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    That is about what the doc says! She keeps saying that if she didn’t know us better she and I would be having a very serious talk and SHE would be ordering the tests! Ayden looks a lot like me, but Zach took on more of Hubby’s physical traits. They look enough alike that it ties everyone together. 🙂



    Emilees- DJ’s been doing that also within the last few months and he’s 10mons now. But he only does it on his night/bedtime feeding. More like he’s hungry and tired and maybe fighting it, or hoping it’ll come (sleep) quicker then it is. I was never concerned about it. So if YOU are then contact your pedi. My live motto is if YOU’RE concerned then intervene, if YOU’RE not worried and others are then don’t… it that makes sence, lol!



    Really wonderful piece of information and I appreciate it that you share something so useful with the readers of. Thank you.



    I am 26 weeks pregnant. I plan to breastfeed, I’m worried that my nipples are too small. Does anyone have any advice.



    THRUSH TOPIC!! i have it right now, have had for almost two months! DANDY!! my nipples turn white for about 10 mins after nursing (like if you press on your skin and it turns white) then it turns fire pink/red! very tender to the touch, itch so bad i want to dig at them (STUPID IDEA!! LOL) it sometimes burns.. i get more painful let downs, some shooting pains in my breast.. sometimes my WHOLE breast hurts. when it started tho it was just like an iritation of the skin.. which got EVEN worse! nystatin did nothing.. diflucan didnt touch it, gentian violet took the edge of then my nipple started peeling from being so dry, and grapefruit seed extracts makes it seem like its gone (if i use it EVERY hour for a day straight) but after a day or two of releif it comes back.. doctor says it can last months.. isnt that great!!! the things we do for our little loves!! ugh! good luck! i would call your doc!



    So it has been 2 weeks now since my 18 month old has b/f and I thought I would be so happy, but now i feel kinda sad…I miss her saying mil mil mil …lol I have a baby due in Aug so I know I will be happy I had this break , its just a happy sad momment. 🙂



    lolab// I have tumors in my right breast. They are benign and I am able to nurse. I have had a few issues with clogged milk ducts. I have been able to successfully nurse 3 babies and am currently nursing my 4th. I’ve had mastitis 2 times in that side and I think it has to do with the tumors. I was treated and healed fairly quickly with antibiotics. Obviously you may have something different but I just thought I’d sure my experience. Sorry for you stress 🙁



    I just want to extend my hand out to any woman who is going through low milk supply. I have dealt with and managed to overcome this problem through knowledge and persistance. If you are dealing with this problem please feel free to message my page. I am more than happy to share with others what I have been through and subsequently learned.



    kmokat – Sometimes babies just aren’t ready to wean when mom is. My son is great with a sippy and will even drink out of a cup without spilling but….he won’t drink that much. He gets more benefit from nursing still. I’m sure sometime this year he will cut himself down to only a couple times a day but he’s not ready yet. You can’t force them to drink more from a cup if they don’t want to. Only thing you can do is continue to offer it. Kekoa gets his cup with meals and snacks but he nurses in the morning, before nap, the afternoon and before bed. Then if he wakes during the night or early morning and I want him to sleep more. I know bad mommy…put the child to sleep so you can. HAHA!



    I drank two cups of coffee within the last 3 hours and now I’m pumping (at work) should I feed this milk to my baby? maybe wait til daytime at least? or just toss it? I usually don’t drink any caffinated things but was so tired tonight I just had to



    Becky-The same exact thing happened to my son, my doctor who is very pro-breasfeeding suggested I cut all dairy out of my diet, as it might have been a bit of cows milk protein intollerance. I did, and it never showed up again. And now at 11 months, i have worked all dairy back in to my diet (and his now) with no problems, he grew out of it.
    The loose stools/straining are normal for a bf baby, of course, as you said.



    Okay, so I finished the last leg of my qualification process to become a breast milk donor today. A lab technician actually came to my job to draw the blood. Now I just have to wait a couple of weeks to get the okay to ship the milk off. I know a lot of mothers have problems keeping up a supply for their own babies, but if you have an oversupply and your baby isn’t drinking it, please consider signing up to become a donor. I’ll be the first to admit that it is not an easy process. You have to have both your doctor and the pediatrician sign off as well as have blood drawn and do a DNA donor sample, but to me it’s worth it. I’m giving mine to the International Breast Milk Project. 75% goes to preemies here in the States and 25% goes to children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. If anybody has a lot of stored milk and is thinking about throwing it away, please consider volunteering. They need all the help and support they can get.



    Hmm, maybe youll have to express after the baby stops nursing, then express less and less over time as your milk supply goes down. At least that way you will get a couple of extra bottles.


    breastfeeding is very stressful for me sometimes! my mom gave draven bottles with no problem the other night so i pumped a bottle for my bf to feed him for one of his middle of the night feedings. he wanted nothing to do with it! im sure it was because i was in the room…so should my bf leave the bedroom to feed him a bottle?



    dec- it worked for me! from the time my baby was 2 weeks old i bf part time and formula part time. at night i would alawyas give formula before bed, and since 6 weeks has been sleeping through tthe night. if i give him breast milk before bed, he wakes up about 3-4 hours later and is hungry.

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