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    deeyore- CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Birthday Zach!


    I’m officially on ‘mommy time’.. I’m up by 7-30 dressed and ready by 9. I never thought it would happen but it has. thank you DVR! lol I go to bed by 930 the latest. With the way baby John wakes all hrs of the night I’m able to get enough sleep in that we can wake feeling pretty good. My son start 1st grade so we have to get up early come next month and I wasn’t so sure how that was going to happen. I’m ready!



    noah colts mommy – Like all other things baby, each child is different. Some babies are born with teeth and others don’t get them until a year. Alex and Chris both got their first tooth at 6 months. I think that’s probably average. They drooled from 3months on though. The pain didn’t really start until the teeth started cutting through which again was at six months.



    Ama- I would def look into the hands free bra. Sounds like your doing everything right. For your oatmeal I suggest a splash of milk, butter, and syrup makes it actually tastes good



    rachelsbaby – It’s the brewers yeast in the beer that helps with supply. That actually didn’t work for me. But if you don’t like beer then you can buy the brewers yeast in the baking aisle and try it. I got maybe an ounce more with brewer’s yeast but I used to pump twice a day since I fed on my lunch hour. I was getting 8oz in two pumps. I went up to 16 oz in two pumps. I know I know many of you would love to get 8oz in two pumps but it was less then I needed.



    Is it possible for one breast to ‘dry up’? My son is 10mons and I’ve been struggling for the last 3mons with my right breast. It never did produce as much as my left, but now it’s like zip zero! I’ll pump and pump that baby and only an ounce of foremilk will come out all day. When I pump my nipple only turns purple and it hurts… do you think it’s ‘done’???


    John slept pretty good last night. I woke at 130am scared that something was wrongbecause he hadn’t woke yet and i didn’t hear him. I thought I rolled on him but realized I put him in his packnplay where he was peaceful sleeping. He onlky woke 2 times last night!!


    EllasMommy23 – Yes, she always gets a breast/bottle first and solids about 30-45 minutes later. I never thought about her wanting breast vs. bottle but that is definitely something worth thinking about. Thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate them. Since we’ve cut back on solids she has been nursing a lot better. I also eliminated all distractions and that has helped a lot as well. This morning she finally latched for about 15 minutes on one side and another 10 on the other side so it’s getting better.I hope this continues.

    emilees3babes – awesome pics. your little girl has beautiful eyes. wow!

    noah colts mommy – awe, he looks so happy! So handsome! 🙂

    mere-and-girl – I used to stick mine in a woollite bag and wash them with the baby’s laundry. I never had issues getting the milk out.


    I agree Emilee if someone wants to nurse under a cover and feels more comfortable doing that I am all for it. But also agree that if someone doesn’t want to they shouldn’t be made to. I also wish there was a like button!!



    Oh Wow! Sorry about the long post! oops



    preggowithnumberone – yes the poop has always been runny in my experience.



    im only getting 1 oz with each pumping session and i feel like its going to take forever to make 2 bottles. ive been pumping all day and only have maybe 5 oz’s



    chrissiw- try 3 3x a day i was taking 2 3 x a day and i did smell like maple syrup lol. u will know u will wake up and ur armpits will smell like it , its kinda weird lol. if u notice after 2 weeks nothing maybe try mothers milk, or you can always ask ur doctor for a prescription if u have tried all other things. im not sure what ur doing , but what helped me increase my supply, was taking the fenugreek, nursing the baby as much as possible, then pumping for a few min afterwards. I dont get tons out, even now still dont just dont respond that much to a pump but i have plenty for my baby as shes nursing.



    So, here’s my problem. My lo will not latch on. I think it’s because of my inverted nipples. I have tried pumping first and using nipple shields. At first when we were in the hospital, he would try and sometimes succeed and then just fall asleep at the breast. Since we’ve been home, I can’t get him to latch at all. He gets really frustrated. I stay calm and talk to him but he just screams and cries. So I’ve been pumping many times a day everyday and feeding it to him through the bottle. Here’s my problem: I only have a single manual pump. (The Medela Harmoy one.) I got it at a community baby shower. I know it’s for very occassional use but I’ve been using it several times a day as I cannot afford to buy a nicer pump. Do you think if I called my OBGYN that she could write me a prescription to rent one? I really don’t mind pumping at all. I don’t even mind the fact that I’m currently using a single manual one. Butttt I know that it’s eventually going to stop working because I use it so much. I’ll probably call the doctor’s office tomorrow and ask but was just wondering about your input.



    I have one breast that I swear is darn near empty, and the other breast is a milk machine…I’ve pretty much accepted that my breast will be lopsided duds when this is all over, but I hope with baby two (one day) my breast may even up a bit (it’s a BIG difference). Has anyone else experienced this???? My son is almost 8 months…

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