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    yeah pill form is fine. I make a tea so I just add alfalfa leaves that are crushed up in to it.



    Oh Oz Honey! I’m so sorry! I did get battle wounds from my little guy. So much that I would pump red milk. Kekoa was biting because of teething and he just didn’t know better. I had to teach him it wasn’t what we do. Now he doesn’t bite any more…thank God! It took about two weeks teaching him to stop. But once it did my nipples healed up nicely. I don’t remember how long it took though. It was so long ago but I think it was days with ointment. Slather you nipples with ointment and they should do fine.



    So im starting the mini pill and im breastfeeding my two month old still. Im feeling really guilty going on the pill because i feel like im putting unhealthy hormones into my son. I know they say that its safe but i still feel wrong doing it. Does anyone else feel this way. Any suggestions? Should i not start the mini pill if im feeling this way? Thanks



    Hello Bri. Kym. I DO understand… I’m breastfeeding Baby #6 now and I worked full time until baby #5 came along. You seem to be enjoying finding someone to be annoyed with! I already explained that I do applaud you all, and meds are okay if you need them, but I feel they are over-prescribed. A lot of times a supportive friend or partner and sensible advice about your routine is more beneficial!



    Thanks guys! I think I will sleep in!



    hannah: My dr. Warned me in advanced that breastfed babies can go from pooping 8 times a day, to only once every 2 wks!!! AND- She said that is normal and ok! Sounds crazy to go 2 wks without pooping, but I think the decrease in pooping is very normal at this age. I’d say stop using the syrup…if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Ask your dr cause every dr’s opinion differs, but I think it’s way normal. As for gas, if mylcion or pumping legs doesn’t work, it may be what you are eating. Many babies are sensative to dairy, spicy food, garlic and caffeine. If any of these are things you eat regularly, eliminate just one for a wee and see if it helps. If it does, then you know what’s causing it. If not, start eating that food again and discontinue another for a wk. Do this until you see improvement. If nothing changes, then it’s not your food. My son can handle anything I eatm thank god. My first son was so gassy! I told my dh, if I have to chose between caffeine and breastfeeding, caffeines gonna win! Lol but not really…i do what I do for my babes 🙂 anyways, breastfed babies are just gassy! It’s way normal and hard to control. It digests so fast and can cause cramping, sort of like when we drink too much coffee and sudenly have to crap sooo bad! Haha. Oh ya, and I read that rubbing their tummy counter clock wise help move the gas out. Mylicon only works to get rid of gas bubbles ( to see how it works, shake up a bottle of formula and see all the bubbles. Then put a drop of mylicon in and watch all the bubbles disappear). But, it won’t help with gas caused by opyour diet. So, that’s my best advice for ya…try eliminating something you eat often that could be irritating your baby. Good luck!



    sweetg – you definitely can bf while pregnant. I got pregnant when my son was 10 months old and I wasn’t ready to quit so I continued to bf until he was about 13 months. I recall hearing other people talk about bf the whole way through pregnancy and then bf their toddler and newborn after the birth. It’s mostly about what you want to do.



    If you pump often and at work you are going to want the quick wipes. They dont need to be Medella brand because that could get pricey but you want something to clean them after you use them. I’ve heard some people just put them in the fridge after use instead of cleaning them everytime and then just sterilize at night. I wipe clean after use, wash well at night along with all the days bottles and use the microwave bags to sterilize every weekend. I pump around 6-7 times a day so thats the quickest and most efficient for me. You’ll find a groove that works for you. I also invested in an extra set of airhorns (I dont know if thats the proper term haha) so I rotate them.



    fyi, i ate steel cut oats today instead of my usual soaked oats and i pumped about 2 ounces more than usual. thought i’d share.



    any suggestions—i want to start weaning the day time nursing sessions, but she’s not big on taking a sippy/bottle of milk from me. she’s fine with juice, but for some reason any time i offer her milk she throws it away from me. the only time i’ve gotten her to drink milk from a sippy was in the car one time! any tips? you ladies are the best!!! 🙂



    My milk production has went from 30 to 40 ounces a day to 2 ounces a day!!!! HOW?! I thought I was pregnant so I took a test, one came back positive and three came back negative. If I am pregnant will my milk production suddenly come to a stop? Why is this happening?



    horseygal – you’re not worried at all that your baby will have a hard time sleeping on their own? I keep bringing my LO to bed half way through the night coz I can’t get him to settle after his feeding, plus I like it. It’s the only time he really snuggles with me! But I feel like I really need to stop, I don’t want him being three and still expecting to sleep in our bed!



    After bf my first exclusively for 9 months and then until 15 months, I feel like an old hand preparing for my second baby. It takes 3-5 days for your milk to come in. Please do not feel like you need to supplement with bottles during this time. Colostrum (even if you can’t pump any out and don’t think you are producing any or enough is FINE for this time. Just put your baby up to nurse every 2 hours or so and your milk WILL come in. Your baby should have the number of dirty diapers they are old for the first week. One on day one, two day two until week one is up then 6-8 wet or dirty diapers per day. Be it known to all that breastfeeding is PAINFUL for the first two weeks. I would seriously scream and cry in pain with every latch, especially that first week. But it gets easier daily. And by 2 months it will be a habit. I didn’t think I would make it a month and I made it 9 months exclusively (no solids/baby food) and 15 months total. It is easier than you think! As for pumping, DO NOT pump for the first 4-6 weeks!!!!! Unless you can’t help it of course. I tried pumping within 2 weeks of birth and got several plugged ducts and mastitis. Neither are fun, and neither would have happened if I would have let my supply regulate before I started. Just hold off, get used to baby and wait as long as you can. Don’t worry about milk coming in or not. Just drink lots of water, get as much rest as possible and don’t supplement with bottles of formula- the nursing and crying brings in your milk the fastest! I know… I supplemented with a bottle or two while in the hospital because my dd was jaundiced…and my milk took 5 days to come in. Just relax and all will be well. Message me if you have any questions!!!!



    i heard that your milk doesnt come in for 3 days and baby only gets a teaspoon a feed before this time, wow, that seems crazy, poor thing should be starving lol



    I had to use the breast shields for the first couple of days nursing because my son had a tendency to suck on his bottom lip and couldnt be bothered opening his mouth enough to latch. They allowed me to get into the habit and routine of breastfeeding but they were such a pain and so messy! Eventually I got frustrated and just decided to ditch them and spend every feeding working on the latch and within 2 feedings we were good.

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