 oz!!!! I have been EBF and I hope that I am establishing a good supply so that I can keep this up for at least a year. :0)



    Bri- I can understand not flicking…I’ve heard of that and it’s not how I wanna teach. I tapped his cheek to get him to look me in the eye. But I tap him on the cheek to talk to him if he’s distracted while nursing too. Something I’ve done for months so he knows I’m talking to him.



    xtrish–i agree–give it a try!! you might find it’s easier than you think….and like the other ladies said, any breastmilk is better than none at all. my attitude when i was pregnant was kinda similar to yours…i was gonna give it a try & probably do formula when i went back to work, but once i’ve started i really realized how beneficial nursing is to your baby and you. and i became very committed to breastfeeding. now she’s 14 months old and not a drop of formula. i’ve been pumping for a year now and i’m really sick of it, but my daughter is thriving!! and with all the formula scares out there, it’s nice to know that i don’t have that to worry about that. i’ve pumped 2x a day until this last month, now done to 1x. i think it seems like a hassle if you haven’t done it, but i don’t really think it’s any more of a hassle than buying formula, measuring it out, making sure you always have it around, clean bottles & nipples, etc. good luck!!


    Mochas, they tend to fill back up a touch when you’ve been done nursing for a while, mine were always deflated looking after my boys were over nursing. Mine were worse after my second but it was because I dropped a ton of weight. I figure as long as they look good in a bra be happy, my husband doesn’t care how deflated they were, he was just so happy to be able to have them to himself, LOL!



    hi all. Im only 11 weeks pregnant but condsiderin bfing this time. Im sooo nervous though as last time i managed to get my daughter to suck but a nurse came along and yanked her off me and then she wasnt interested. Ive also got slightly inverted nipples so has any one got advice or tips for me please. Thank you



    hchina-totally normal! Especially if you are trying to rebuild your supply, its natures way of telling your body to make more. But even if that is not the case, there are still times (my son is one this month) that he will get in a mood to just nurse for a long long time. Its a comfort thing, too, of course.



    hchina – you poor hon! Gosh can’t you catch a break? I feel so bad for you. Well hopefully all this is just making you stronger, and great job for being so determined to continue breastfeeding!!



    I am BF my one week old and he is my 4th child but the only one I’ve exclusively BF. My question is this- ever since my milk came in my boobs have been massive and hard as a rock and leaking when its time to feed but today they are just a little firm, nothing like before. Baby acts satisfied but I’m worried that I’m not producing enough milk? Is this the normal process of things? If you could answer on my page it would be helpful! Thanks!!



    I have a paragard. it’s like the mirena only copper based and no hormones. so far i like it and i had it put in at 8 weeks pp. i’ve not had a period yet so i have no idea what that will be like with this in. oh and i’m 11 month pp.



    I use the Medela bottles. They are wide and slow flow. I actually tried to suck some water out of one, and what a hell of a time that was, LOL! So I guess that’s good. DJ has no problem going from boob to bottle. We intoduced it to him at 4wks.



    gladek – Good Luck! My son was 17months when I got pregnant with #2! He was sleeping through by then though…most nights. He was nursing about 4times during the day and self weaned at 22months. We got pregnant on the first try….maybe you will too!!



    hanna yes you can take it but tylenol may be a better choice…. they should be banned stupid call of duty has taken over his life its annoying between him and his dumb video games and my family thinking breastfeeding is so horrible which to me make no sence I honestly don’t care what they say im going to pull out my boobs and feed my child where and when ever him and I please im not feeding him formula just to please them ppsshh whatever there family I wil just tell them to shove it and tell them to go eat in a bedroom if there so upset at looking at it! and really his video games how could they be more cool than his son I would think he would rather be with him than a tv screen he’s 26 isn’t that a little old for games he will literally play till like 3 am but when the baby cries at 3 am he’s too tired funny how that works he will change a diaper ever so often and help put him to bed some nights so its not like he does nothing but most the time its because I complain lol he doesn’t get how much energy breastfeeding takes out of you! I don’t mind getting up in the middle of the night though being a mom is so rewarding



    what is WIC? i have heard people talk about it but was always curious?



    Thanks for the advice ladies. The frantic thing looks to me like she’s so hungry that she’s almost panicing… Weird analogy, but almpost like when a stray dog finally gets food and they go absolutely balistic… Anyway, I’m glad to know that she’s not the only one that does it… I was kind of worried that it wasn’t normal



    babybellybliss, thanks for your response. Macy had latching issues and bad jaundice at first, I couldn’t keep her awake for her feedings and she lost too much weight. I had to be on bedrest the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy, so I went back to work when she was 3 weeks old. I do still nurse when I’m home, but it’s so much more work because I still have to supplement and pump afterward.

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