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    MrsBugs – it’s awesome you made it to 11 months. My goal is 12+ so I have at least 5 more to go! And I absolutely agree that ANY length of time breastfeeding is beneficial for a baby. I have to admit I am against formula though. For so many different reasons. I don’t judge those who use it or resort to it, but I know it’s not what I want for my baby. If I ever do have to supplement with anything I plan to do it with my own concoction of goats milk. I posted about this a while back… if anyone wants the recipe let me know and I’ll post it again.



    NIP – At first I found it really challenging to nurse in public, partly because I was so awkward and i had to balance baby, pulling up my shirt, latching and Jacob was really fussy at the beginning.

    However, it has gotten easier, and I can do it descretly. The major issue I struggle with is not the actual NURSING but that transition of getting my boob out and not feeling like everyone can see my breasts. Once his head is covering me, I’m fine. I usually do sit in restaruants with booths where its comfy and easy to feed if I need to.

    I do believe there is a national breast feeding day that encourages all moms to feed at the same time in public. I think our education system has failed women and young girls need to be educated about the value of BFing and that it is acceptable and the best choice for babies. I think our media does a poor job of promoting it. I was watching Desperate Housewives last week – Lynette is supposed to have a 2mth old? I NEVER see the baby, she does not breast feed.. and seems to have endless free time to run about baby free…



    Rosey-your baby still maybe fine. at some point the engorgement goes away and your boobs are normal. when you go to the gp try to plan it for a normal feed time. weigh your baby before the feed and right after. you’ll know how much your lo is taking in that way.



    no id never give it to my baby..its not human breastmilk if it doesnt come from anything other than a human breast! no man made thing can ever be exactly like real breastmilk.



    I pump usually around 10 oz in a sitting. (Usually 6 from 1 side, 4 from the other) In the morning though if I don’t wake up and pump in the middle of the night I get closer to 15 oz. This morning was my record so far of 17. I thought this was normal but from what I am reading it sounds like it is actually a lot? I have been exclusively pumping though which I thought was more common than it seems to be too. I just find it easier on everyone in the house. Me, baby, and hubby.



    Hi gAls I havent been on in a while but am needing some help/advice so I thought this would be the place to come! I breastfed my middle child for 15 months and never had a problem easy peezy well now I have a 10 month Old whom is still nursing (never had a bottle) and he has aquired 6 new teeth that he isnt afraid to use 🙁 I fINd my self feeling so anxious when I nurse him now because I never know when hes going to bite! and it hurts soooo bad! But I really want to nurse him the full year at least! So any tips on how to nip this bad habit of his in the butt would be greatly appreciated!!!



    ladies,ive been breast feeding for nearly 6 months now.Im goin to start my son on solids at 6 months. i dont know where to begin. bf is great especially when he is cranky or fussy,or restless, if i put him on the boob he just calms down. i dont know what im goin to do when i have to ween him off. my boobs seems to be a comfort to him.



    I haven’t been drunk since before I got pregnant. It was New Year’s 2006-7. Crazy! We used to party ALL the time. I miss going out dancing and having fun but the weekends went by too quickly and I really don’t miss everything. I enjoy my life now with my little man. As for drinking, I will have the occassional glass of wine or cocktail but nothing too strong. I’ve also read that a small amount gets into the breastmilk so having one drink isn’t going to effect your baby. I’m not condoning it by any means. I’ve passed on several drinks because of it but if you are going to drink only have one. If your baby sleeps through the night then maybe two. =P Basically, like your blood alcohol level, it metabolisms. I believe a drink for every couple hours. So, after baby goes to bed then it would be fine to have a couple. Of course, my luck would be that would be the night Kekoa wakes up early and wants to nurse. HAHA!



    michelle we have polished concrete and our little man has decided not to crawl but to shuffle around on his bum because it’s quite easy to slide. Not sure if he’ll ever crawl properly or go straight to walking from here!



    DeeRod – If your baby is sick then that’s probably why. Pump to make sure you keep your supply up and watch for the signs of dehydration. Get some pedalite if your baby is older then six months. Just like the rest of us, if we are sick we aren’t hungry.

    MyAloma – That is so different for everyone. Some ladies say that pumping helps but for me it didn’t. I needed to eat something like oatmeal for my supply to come back after a bout with something.

    kater – There are lots of benefits on continueing to breastfeed. Some are just speculation though. But, every child is so different. Like getting sick, Kekoa has always been breastfed but he tends to pick everything up. He’s sick right now… We aren’t planning on starting to wean until 18 months…he’s 13 right now. The american ped asso recommends 2yrs. I guess we both love it so much that whatever benefit there is we’ll take along with the enjoyment.



    the stupid doctor hasnt called me back and its been an hour!



    eek bri just seen theres a breastfeeding mestration or how ever its spelt page
    amy has NEVER really fed at night i think i could count on 2 hands how many times iv had to wake up to feed her in the 6 months shes been here! ARGH

    do u think i should possibly get a test tomorrow to make sure lol xxx



    I was planning on waiting until at least 4 months with my firstborn but he saw food and couldn’t wait 🙂 I started him at 3 1/2 months and all went well.



    If you have a fast letdown you can pump some out before feeding. This will take some of the ‘force’ away from it.



    Kebler – I know how you are feeling. We did that several months ago and then again last month. I wasn’t really a casuality but I am. I won’t be working at the end of the month which means I Friday is my last day. I’m excited because we can finacially do it on one salary and I won’t be having to pay $15K a year in childcare. It’s sad though. Plus, we are buying a house. We are doing the paperwork tomorrow and the closing date is Monday. So we have my last technical day working as March 3rd so we don’t have to do all our paperwork all of again. It really does suck though. I’ve been with this company a long time and I’m an accountant. I see all their numbers. When I’m gone my owner is going to take over my duties. I really hope they survive but they are a high end window and door company. When the housing market sucks and the builders can’t pay their bills then we can’t pay ours. It’s very stressful. I’ve learned to just relax while pumping. Think about baby and the good times. I think about when he was really little and how cute his little toes were. It helps to pump more.

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