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    Leyla giggling at the boob this morning! So cute!!! Happy at boob!



    i nursed in the bathroom twice really eraly on. both were miserable experiences but the second time was the worst and completely broke me from it. it was hot and cramped and i had sweat pouring down my face and my legs were falling asleep and isaac was uncomfortable and kept popping off and crying. i was nearly in tears myself. one lady, bless her, asked if there was anything she could do to help from one stall over. may be one of the worst experiences of my life!


    Well i tried something a lil different, I nursed her in my kitchen! It worked I totally stayed awake! I think/ I know it what I am going to have to do to keep myself from falling asleep! She is my world and I am willing to suffer threw the baby blues and endless sleepless nights! She is all worth it!



    I have a question…I am still b/f my 13 month old and I am getting ready to TTC..I have been having my period every month for the last 9 months..Is it going to be hard to get pregnant since im still b/f?



    dominique: your baby is still little, she’s probably just trying to figure out her schedule still. She may also be going through a growth spurt, but as long as you’re having wet/poopy diapers, I’d say she’s doing fine and getting enough. Just keep breastfeeding her on demand to keep building your supply and she’ll get into her routine…the first few months are the roughest b/c you have all these questions and concerns, but follow your gut, feed her when she wants…she may also want to nurse for comfort, my LO did that a lot in the beginning, I’d think she was starving, but then would suckle for 5 minutes and be back out. She may just want mommy 🙂 Keep up the great work!



    This is my second time as a BF mom and let me tell you I forgot how sore you get when your milk comes in.. ohh my poor ARMPITS!! I didn’t read all the posts about increasing milk but what worked best for me was drinking water like a fish. Ohhh and no one told me that second time moms uterus’s contract more painfully the more children you have! Other then that I just wanted to stop in and see how the other BFing moms were doing and complain lol



    Don’t give up hope – my daughter is now just over a month, and around the 10 days – 15 days I swear it felt like she was eating every hour…I was so upset and tired and frustrated – I thought for sure my milk was not enough for her. But I kept going with it and it was just part of her scheduling…now she is hungry about every 3 1/2 to 4 hours and she’s gained over 2lbs in the first month of life…don’t give up…give it another few days or a week and see how baby does.



    Hey, i was wondering if any one can help. i stopped breastfeeding my little girl about 3 weeks almost 4 weeks ago. she just decided she no longer wanted me, refusing me at every feed. i was only feeding of a morning and last thing at night, for about 3 weeks before she decided she didnt want me then.
    I was wondering how long i could be waiting for my periods’ to return? i want to start the pill, as the mini pill was not good for me. but i have been told to wait for my first day of period to start it!



    ToveAndBrody: I found the tea took about 3 days to work. Another really important thing is are you taking the motilium on a completely empty stomach or at least 2 hours after food? It only works well if taken on an empty stomach as it needs all the stomach acids to make it work properly. Try that and i am sure you will see a huge difference especially if your on the max dosage. I was taking 2 tablets three times a day and now i am having to slowly cut back as i sem to have too much milk! Who would have even thought?



    I still drink – in moderation of course, but they say that BFing women are allowed 1 alcoholic beverage 1 x a day without worry. I drink 1 beer almost every evening for lactation purposes, and while I’m not sure it helps the milk, it sure helps me. Also, for anyone who is worried, get the test strips. I think they are a great idea anyway because all women metabolize alcohol differently. I found that I can actually have 2 beers before it starts to show up on the strips (I usually stick with one just to be safe).


    im scheduald to get the mirena iud put in, in about 2 weeks… will this lower my milk supply?



    Ok, so I’ve been stupid and neglected my teeth while I was pregnant and nursing. Well, not neglected but I knew I had a cavity that has now become a root canal. Does anyone know what the effects of novacaine and milk? Kekoa ‘can’ drink cow’s milk so I’m fine with dumping but I would rather not. I’m going in for my consoltation today and hopefully can make the appointment for next week.



    Same thing happened to be but it happened at 3 months, I asked my doc for pills to increase my milk but I can’t take them as I have epilepsy, Divan is now just over 4 months and only on formula, sucks so much I so do want to breastfeed but all my milk is gone now.


    Manda–This is what I’m doing with my 9 month old who has 6 teeth right now. I’m not saying that it will work for everyone, but it has worked for us. Firstly, I did (and do when he still bites on occassion) what you have done with the stern, ‘No.’ I also make certain that he sees a look of pain on my face as babies can interpret this. But, the biggest 2 things that have helped have been to give him something else to hold while he’s nursing. It kind of distracts him and he isn’t focused on biting. He also will suck, suck, suck, unlatch to bite the object he’s holding (rag, toy, etc.), and then turn back to me to nurse. He does this several times throughout the session. The other thing that I found was that he would bite me when he first starts to latch on–even though he wasn’t meaning to. So, I kind of stick my thumb in his mouth and push down on his lower teeth as he’s latching on. During this, his tongue gets positioned correctly so he can’t unwittingly bite me. I hope this helps–good luck!



    mommyxs3- are you or anyone watching her offering her the milk before solids? This method seems to be working best for most.

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