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    oh, and on changing the diaper at night, I used to when he was little, because he used to have a BM at night, or basically every time he ate. He stopped doing that at about 2 months, and I stopped changing his diaper at the same time. We’ve never had a problem, it’s never leaked, and he’s never had a rash in his life either.


    Oh I know its not a case of child abuse such as those cases. I think its just another thing that the child minder has done that she is not happy with. Her husband says she isn’t going back. And I don’t blame them. The childminder phoned my friend once and said her daughter had had a poo in the shop and she was embarrassed! I said to my friend she shouldn’t be doing her shopping when she is supposed to be watching your child and i’m sorry babies poo and yes it smells.



    sueban-sorry i’m a little late on this. i’ve been out of pocket for the last few days. my grandfather died unexpectedly on wednesday and i rushed back home to be with family and go to the funeral. anyhow, leaving sooner rather than later is important. both me and dh have divorced parents. mine divorced when i was 5 and his when he was 18. i lived through them both. i took my parents divorce much better than he took his. his divorced after 20+ years of cheating on his fathers part. his first time was after there oldest was born. he had 10 separate affairs between that time and the divorce. trust me it never gets easier of the child(ren) if you wait.


    Ella- Yes on the hair. Everytime i take a shower tons comes out and I have to put it onthe wall so it doesn’t clog the drain. It’s crazy .I lose enough a day to cover a barbies head! I do have a lot of hair so I don’t worry so much.



    illy2, it it very common at that age for baby to get very drooly. It isn’t necessarily a sign of teething, it is more of a developmental thing, although it can be both. You will probably notice baby putting things in her mouth more around this age as well. They have a lot of sensory development happening and the oral exploration portion of that is in high drive!



    I’ve decided teeth really aren’t necessary and Zoey can stop teething any time she likes. We were up from 3a – 5:30a, 6, 7, 8 with her screaming in pain. Tylenol didn’t help. She wouldn’t nurse until the 7 wake up. And you could tell it hurt her mouth to latch on but I convinced her to (so she’d go back to sleep). I don’t know how you ladies do it with a baby that wakes often. I love our 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I also concluded the breast pain last night was from her poor latch due to sore mouth. My nipple feels bruised! Sigh.



    Thanks girls it makes me feel a million times better to hear all of that and to know Im not the only one with these issues I have just been beating myself up over his weight and then to hear she had 7oz I was in tears because I have been trying so hard and had thought it had been going better THANK YOU ALL:)


    Aci that’s for sure from an overactive letdown also called a hindmilk foremilk imbalance. You need to blockfeed 3 hours on each breast to make sure breast is getting empty and baby is getting plenty of hindmilk. Its common and an easy fix…. unless your like me I get lazy and forget which side I last nursed on



    Styx: I think that’s true with pretty much ANY other rash, but I believe that with a y/i it’s one of the worst things I could do… please feel free to correct me anyone. I just know that yeast thrives on sugar, and milk is high in sugar. Thanks deeyore. I’m really low on nystatin, so that will help.



    I was eating my oatmeal with a couple tbsp of peanut butter a spash od almond milk and a small handful of choc chips… it was wonderous! lol Now that i am not supposed to eat chocolate, i put about 1/3 C yogurt a bit of almond milk to thin it and a sprinkle of splenda.. it aint no pb and chocolate… but it’ll do! hehe



    Oh my god ladies… this is not cool. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, my mother’s biological mother got a call saying I was in jail in ny on drug charges and I needed them to send me bail. Just tonight I found out someone has been spending money from our bank account… on Victoria’s Secret and produce stands throughout southern California. DH and I both still have our cards, so how is this happening, and why to us?



    Thanks everyone for the support.. I have my 2 week post pp appointment tomorrow and my lo has his 2 week apt as well.. Im going to get us both treated.. God I just want to bf my son, I just wish it wasn’t so painful.. I feel guilty dreading the next feeding because of the pain. I just have this longing desire to be able to feed him, look into his perfect little eyes and give him 100% of me, instead of feeling pain. Im so glad I have you ladies to chat to, as I have no one around me that bf any of there children. Again Thanks



    Leslie, I’m sooo glad you have some shots. You’ll look back fondly to those moments. Last night I was looking through all the old old photos. Ones of Chris’ birth and first year. LOVE THEM! I almost started crying. He’ll be 3 in two months!



    For those of you who have been nursing for a while and suddenly develop pain, check if you have thrush. Nursing shouldn’t be painful.


    ok if any of you ladies have me on fb…(jamie matthews) would you mind posting your fb names so i can connect them lol i have no idea who some people are accept for bri haha

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