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    So today my baby who is 4 weeks, wakes up screaming like shes dying of starvation, and so i nurse her she goes crazy nursing for just a few minutes then stops and goes back to sleep. she did this twice within a half hour period , then just goes back to sleep. Its been 3 and half hours, i changed her to wake her up, and she cried nursed for maybe 5 min then went back to sleep. I made her a bottle she also gets formula once in awhile too, woke her up to see if she would eat some more she had half an oz, back to sleep. She had one bottle around noon 2 and half oz, and before that she nursed for 5 min each time just a few times….sooo im just worried shes not getting enough because shes not nursing for very long….or do u think she is fine? still having wet and poopy diapers.



    What do you ladies think of this–genetically engineering cows to produce human breast milk; would you ever give this to your children??


    My lactation consultant told me it is
    not uncommon to have low milk supply when you
    pump. I got down to only producin g 1/2 ounce at a time. She recommended Breastea from and it really works! I am pumping 5 to 6 ounces at a time now since I started it.



    hello – i breastfed my son until he was one year old and had no problems, now i’m nursing my daughter, she is now 7 weeks old, for the past few weeks when she begins to nurse (right befroe letdown occurs) i get this feeling of deep sadness and anxiety and then it just goes away…i know it’s just the rush of hormones from nursing because it is the only time i get this feeling. I do NOT have depression – i dont feel negatively towards my baby at all, it just feels like someone just told me somethign really sad – it’s so strange i never had this before. I read it can be thyroid/anemia problems which i do have anemia problems. Anyone know how long this typically lasts? I dont really want to go telling my husband/doctors because i dont want people thinking i’m depressed – so please don’t tell me that’s what it is because i know it’s not – i’m just trying to figure out if the chemicals sort themselves out and it stops eventually, or if you have to stop breastfeeding for it to go away, or if i should go to the doctor to have my iron/thyroid checked? please leave comments on my page as i am not on here much – thanks!



    If only it was because I was on medication I would stop the meds and bf. No, my baby has what is called Galactosemia and can never have any kind of Milk, from cows or breast or he will die. He was put into the ICU for 5 days because of the milk. I of course blamed myself, but it was nothing I did, It is a genetic thing…..



    I have also heard that very dark beer is good for breast milk and us mums as its very high in iron. I used to be a BIG party girl but have decided that now I am a mum I dont want to be in a situation where I cant drive my car (which is funny since it conked out this morning at Hayleys daycare… its still there now….)

    So I still have a drink or two on occasion, but never enough to put me over the limit.



    I just recently weaned my 16 month old, it hasn’t even been a month but I miss it horribly 🙁 I will have another baby though in 4 months and just hope that this one breastfeeds as well as the last.


    hey ladies take a look at my little elf on my page. x



    well the thing is she ate formula and breast milk and threw both of them up. I just gave her 1 oz of formula to see if she can atleast keep that down. It’s been 10 minutes and she has kept it down so far. when she woke up this morning she had white around her mouth I think she may have spit up a little bit and it dried. The formula she has is milk-based. And I don’t think i ate anything crazy…for dinner last night I had pizza and sprite to drink.



    Nikki, I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’ve had both Thrush and Mastitis and it sucks. Good advice! I always hand express right after pumping. I usually can get another half ounce out that way



    I think my BB’s are in shock! LOL! My DD is loving her solids and has cut way back on nursing during the day. Today she went from 7:30a.m. until 3:00 without any milk. She was offered a bottle of breastmilk but she wouldn’t take it. We think partly the refusal came from her dad was giving her the bottle and the only person she has ever had one from is my mother in law. She ate her cereal well this morning and had 2 naps so I know she’s not starving. When I got home she was so ready to nurse and she still nurses regularly at night. I’m not overly concerned but I’d just like some feed back for peice of mind. Is this typical? I pumped last night because she just didn’t empty me out. Makes for a great supply! LOL!


    preggers87 – do you mean she chokes? My son still chokes sometimes and he’s 11 weeks old. They say it’s because of a fast let-down; they can’t keep up with it. I haven’t ever done anything to try to fix it, but I have read that you can try to pump a little before nursing so there’s not as much flow or that you can try laying on your back while baby nurses on top of you. I haven’t been able to actually figure out how that would work without your LO suffocating, but I guess it’s possible.



    Just wanted to thank you all for the pep talk a few days ago. I know that my low low low supply Monday was mainly stress. I work for a small company and like most we took a BIG lay off last week. (We only have 13 people working now) It is only for 5 weeks but I run the shipping department and it is hard to try to find time to pump, pull orders, and keep up with all the paperwork. I was stressing something horrible. The last 2 days I have relaxed knowing I am one person and can only do the job of one person, what I get done is what I get done…… The last 2 pumping days have gotten back to what I usually pump at work. (It isn’t much but I only have to do it 4 days a week and the rest of the time my little guy gets strickly breast.) Thanks again ladies. Keep up the good work, you are all wonderful!



    like does alfalfa come in a pill form? lol, sorry i didn’t know what you meant, but does is that the way you take it? thanks for your post that does make me feel much better! i’m going to try the oats and i think when i bought fenugreek i saw the alfalfa capsules too! thanks again!



    I gave my LO 6oz of formula for her bedtime bottle yesterday. She slept thorugh the night! But I did have to give her to boob after the bottle just to get her to fall asleep. Oh my, she pooped this morning and it was so stinky. There is definately a difference in formula poop and breastmilk poop. I am anxious to see how today’s pumping sessions go. I did not feel very full at all this morning after going all night without nursing or pumping so I am not sure what I will produce today. Seems to be a day to day thing with me. Up and down up and down.

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