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    bri-yeah it kinda made me take a step back and think. she didn’t say no, she just seemd shocked that i would want to nurse him there. it was just wierd b/c she’s always been so accomodating to everything i ask. again, she’s an in home provider. there are really not that many children at her daycare anyway. the reason i chose her was b/c my best friend takes her 2 LO’s there and was very happy with her. i mean everything else about him being there is awesome. he takes 2 naps both usually 1.5-2 hrs long each. i really think if i just am more specific with her about how it will go that she’ll feel more comfortable with it too. if not, then i will find another option for daycare.



    Violet, probably not. They say you need water to help keep up supply but if you are having a good supply then don’t worry. Drink what you can and try to remember to drink. With meals drink water rather then soda. It’s better for you anyways.



    kebler98-Congrats on bf for 8 mths, you are doing an awesome job:0).

    You mentioned that if you ever got pregnant again you would know what things to do differently. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing what things you would do differently. I bf my son (4yrs old) and I know that I made the mistake of giving him formula b/c I thought that he was not getting enough from me. I am 27 weeks preg now and I am trying to learn all that I can so that I can ebf this time around. Thanks


    juno, rub your milk onto your nipple then lanolin cream. i had horrible sores on my nipples when we first started out. it got so bad, that when my son was hospitalized for jaundice, they admitted me too so the nurses could help me fix the problem and so i could get some rest. it took 24 hours in the hospital and a home visit, and an lc visit to get his latch corrected. my nipples were bleeding and i couldnt nurse on one side. we’re 10 months and going strong now!



    gladek, you’re still a spring chicken! I’m 43, but yeah, this LO is our last 🙁 Hoping for grandchildren, when Penny gets too big for all these cuddles! Kym22, please don’t become a stranger on this page!!! Come let us know how you and LO are doing with the transition to formula, and just generally how you’re going. Try to just relax and enjoy yr baby 🙂



    lilli1317- thank you for such a quick response! I’m happy to hear you like your pump. Also, I know that Medela has their own cleaners they offer. Do you like any one in particular?



    My daughter is almost 9 months old and I am 8 weeks prego. For about the last week she has been refusing the boob off and on but more than she ever has before. It gets to the point that i juts lift my shirt and she screams and cries but if i give her a bottle of bm she is fine. When I pump at work my supply has definitely decreased. I don’t really know what to do. I want to continue to bf her but at the same time i feel like it will help me be less tired. I try to eat enough and drink tons of water but it’s so hard because everything i eat i want to throw up. I don’t if i should keep trying with bf or i should call it quits and be happy i made it to 9 months.



    Bri- congrats!! 2 boys…oy! you’ll have your hands full. I totally got what you were trying to say and was just expounding my point as well. Your point that you could easily spook your bub and they wouldn’t want to nurse again was great to share.


    Jen, I just wanted to say both my older boys woke up every hour and a half for the first eighteen months of their lives!!!! I thought I was going to die, total zombie momma 🙂 But both once weaned slept through the night within a week or two and still do at ages 4 and 7. My mistake was giving them my boob as a pacifier since they co-slept I would just pop it in their mouth and dose back off. It was rough but I made it through, now I’m trying really hard not to teach Griffin that I’m a pacifier 🙂



    Co-sleeping is the best! I do not see her for nine hours during the day. It is a great way to reconnect, for her and me.



    hi all, im 11 weeks pregnant and wud lyk to try bfing again, Last time i managed to get my daughter t suck but a nurse came along and yanked her off me so she wasnt interested after that. Ive also got slightly inverted nipples so has any one got any advice or tips for me please. Thank you



    Ha! I always had the Kindle with me to read when pumping lol. One hand page turning it was way easy.



    deeyore486, thanks for clearing that up, i was curious why my 8 month old still only takes about 5 oz bottles, when my daughter took formula i remember her needing like 8 oz! breastmilk truly is amazing



    Hey ladies! I am a new Lactation Consultant, so if you guys have any questions or concerns feel free to message me on my profile! Love to help anyone out!….
    Happy Feedings 🙂



    I havent been on here for a while and just wanted to see if Bri had her baby… Congratulations!!! Another little boy for you. So glad feeding is going well.
    A little update — i was acvcepted into University last night to a bachelor of nursing & midwifery!!! So in a few years i will be delivering babies and monitoring pregnant mums and ill be sure to be the msot supportive nurse/midwife especially when it comes to breastfeeding!

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