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    jellybean-A newborns stomach is smaller than a marble…there is just no need for much food in the first few days. That is how nature designed it!


    WOW I had no idea that made shields.. I have to see what they look like lol!



    Okay ladies I need some encouragement. My son is 14 months old and I still breastfeed. I get a lot of slack for it because people say he is too old to be breastfed. I don’t so much care what they think, but I’d like to be able to fire back with some facts proving its benefits. Anyways, it’s usually only once or twice a day, but lately he has wanted it more.He throws these awful tantrums if he doesn’t get nursed when he wants nursed, but I’m fairly strict and if he throws a fit I don’t let him nurse. I know he doesn’t need it so I usually just walk away once his fit starts. But I’d like to get him to not freak out without completely weaning him. I’d like to let him wean himself but these fits are getting ridiculous.



    Keznutter – Any breastmilk is beneficial to your LO. You aren’t wasting your time, you’re doing whats best for your baby. 🙂



    I also use the Playtex Drop Ins and i love them.. I don’t see why you shouldn’t use them. I’ve never heard that before. I think they’re great.



    I remember having an awful cold when DJ was 6wks old. I called my son’s pedi and they said everything goes to the baby and if you can go with out taking cold meds then that’s best. She said how last year they had all those problems with cold meds and babies/children taking them. She said cold med will get to him. only a little but it will. So she left it up to me. As for pain meds. all I know is that my hospital knew I was breastfeeding from day one. I had torn soooo badly and was given Percocet from the moment he was born. I took it for 2wks after he was born– all was well!


    wyattsmommy – Maybe you should throw out some math at your family next time they complain. One year worth of powdered formula can cost anywhere from $1600-$1800! But then, if you need to use lactose free/soy or you want to use organic then it cane get up to $5000 a year!!! Tell them you’re putting that money into his college fund. 🙂



    Lawsons Mom – It is hard to tell but normally a breastfed baby won’t have diarrhea. When it does happen it’s usually a different color and happening A LOT. If she just has one funky color then I wouldn’t worry about it. It was probably what you ate but if it’s consistant and she’s not happy then you might just have her checked out.



    I have been peaking in here from time to time since I first jioned this site and I have to say I CAN NOT WAIT to join you guys! After my first miscarriage in 08 I became so engorged and was in so much pain! I know that breast feeding wont be anyless painful in the begining but I just can not wait! I have m/ced 4 times and after 2 of those I produced milk for a baby I didnt have… I just cant wait to finally have a baby to feed! I am so glad that there is a forum on here with girls like you who are so passionate about BF and all its benefits!



    babygirl, are you giving her the bottle yourself? Try having your husband, or a friend give the bottle, and don’t be in the room when you do. Baby can see you and smell you, and she wants the milk from YOU!



    Ickyladyl: I’m un tx too 20 min south of Dallas wow I had no idea some of you ladies were so close…PLAYDATE!



    Babybean- my lil one and I had pneumonia in january. I went on Azythromiacin or something like that and so did he. I questioned doc as to why he was getting it to; if I was breast feeding, he would get mine. The doc said that such an insubstantial amount went through the milk he wouldn’t get any. Did you talk to the Doc or pharmacist about it? You can also call his pediatrician if in real doubt, and get them to call you right back-thats why they make the big bucks.



    ok ? about bc…the pill has always made me gain weight. what about the pill does that? does it make u retain water? for those of u w/ mirena (have an apt the 15th to get it), is one of the side effects possible weight gain?




    i checked out your profile and i just wanted to say stay strong and god bless…xoxoxo



    god-iva – While I don’t recommend drinking while breastfeeding I know the NEED to have one here or there. Alcohol metabolizes out of your milk like it does your blood. So one glass of wine should be out of your milk in an hour or so, depending on how you metobolize it. As for drinking more, I just don’t recommend it until your baby is sleeping through the night on a regular basis. Alex usually give me from 8pm until 2am so I’ll have a glass of wine or a Mike’s after he goes to bed. But that’s it. I know by the time he wakes up it will be fully out of my system. I haven’t been drunk since the 2007 New Years because I got pregnant right after that and was breastfeeding when I got pregnant with my second. It’s just not a priority for me anymore.

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