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    i tried baby food with my LO at 6 months…but i don’t think he’s ready (and i’m not sure i am either!!!)…he has been soooooooo gassy everytime i give it to him! so i just give him a sippy cup to chew on/drink and he seems content…i think we might wait until 7 months to go with the baby food thing…the doctor said some babies just aren’t ready, so that’s enough for me!



    PGFirstTimer – Ahhh Happy Birthday! That’s so cool. I cried when Chris turned 1. It was very emotional. We had a rocky road too but it all worked out and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m sure I’ll cry when Alex turns one too. Such a neat time.



    horsegal- thats pretty crazy (in a good way) best of luck with everything, keep us updated, and congrats on nursing thing long, keep up the good work lady!



    LaIslaBonita – All of those dairy sensitivity/allergy symptoms you described are also the same symptoms of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. My daughter is now 11 and a half months, but when she was around 5 to 6 weeks, I had tried stopping dairy for a couple of weeks, tried zantac as one doctor thought she had silent GER, but the fussiness, fighting at the boob, spitting up, watery explosive poop (sometimes yellow, sometimes green), gassiness, etc were all still present. I also tried the gripe water to no avail. It was only after doing extensive research and speaking with a few different lactation consultants (3 different pediatricians had no clue btw and the first of them wanted me to give up breastfeeding!) that we figured out it was an imbalance. Once I started to block feed (to empty out each breast entirely) and feed ‘uphill’ the symptoms went away within a couple of weeks completely. The imbalance in my case was caused by an oversupply of milk. Her fighting at the breast was from an overactive letdown which is like a hose shooting into her mouth. The imbalance causes excess lactose, more than a young babies tummy can handle, and hence all those digestive issues. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know just in case. Also I was told by the lc that with a dairy allergy, the baby isn’t gaining weight as they should, but with the imbalance they gain well. Just something to keep in mind… Here is also a link if you’d like to take a look…



    I know this isn’t really a breastfeeding question, but I trust your advice. Do any of your LO’s have a reaction to green grapes? I have tried a few seperate times to give them to her and she always seems to get a really nasty inflamed diaper rash from them. She can eat red grapes and drink white grape juice and not have an issue. Do you ladies have any ideas?



    ella-my baby did that about a month ago. everytime we fed her she threw up the entire amount she had just eaten. she didn’t have any diarrhea but she did have a low grade fever the night before she started throwing up. she threw up every single bottle/boob feeding for about 12 hours…..we tried to wait at least three hours between feeds, although i feed on demand so it was always shorter…but the doctor ended up saying she had a stomach bug.


    Kinta I had a problem with my left nipple for about 4 weeks…same as you said hurt on latch then for a few seconds after..the pain was a 10 it took my breath out. My nipple had what I thought was a friction mark it just looked raw. Long story short it ended up being a milk blister once I cleared it the pain was gone immediately. Point is I didn’t know this was a milk blister I thought my nip was just raw. It didn’t at all look like the photos online and clearing it was horrible but it never came back



    aluehring – Remember, even if a med is safe while breastfeeding some of it still gets into the breastmilk. For a stuffy nose I’d try a netti pot. It’ll help clear the passages without meds. For a sore throat I’d drink tea. Get plenty of fluids and rest as much as you can.



    momofcash, i hate conversations like that. i dont even entertain them half the time. in this day in age people should have enough intellect to realize the benefits of breastmilk. its such common sense to me that i get so annoyed when people dont understand. i especially hate it whenever anyone seems to be having trouble with breastmilk and people think its being helpful to suggest giving formula. sheesh thats the least helpful thing a person can suggest at a time when all the person needs is encouragement and support.



    lauraoct – I used to when he was little little but from 4months on I don’t. The diaper is full by morning but oesn’t leak. Before 4 months it did so I’d do a change. I’d rather not because it does wake them up and I want them to sleep.



    maddux, my son is 5 1/2 months, and still does it! he’s getting better though, and only does it when he’s distracted now. I also sit cross legged, with his bum in the middle, and his head on my knee. We used the nursing pillow when he was little, but he’s too big for it now.


    I dont’ know that you have to toss it. I mean I did it until I sea someone saw that you should do that so I just stopped. It never hurt him.



    jenniewren – Try some neosporin. You have to wipe it off before feeding but it’ll help heal and keep it from getting infected. Make sure your baby is latched on right. Wide mouth! Also, make sure your baby isn’t tongue-tied, if so then ask to get a referral to a doctor to clip it. It’ll make a world a difference with breastfeeding and later on with speech.


    Phatbaby you prefer the ergo? I can’t ever really seem to get the Moby right plus to me its hot like I’m wearing 3 t-shirts. Is the babies weight distribution good? Everything hurts my back



    Lawson’s mom-this is for you:

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