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    kym- Sleep!!! Let sleeping babies lie =) Seriously, let your baby wake when hungry. You will be fine! Actually probably better than fine after you get a little more sleep. Enjoy!



    My baby is almost 3 months, I am just getting through mastitis which was horrible! But my major problem now is my nipple. Everything was just dandy, but then with the mastitis, since not a lot of milk was flowing, my baby was sucking SO hard I formed blisters coming off the top of my nipple, the whole area was white. Very painful too, and now small parts of the blisters are coming off (getting rubbed off when he nurses) which is leaving open areas. This is horrible and does anyone have any advice?



    I almost forgot, this saturday will be seven months for me! Only five more months of pumping(I work full time) to go. I hope I get my cycle back soon, though. I would love another baby, and I’m already 35, so time’s a tickin’ !



    Yes you definitely want to sterilize the pump before or after each use, especially the first time. Congratulations and good luck! I have the Medela pump too and it is a HUGE contributor to the reason I am still able to breastfeed after 10 months.



    1byFaith- Great job! Glad it’s going well!



    krpzz- I had the exact same thing happen to me with the last minute emergency c-section. I was givin a fingerfeeder that i would fill with breastmilk and place the tubing down inside the nipple shield and then put it over the nipple. We did this for about 3 weeks after I got out of the hospital. I then took away the finger feeder and he just started eating longer and by then my milk was in full blast so he realized he would get it, it just took longer. I used the nipple shield for about a month then I would try to do at least 1 feeding a day without it. He is now almost 3 months old and he eats like a champ and I couldn’t even tell ya where the nipple shield is! It does take a lot of time and patience, I found that feeding with a nipple shield it would take him about 45 mins to eat and without it we are done in 15 mins, sometimes less! Good luck hun, I seriously know how difficult it is. I hope you are surrounded with great support. Sorry this was so long;)



    I’m the same as dominique…my LO is currently 11 months old and plan on going for a time to be determined LOL! I thought I would stop at one year, but I think I’ll go through the summer until I go back to work when I won’t nurse or pump throughout the day, just nurse in morning/bedtime. But yes, BM or formula should be your LO’s #1 source of nutrition til 1. Solids are mainly to introduce them to food and get them used to using a spoon, etc.



    Briannette-I work in a public school and ebf. She is 6 months in two weeks. I pump at 5am, 10am, and right after school at 3p. Happy to say that supply is fine, and I plan on doing it until she’s ready to stop. My principal and some coworkers know about it, and I have no problem leaving a meeting, etc. to go and do it. They know it is my PRIORITY, and know that I am committed more to my child than any job. Make it clear to your supervisor, and you will be fine. Have confidence, your body is designed to bf. Build a freezer supply up on weekends and holidays. I bring all of Sadies’ milk and squash for the week to daycare on monday, they freeze it for me. I store all of the milk during the week at school in the nurses freezer. I bring a cooler in on friday with an icepack and transport it home at the end of the day. Going on week three and it has been smoothe, minus the one peep show:) If you have doubts others will sense it. Be strong, confident, and it will all be fine.



    hi all. Im only 11 weeks pregnant but condsiderin bfing this time. Im sooo nervous though as last time i managed to get my daughter to suck but a nurse came along and yanked her off me and then she wasnt interested. Ive also got slightly inverted nipples so has any one got advice or tips for me please. Thank you



    MG5 – I am one of those people who will breastfeed just about anywhere. I feel that if your uncomfortable with it than you leave.. lol I have never used a cover but i do do it discreetly and most people tell me they didn’t even know I was breastfeeding. If i take her out somewhere i always try and wear a zip up jacket and that seems to hide just about everything.


    katjak7- Thanks for that advice. I didn’t have much support last time so I am hoping I can do it longer this time because I loved it. It is the best bonding experience and it is just beautiful. I was real disappointed last time.



    Thanks! I saw that and it makes sense. I really want to BF only for as long as I can. Breast is best is what they taught us in nursing school! Ha! I don’t have to go right back to work and have been a SAHM this whole pregnancy so I have the opportunity to BF more and I’m glad its all working out!



    Breastmilk is so awesome! I love breastfeeding and always have. But with my first son he didn’t gain like this little guy. I use little lightly! He’s 12days old and 11.5lbs! Holy Cow! He’s been gaining 10oz every 5days. He was born at 10lb 11oz and dropped to 10lbs on day three but from Monday to Friday he went up to 10lb 10oz and from Friday to now to 11.5lbs. Craziness! He looks like a 2month old. He was defintaely weight lifting inside me like I suspected! HAHA! He can roll over and hold his head steady. He still gives the blank stare most of the time although he’ll look at me and then at Dad like what is wrong with you people!! HAHA! His brother learned to work the eyes and eyebrows really early on. It looks like this guy is not far behind him. I’m going to be beating the girls off with a stick!! Already have to with his brother who’s only 26months! HAHA!


    We use Dr Brown’s and both of my girls love(d) them. I’ve always heard that they are great for gas, and it’s true. My LO is such a gassy baby and she does really well with them. They do have more parts to clean, but I’m so used to it that I don’t even notice. Three of my girlfriend’s used the Adiri nursers and they all said that they leaked badly. I really wanted to use them since they look so much like a boob! But I also didn’t want to lose any of my liquid gold!



    Firsttimer-I read a article about a women that had a similar situation-baby still woke 3 and 4 times to nurse. Her pediatrician told her to stop feeding him to and let him Cry it out. Because her baby did most of his nursing at night her milk supply took a bit hit. So just be aware that your supply could be affected by not nursing him during the night.

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