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    When I was e pumping I just got a sports bra cut holes where the nipple shields would go. Cheap and easy…worked GREAT!



    I’m still breastfeeding my 7 month old and I’m 10 weeks pregnant…So Weaning isn’t always neccesary to concieve again.
    It just depends on when you start ovulating/menstruating again.



    so ella has started this new annoying thing where she makes this noise while she’s nursing. i’ve heard of babies humming or even growling while nursing but this is more like a fussy moan. it’s so loud that it’s sometimes hard to carry on a conversation with someone while she’s doing it. i don’t think it’s b/c she’s not able to get anything b/c she’s sucking and swallowing while she’s doing it. i try to tell her that it’s counterproductive but she doesn’t seem to care. ; }



    Heather: tove is taking 4 tablets ( 10mg tablets) 4 times a day which equals 160mg a day. I read the article and it says 2 tablets 4 times a day = 80mg or 3 tablets 3 times a day = 90mgs so she is still taking double the dosage. The side effects are headache, stomach ache and dry mouth for mum ( if any side effects ) and only a tiny amount goes through to the breastmilk so it may not matter. I was just warning her as it was not prescribed by a Dr so she should be careful working out her own dosage.



    expecting~~~all babies are different and i think you’ll find that there are plenty that don’t sleep a straight 6 hours at 9 weeks. 🙁 sigh, i know. my little girl sleeps in her crib. every night she started in her crib but for those nights she was awake every 1-2 hours she would end up in my bed. your babe is still so little at nine weeks, maybe a growth spurt? if you want to transition to the crib i would start with a bedtime routine that puts her down for the first time in her crib and start from there. you might also need to camp out in her room or next to her crib for a bit too. i also think that at nine weeks they’re still so little and need mommy….my little girl is now 18 months…i found that the no cry sleep solution has lots of good info for breastfeeding & co sleeping mamas that don’t want to let their kids cry it out. i think more kids are not sleeping through (especially breastfed ones) at 9 weeks than are. good luck 🙂



    Yeah me too! I’ve frozen about 60 4oz bags so far because I pump more than he eats now. I’ve started rotating stock now but I’m still freezing more than he is eating. I’ll need a new freezer soon haha.



    December08boy – Why can’t you pump more often? Maybe skip lunch but have 2 breaks were you can pump and get a quick bite. When I go 4 hours at work between pumping my supply drops. I pump 3 times at work and my 1 hour lunch is now just the 20-30 minutes it takes to pump and eat quickly.



    when my LO was younger i would lay on my side and she could BF and i could sleep. she would let go when she was done so she was fed and i was rested. i couldnt have worked better for me.



    hello all, had quite a surprise yesterday when i had a positive pregnancy test. my son is only four and half months old. but…my question is about breastfeeding while pregnant. i see that there were some posts about it, can it cause miscarrage? is there any way to keep my supply up? i’ve notived a drop, don’t know if it’s due to the pregnancy. any other tips on BF while pregnant would be great, i really don’t want to stop for my son’s sake, but i want my new baby to be as healthy as possible too.



    arose- have you noticed if your baby has started to drool more yet? my son just turned 3 months and i have had to start putting bibs on him everyday bc of all the drool. it could be that he is swallowing more saliva and when he spits up that is why it is more clear…



    I need encouragement! My Trynity is 3 months 1 week. I am back at work now – this is my second week. I pump twice a day at work because that is all my firm will allow me. Its soooo hard. I leave the house with 5 bags and a baby every morning. Yes 5 bags! I have a purse, my pump, a bag for the supplies for my pump and my lunch, the diaper bag, a bag that her daily milk is in… And having to pack all that stuff at night… I never have time to be with my little one as she goes to sleep between 8 & 9 and we dont get home until 6. Once she goes to bed, I do too because I am so exhausted from working all day and packing bags when i get home! I have to wake her up at 6:30 to feed her before we walk out the door at seven so i get a whole 2-3 hours a day with her if I am lucky. I want to give up nursing becasue it is so time consuming but I know the benefits it has for my little girl. Please tell me it gets easier. Furthermore, some days I have big problems with milk production. This morning I pumped one ounce, where yesterday I got five ounces in my moring pump (she eats from one side & I pump the other). At work I typically get between 4-10 ounces a day. Why is my supply so different every day? I take Reglan and Fenugreek to keep my supply up and drink more that 64 oz of water but it only works some days. Someone help!!!!



    Ok- My Lo will be 4 months on Wednesday. She has been drooling a lot since 2 1/2 months. I assume her teeth are moving around in her mouth but no break through yet. She likes to chew on her hands and my fingers but will not take a teething rings. Anyway, over the weekend she chomped down on my nipple and it did not feel good! She only did it twice the entire weekend but I was wondering if anyone else had this happen with teething babies. I don’t want this to be come a habit as it will really hurt when those teeth come in and that is when the nursing will stop!



    Kym, Jakub has done that a few times maybe 3 or 4 and he is 6.5 months old. As for the brewers yeast I take 3 tabs 3 times a day.



    ozbaby-I am so excited for you!!! I know that you have really worked hard at getting your suppy back up and getting your lo to breastfed. I can’t even imagine how happy you are. WTG!!! You deserve a high 5 *****:0)



    natesmomma- Start with 1 malt a day and see how your body responds…my aunt did 2 close together and got engorged, clogged duct etc. so I would err on the side of caution. After you see what your body does, you may consider doing one in the morning and one at night, if you need it. I didn’t know that they made chocolate malted milk…I just have the regular. I would watch baby for signs of gas because sometimes chocolate can do that…I had to be VERY careful with it in the beginning because my lo has a touchy tummy. It’s better now, thankfully =)

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