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    have put some milk on his face, anyone any idea how often i should do it?



    laura – WHEN I give Zoey a bottle, I sit Indian Style with her kinda stretched out on my lap, her legs up on one of my legs, her butt in the hole, and her head in the other leg. She’s learned that time means bottle time and has quit refusing it. It also keeps her away from my breast which helps. Not sure if this position will work for everyone but it works for us!



    i tried looking back at previous posts, but i’m still expecting and had a question for the bf-ing mommies… have any of you ever had your nipples pierced, before bf-ing, and had any complications or anything? or is it a completely safe and complication-free thing? i’ve not had mine in for a couple of years, but it just occurred to me that the scars on my nipples are pretty big…


    My son didn’t sleep through the night till he was weaned at 2. Then presto! At that age he was really only nursing when upset or tired. Clementine on the other hand has slept through the night since 6 weeks or so. Unless I drink too much caffeine. ..whoops….. sorry baby Clementine!



    Thanks for all of the support ladies. To answer your question, it was a man. I went over and talked to him about it yesterday morning and in the middle of our conversation, the guy called and told him that he got really drunk the night before and talked to Andrew (my best friend). EG (Z’s dad) told him what Andrew told me and the guy said Andrew was young and drunk and misunderstood. I have no doubt that Andrew relayed the information to me exactly the way this guy presented it but I was there for the conversation and truly believe this guy made a big deal out of nothing. I knew they were friends. I knew the guy wanted EG. But I actually believe, now, that nothing happened. If I hadn’t been there for the conversation, I wouldn’t. So I’m, cautiously, letting it go and moving on with our lives. But I took the opportunity to tell him that things need to change. Like he needs to tell his ex about our relationship. So this motivated me to set some ground rules and if he can’t respect them, I’m fed up enough to move on.

    Zoey has a rash all over her head today as well as a little on her belly. Geeeeeeez.



    That was with Alex back in January.



    I like the Moby for when he was littler and will probably break it back out for number two. It takes some practice and has kind of a steep learning curve but if you practice with it it becomes second nature. As far as the Ergo goes I love it too. He feels more secure in it when he is wiggling around and leaning to look. It does have good weight distribution and the such. It wears a little like a backcountry pack which dh and i use to do all the time before Isaac. I could comfortably carry 30-35 lbs in a pack so I’m guessing I’ll be in business with the ergo for a long while.



    Child rearing is a lot of work…about the time they stop needing to nurse all the time due to growth spurts, they start teething, about the time they stop teething the terrible twos start, about the time the terrible twos stop…well i’m not sure but i’m sure there’s something. my mom would say i went straight from the terrible two to the terrible tweens to the terrible teens. i had a mouth on me. please, please, please let isaac be laid back like his daddy!



    blaq- if you click on the link there, there’s a chart that shows you guidelines for storing milk


    Hi ladies, my son is 6wks old and i am breastfeeding. My son has been returning his milk, also my milk supply is good during the day, but at night he seems to never get full. I called wic so i can get formula to feed him during those times when i feel i don’t have milk. The reason why i am here today is because i quit my job since i wanted to commite to breastfeeding. I want to return to work in 3mths. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT COMPANIES SUPPOST BREASTFEEDING AT WORK? PLACES THAT PROVIDE A PLACE FOR MOTHERS TO PUMP THEIR MILK



    I didn’t even think about that you are probably right. Luckily its supposed to cool down so that will help some. I think Dan is going thru a spurt eating every hour or its probably because it’s so hot. My mil wanted me to give him some water to cool him off. I was like no thanks he only needs bm for the first year she was just like wow really good to know. It’s funny I am the only one that bfs I think its great they support me but they don’t know much at all about it. We went to mason lake today and the kids loved it was so fun



    momofcash, we spend exactly 60-70 bucks per week on groceries. granted we dont have pets (except for two fish that dont really eat much). thats just on food it doesnt count the diapers because those come from costco. i only buy fruits, veggies, fresh meat, eggs, pasta, rice, and pasta sauce. the prepackaged stuff can hike prices up. eating out can also cost alot without realizing it. when i add up how much my hubby spends on lunch its sometimes over 200 bucks a month.



    Bri….man I wish I had known about this oats thing before. I tried EVERYTHING even Malted milk, tons of pumping…


    phatbaby- thanks and i know but 35 is considered advanced maternal age and a crap ton more testing and all that…it’s not me so much as hubby who doesn’t want to be an old dad.. he’s 37 now so he will be 38 to 39 by the next one. he doesn’t want to be over 40 making more babies…. even though i have a feeling I will be pushing for a 4th!


    I never thought to take a picture of their first latch. Well with James I passed out with blood loss, but with Ollie I could have.

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