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    That said, I am only about 2 feeds ahead of my son, so the pumped milk he drinks is never over about 6-8 hrs old anyway!



    bri- wow that’s really huge belly. that picture is your first or second pregnancy?



    I’ve got the Beco carrier, which is similar to the Ergo, but haven’t used it that much yet. It feels like my DD is still too small, even though there is an infant insert. Her legs are supposed to be spread out to the sides, but her legs don’t seem to move that far apart just yet.



    the onion is a comedy news cast, but regardless of what it is, that woman was willing to whip out her boob and attach it to a pump and start pumping all while on tv. i’m pretty brasen when it comes to nursing but in no way am i that extreme.



    Thanks girls it makes me feel a million times better to hear all of that and to know Im not the only one with these issues I have just been beating myself up over his weight and then to hear she had 7oz I was in tears because I have been trying so hard and had thought it had been going better THANK YOU ALL:)



    maddux-i think it’s all on supply and demand and there shouldn’t be a max that it will produce. i always feed from one breast at a time and he never asked for the second. now that he is over a year old he does but i think that’s more b/c he’s wiggly. anyhow, i wouldn’t worry too much as long as your getting your dirty diapers. try going to 5 oz and see how he does. maybe he’s ready for a bigger volume and more spaced out. okay maybe b/c he can get the milk faster out of the bottle his sucking hasn’t been satisfied even if his hunger has. you could always try the 4 ounces followed with a paci to see if that soothes him.



    Well, we’re trying Alex in his bed again tonight. We’ll see how long it lasts.



    Haha Scarlet! Good for you 🙂 I feel the same way and I nurse in front of everyone now! Sometimes I will use a blanket, but mostly just to cover my tummy, once everything is going well I will usually slip the blanket off his head…



    I have heard about beer also, but have been reluctant to try it. Question: Why can’t it be instant oats? What is the difference in both?



    Big thanks to those that provided advice on my sons crusty eye. I rubbed Bmilk on it twice and called doc. Surprisingly he said no to the breast milk and just massage the tear duct and that it was common and should go away within a week just as some of you suggested 🙂 thanks again!



    Jessica, you crack me up! Go for it! Have your cake and her’s too! HAHA! Alex will be 8 months in 2 weeks. Geez! The time sure flies.


    Lawsons Mom – Alyssa gets that way with my MIL’s husband so we just don’t leave her over there anymore. I wouldn’t let it happen, personally. The last time it did I got there to her screaming her head off and snubbing through most of her 2 hr nap. Sure someone can go there to console her after, but I wouldn’t want to put her through that. I would just explain the situation and say it’s best to visit with her when YOU and Keri are both there to prevent it from getting too bad.



    Dbas: my best advice? Get rid of the bottle. Your body is still trying to figure out how much milk it needs to make. It is completely normal for your Lo to be attached to the boob almost all day at this point. If you really are having supply issues, Mothers Milk Tea and fermented oatmeal are good.



    I also meant to add that I found it hard even with my super large supply to pump much without causing myself pain post 9 months. If you need to go back to work, it’s not such a bad thing to switch to formula, don’t beat yourself up about it, you’ve done a fantastic job so far. If you really want to carry on, seek help there are lots of tips to help pumping to be easier and more efficent. I remember, warm compresses can help flow, thinking about your baby intensely can stimulate milk production ,but I found smelling her clothes helped me eek out a little bit more – good luck!



    Breast milk up the nose stopped a runny nose!
    My ‘baby’ is 2 yrs of now but still pump once a day so he gets my immunity. I do this because he’s never gotten sick. I just got a little cold with runny nose…I know one of the ways breast milk protects our babies is it lines the sinus with its antibodies. So I put some of my own milk in a empty one way nasal mister (it used to be Afrin). I put it in both nostrils whild didn’t sting at all. Woke up today and my cold is gone!, I only had a cold for about 6 hours.
    Just wanted to share…as it’s yet another way to use your milk. Up the nose! lol

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