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    I use medela bottles b/c that’s the type of pump I use and it is so simple to pump and serve in the same container. they are bpa free as well.


    i would skip the coedine too…i took pain killers for a week after my C-Section, and then felt horrible about it…or course, if you have any milk frozen you could pump and dump…be sure to take it easy!!!



    mamasboys – Glad to that you aren’t wanting to do formula. That actually helps because when you have to pump it’s hard to keep supply up. You should be pumping every three hours. You will want to invest in some mother’s milk tea as well. Fermented oatmeal helped keep my supply up as well. There are meds that you can get too, depending on where you are. In the US it’s Reglan but if you have had issues with depression or anxiety then skip over it….it can create more problems. Pretty much, get a good supply going in the first place. Start saving your milk in the beginning and keep your supply up then. When you’re engorged let Baby drink but then pump the rest out. By keeping your breasts thinking that Baby is drinking THAT MUCH then it will help in the long run. You should do fine if you have a good routine with pumping while you are away from Baby. If you do see a drop then let me know. There are many ways of getting it back up. Good Luck!



    Kiley has never had a drop of formula and she is almost 8 months old. She is actually on the smaller side than most babies. She weighs about 16.5-17 lbs now according to our bathroom scale.



    mere-and-girl – Sometimes they do get frantic when they are hungry. Try squirting some into her mouth and see if she calms down and starts sucking.



    Ash, I have my coffee in the mornings after I feed, and I never noticed much of a difference. It really goes down to personal oppinion.



    socal mom – That is awesome!! Great work!



    Please ladies advice is needed, I left a vomment earlier, I have 3 infections n am on 3 meds. Promethaxine, r-tanna for congestion,n. An antibiotic. I’m leary of the promethexine n r-tanna. Advice?…



    horseygal – I’m sorry about the split. Good Luck with the pregnancy. That is crazy! Have you told him? I wonder what his reaction was/will be. Hope all goes well for you. When do you see a doctor?



    Scarlet: In reality, she probably doesn’t need 5-6 oz at each those feeding. A ebf baby only need 1-1.5 oz per hour. Babies will take more from a bottle because it comes out easier and faster. It takes about 20 minutes to register that you’re full, so most bottle fed babies will over eat. Try breaking a bottle up. When we give Levi a bottle she gets burped 2-3 times during the bottle. I’ve never given her more than a 3 oz bottle, and she seems content. The first couple of times we gave her a bottle, we weren’t burping her during and she screamed for more. Try burping, and if she seems satisfied after, you know she doesn’t need as much. Good luck!



    balsamfir, I would agree, solids have NOTHING to do with sleeping through the night! With my oldest, I let people talk me into do rice cereal at just shy of 4mo. He didn’t start sleeping through the night until a few weeks ago and he is 2.5. Until then he was waking up at least 2 times every night. With Zach I was much smarter and just started offering food off of our plates at 6mo. Let him try what he wanted, or just play with it. Solids at this point are more for practice so it really doesn’t matter if they really eat any of it or not.



    Hi Ladies,
    I just posted in my month, but am hoping you can give me some advice. Basically we had a guest staying with us who got a STAPH infection in his leg. I left and went to my parents just a day before it happened.

    He went to the hospital for about 5 days for IV antibitotics and apparently its ‘cleared up now’. But is my home safe to bring my baby home?
    What should I do? I read BF moms are at greater risk than average people….

    Anyone with info please advise….



    Jepica 19 when i was pumping i had to pump every 3 hours to maintain a good supply. Have you tried fenue greek and fermented oatmeal. Mothersmilk tea also works but you have drink a butt load of it. There is also a why to pump that involves breast compression so you are pumping till you are empty there is video on it I will find it post it for you hun good luck.



    the other day i was trying to pump n dump to get my supply up, and insteada dumping it i decided to wipe it all over my face like a toner. would u believe it totally made a diff in my skin!? this stuff really is liquid gold lol. i also accidently cut a whole chunk of skin off my baby’s thumb while i was clipping his nails (i guess it is now tradition as i did the same to my daughter when she was a baby) and i put breastmilk on it and it closed up pretty quick and healed. i didnt know that with my daughter, hers took a while and it was a smaller cut than his. i feel horrible i was like darn why isnt this nail coming off and clipped harder only to realize it was a whole chunk of skin..poor bubba 🙁



    At the wedding on sunday one of our friends and his girlfriend just had a baby and I was like awe is she nursing he was like she tried but she isnt making enough I looked at him and started laughing I was like Ry that is the most common excuse in the book he was like oh no I think she is full of it I think she just doesnt like it mind you his sisters are total green mommies boob, cloth love it I was like I am going to say something to her lol and he was like please no I think it makes her uncomfortable…So when I was talking to her I kept saying how much I love that we cosleep and bf its so much easier and needless to say I dont think she likes me anymore lol

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